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Contador May Leave Team

The Lance Armstrong comeback drama has added a few more episodes this week.  After Lance Armstrong confirmed that he would indeed be riding with the Astana team there were reports that said 2007 Tour de France winner Alberto said he may look to leave Astana he is not guarnateed the leaders role in the Tour de France.  News reports also quoted Contador saying he didn't appreciate Levi Leipheimer finishing 2nd behind him in the Vuelta.  The Houston Chronical says a rivalry may be brewing.

“I think I’ve earned the right to be the leader of a team without having to fight for it,” he said, conceding team boss Johan Bruyneel’s history with the seven-time Tour champion would leave him in an awkward position.

“Bruyneel believes I can deliver results,” Contador said. “But it can’t be denied that he made his name because of his ties to Armstrong.”

In his press conference in Las Vegas, Lance seemed to downplay any rivalry and said he hoped Contador would stay with the team.

“I never raced on the same team with Alberto,” Armstrong said. “I raced in the same peloton. I would tell Alberto that after four years off the bike, I don’t know if I can be nearly as competitive as I was before. It isn’t about that. I think he is the best bike rider in the world right now. I don’t know how events will unfold. I certainly hope he stays with the team. I certainly think he’s a great rider and a good guy. I’m sure he’ll be asked a lot about it over the next week, months”

“I am looking forward not only to being reunited with Johan and the rest of the gang that I knew before, but also to new faces like Alberto,” Armstrong said.

just today VeloNews is reporting that the team has assured Contador that he is the team leader.

"The team has given me assurances that I will be the leader, but I want to be doubly sure," the Spanish sports daily Marca quoted him as saying. "I want to see exactly how this is going to pan out."

"If I am not satisfied with the way it is going, then I will leave," he added.

Greg LeMond Confronts Lance

There was an uncomfortable situation during Lance Armstrong's press conference in Las Vegas when three time Tour champion Greg Lemond questioned the anti-doping program that Lance will be subjecting himself to.  I have been a fan of LeMond's but I realy think he has mentally lost it.  He went a little too far here.  I think everyone realizes that there have been doping issues in cycling, but I seems like the testing is getting better, and at some point you have to move forward. 

Video of LeMond vs. Lance

Armstrong's 2009 Race Schedule

Races that Lance has comfirmed so far for 2009 include Australia's Tour Down Under in January, the 10-stage Tour of California in February, the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, and the Tour de France.

Armstrong also said racing the Giro d'Italia may be a possibility.  Lance never raced the Giro in his career, and it will be the 100th anniversary of the race in 2009.


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