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A wild and crazy weekend ended in 4 game winning field goals.  But what does that say about some of the teams?  Lets find out!

1.)  Dallas Cowboys-  Quite obviously the best team in the league as of now.  They beat the Browns, Packers, and Eagles - three of the best teams in the game.  And they are only going to get healthier when Williams returns and Anthony Henry is in full health.

2.)  Denver Broncos-  I am a firm believer in this offense.  I had questions about their WR depth but Royal has stepped up dramatically to help out this offense.  The defense is playing some good ball as well.  Right now they are the best team in the AFC

3.)  Buffalo Bills-  Again I am a firm believer in this offense.  Although they got handled pretty well in the first half by a good Oakland defense, they showed ressurgance to come back and win it.  Good job Bills.

4.)  Tennessee Titans- Cant say I was a believer.  But Kerry Collins is doing a fantastic job, a major upgrade from the overrated Vince Young.  And their defense is playing some of the best football I have seen in awhile.

5.)  Philidelphia Eagles-  Big win against Pittsburgh.  Although they lost some key players, Westrbook and possibly McNabb.  If those two guys can stay healthy, then the amazing Eagle defense with a potent offense can dethrown the Cowboys.

6.)  Green Bay Packers-  Rough loss.  They showed their inexperience against Dallas, but as the season goes on and this defense gets more comfortable even with the loss of Al Harris, they will be fine.  Still Aaron Rodgers keeps proving Ted Thompson right.

7.)  Pitssburgh Steelers-  Big Ben is a major loss as is Willie Parker.  Even though Ben is expected to start and Willie's replacement is a great rookie RB, Mendenhall, I still expect the team to go through a low point right now.

8.)  New York Giants-  The Bengals almost beat them...thats all I should have to say about this team, but considering I got trashed in the comments last week I will explain.  This team takes advantage of a very very weak schedule, and until they beat someone worthwhile, I wont waste my time putting them in the top 5.  If you are a believer in the Giants then take this into consideration, Carson Palmer hadnt thrown a touchdown pass all year, yet he looked like a world beater against the Giant defense...it all adds up to not a good Giant team.

9.)  Baltimore Ravens-  Raven fans, you should ride the high right now, because it isnt going to last long.  But I must give the Ravens credit, with Willis and Flacco at the top of their game, they look to be in a position to break .500, but I dont expect much more than that.

10.)  Arizona Cardinals-  Rounding out my top ten is the surprise of the year.  Although it was tough break in Washington, this team has too much talent to keep losing close games.  I expect a rebound next week with Tim Hightower taking over the starting RB spot.

11.)  Carolina Panthers-  Forget about the loss at Minnesota.  That was a fluke loss and should be stricken from the record.  I am excited to see what Carolina can do against Atlanta though.

12.)  Washington Redskins-  I admit it, I was wrong about Jason Campbell.  He proved to a comfortable passer and has moved this offense extrmeley well.  Now with the loss of Jason Taylor their defense has major holes to fill.  We will see if they are up to it next week at Dallas.

13.)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  Good win against Chicago.  They came into a hostile enviornment, made some mistakes but ultimatley recoevered and managed to pull one out of their figurative arss.

14.)  New England Patriots-  Wow.  Miami showed that New England has some major flaws.  But with a week to think about it, Belechick will no doubt come up with something to turn the table.

15.)  San Diego Chargers-  Better team than what their record shows.  But to turn the table on this season they need to be more efficient on defense.  And without Merriman that will be hard to do.

16.)  Jacksonville Jaguars-  Run, some more run, and guess what...some more run.  A good healthy dose of the run game is the best cure for a losing streak.  Get back to the basics and just pound the ball, Jacksonville did just that.

17.)  San Francisco 49er's-  J.T. O'Sullivan looks pretty good, although Frank Gore rushing for 130 yards will help, he still looks like a decent decision at QB.

18.)  Indianapolis Colts-  Well, their defense is weak.  We knew that coming into this game, but their offense hasnt been able to get off the ground either.  This is very very bad news for the Colts.

19.)  Atlanta Falcons-  Maybe I am underrating them right now.  But I am going to put them just inside the top 20 because I still feel they have some major weak spots.  Although who can argue with a great run game and some solid defense?

20.)  Chicago Bears-  I still feel like this team has it in them to pull out some tough victories.  If I were Lovie Smith, I would beg the GM to try and trade for Anquan Boldin, they need serious help at the WR position.

21.)  New Orleans Saints-  I felt like I overrated them last week.  Although losing Shockey and Colston wont help a team win.  But their defense is just awful right now, they need to bounce back and win some big games.

22.)  Miami Dolphins-  This team could easily be 2-1 had they not blown the game to the Jets.  Ronnie Brown seems to have returned to last seasons form and Pennington just has to control the game...the Dolphins may win 3 games!

23.)  New York Jets-  Brett Favre is nothing without the Packers players.  And people are learning that quickly.  But I feel like they put up a good fight on monday night to keep them out of the bottom 5 or so.

24.)  Minnesota Vikings-  Frerotte looked OK.  But that certainly isnt going to win you more than 5 games.  They need answers and quick...maybe John David Booty?

25.)  Seattle Seahawks-  They stay out of the bottom five based on the one fact that they actually won a game, but still, this is one of the worst teams in the league and beating up the Rams is good for your head...it is going to give fans a false sense of hope.

26.)  Houston Texans-  Schaub needs to play better.  Its as simple as that, if he can manage a game a little better, this team is going to be good!

27.)  Oakland Raiders-  JaMarcus Russell is a huge bust.  He is awful, and needs to be benched...otherwise all quiet on the Al Davis front.

28.)  Cincinnati Bengals- Good fight against the overrated Giants.  If Chris Perry continues to run like he did, they could win 3 maybe 4 games!

29.)  Cleveland Browns-  Wow.  They are pathetic.  I sense a regime change, maybe Quinn starting and Romeo getting the boot?

30.)  Detroit Lions-  Oh boy!  Were to start...Kitna needs to go, they need to find a suitable o-line, they need better DB's , Better LB's, they need a new GM and coach...the list goes on.

31.)  Kansas City Chiefs-  Tyler Thigpen...who?  I dont care...give him the boot!!!

32.)  St. Louis Rams-  Tough decision, should we lose by 30 ore 40 points this week?  AHHHH, who cares once you've gone part of the way you may as well go all the way...40 points it is!


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