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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

To: Digital

From: DC Sports Nut

Subject: the "new" FanNation

     I know you guys can read, and so can all of, follow along if you can.

     My 1-year anniversary on FN occurs within the next 10 days. In that time, I have seen (and read) countless blogs. Also, I've written just over 360 blogs (and counting)--not all of them well-received.

     It has always been my understanding that FN was set up as a sports-oriented website. Politics, to me anyway, was something never to be brought into this place. Of course, I'm not naive to think that would always be the case.

     But, I figured "live and let live". Why should I impose my views on others?? I can state an opinion, and that'll be it. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with that, I can care less.

     That's changed as of now. And you, the brass at CNN Digital/, are to blame.

     Ever since Time Warner bought FN, around the summer of '07, attempts have been made to make us--the blogging populace--conform to some perverse vision of theirs as to what FN should be. I myself have NO clue as to what that vision is, to be truthful.

     But, back to my point...

     Two weeks ago today, the "new" FanNation was unveiled. While I have my share of problems with this overhaul, I'm still here writing and opining. Unfortunately, I'm in a minority in that department. People...GOOD people, I might add...have been forced to either curtail their involvement in FN or leave altogether.

     Others, such as J. Hova, have had to silence their masterpieces of blogs...because of this drastic (and unnecessary, in my view) revamping of FN. People are leaving this place, and more will CONTINUE to leave unless something is done.

     This blog (FN Magazine) has already lost our ombudsman, Steelercooz, because of a piece I wrote decrying the hate speech which masquerades as the "Stop Obama Express" blog/group. So, let me ask of our "slavedriver" management this question: if someone were to create a "Stop McCain Express" blog/group here, would you allow it??

     What should I take from your silence??

     I'm only one person, and though I will ask that this "S.O.E." group be banished from will NOT listen to me. Just as you haven't listened to the blogs written these past 2 weeks by those who have left (or are thinking of leaving) FN.

     You didn't learn a damned thing from KP Kahder's blog months ago, when you blew this place up the FIRST time. That should've been the red flag to you...instead, you plowed on. My late dad had a word he used on me, when I stuck to my way of doing things. It fits you guys to a T, to be honest.

     The word?? "Obstinent".

     What you have done, in two weeks, is to take a sports site just building up a sense of respect...and do a Hiroshima on it. (In other words, leave NO ONE person or thing standing.) But, guess what?? There are some of us left, to fight you.

     Read these words, spoken 54 years ago, and tell me I'm wrong:

"Have you no sense of decency, sir?? Have you no shame??"

     That's all I have to say, except this: G.O.A.T., the ombudsman job is yours if you want it. Otherwise, it won't be filled ever again.

     Thank you, fellow FNers, for reading this. Even if you despise me, respect what I've written here today. None of you have the balls to say it.


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