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Okay, first don't shoot the messenger. I'm going to say something that most people wouldn't say very often, at least not in public.  Listen up folks.........I agree with Hank Steinbrenner...........NOT! I will however state that with the current format MLB has in place, the teams with the better record may not get into the play-offs, but a better record doesn't always mean a better team. With only 4 games separating the Dodgers and the Yankees, that's a small margin in a 162 game schedule. Teams don't always win because they played good or lose because they played bad.  Baseball is a game of inches. Now, I don't feel bad for the Steinbrenner's or their Yankees, they have other problems that I'll get into later.

While its true that the Dodgers (who clinched the NL West yesterday), will have won less games the the Yankees, you cannot compare the 2 leagues.  For me personally I'm glad to see "my" (no I don't own them), Dodgers in the play-offs and I don't much care how they got there, but I digress.

While there are a few things that can be done to make things equal, most will never be instituted:

1) Both leagues must have the same number of teams. Currently the A.L. has 2 less teams. Just to clarify a few facts, all teams in both leagues play their division foes 16-18 times (NL), 18-19 times (AL). However with the AL League West that amounts to 57 games while the AL East 72 games. If you move to the NL Central it jumps to 81. 

2) This brings me to the Lousy unbalance schedule.  It definitely is having an affect on teams chances for the play-offs.  The reason for the unbalance schedule is to beat the division foes first. This makes no sense, because if you get to the play-offs, you most likely will not be playing anyone in you division. They don't even allow the number 1 seed to play the wild-card team if its in their division. How much difference would it be if every team played each other 11-12 times vs 18-19 in their division.

3)The next change should be in the area of money. When only a handful of teams can afford to pay exorbitant salaries to prima donna players, tht's dispartiy at its worst. I'm not saying you can buy a championship team, because the Yanks proved that's not true, but when there is a team with a 233M payroll and one with 35M, there's something wrong.

When is it time to ensure all teams and their fans hae the same chance to win and not have to watch the teams exceed the salary cap, pay the fine and then just move on.  The luxury tax doesn't work if you have deep enough pockets.

Oh yeah, get rid of Bud Selig and the DH.




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