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This week, we will be looking at a few players that are available in most leagues, who can help your team just in time for the first round of byes.  Remember that Indi, NE, Miami, NYG, Det, and Seattle are off this week, so make sure you have adequate backups started this week.  One open roster spot can cost you those priceless points that in the end can determine whether or not you make the playoffs later.


Jason Campbell - With Roy Williams missing and the MO that is customary Cowboy football of scoring a ton while giving up a ton, Jason Campbell looks to be down early, and be throwing often in the NFC East showdown.  This is a great week to take a shot on a QB who has no where to go but up.

Trent Edwards - This young QB is carving out quite an interesting career for himself.  He falls into the starting role last season, to show that he is an efficient and somewhat accurate passer.  This year he has shown come from behind leadership skills and has posted respectable numbers.  This week he has the chance to really open it up against the lowly Rams.


Pierre Thomas - Though Reggie Bush has been picked as the fantasy play of the week, more seasoned fantasy owners know that Thomas will benefit from the goalline carries that made other backs (see Marion Barber) what they are today.  Thomas will face a shaky 49ers D line and his team will find themselves around the 49er end of the field very frequently.

Darren Sproles - With a healthy Ladanian Tomlinson, one would think that Sproles early season success would go silent until the Chargers lock up home field advantage through the playoffs, but that is not the case.  This week against a young but challenged Raiders D, the Chargers look to go up early and distance themselves from their AFC South foes in the first half.  If the score reflects what most experts have predicted, the Chargers will want to rest LT in the last quarter and a half, which will give Sproles enough time to contribute a big game in relief.


Justin McCairens - This week, McCairens looks to break out against the Vikings and establish himself as the primary target in the Kerry Collins lead Titans offense.  With the Vikings lack of ball movement, and the increased success of the Titan ground game via Chris Johnson, the Titans look to be all around the goal line and that could mean big fantasy numbers for the elder Justin.

Mark Clayton - Joe Flacco has shown some rapport with Clayton, and has yet to throw his first NFL TD pass.  This should be the week against a Steeler team that is in despiration mode after the SNAFU against the Eagles gets sloppy, especially if they have to go to Byron Leftwhich in relief of Big Ben.  If Ben can't hang with the big boys this week due to injury, the Ravens will be on the field more, leading to more opportunities for Clayton to showcase his big play ability.


Bo Scaife - This could be the sleeper of 2008.  With a rejuvenated Kerry Collins at the helm, and his infatuation with getting the ball to his tight ends, Scaife looks to have a big year.  This week would be a great situation for Scaife to start to live up to that potential.  This week against the Vikings LB corp, he looks to have the advantage, and will see his share of passes, especially in the red zone.

Donald Lee - With Aaron Rogers and Greg Jennings making up quite a talented combo, one could easily overlook Lee and his targets inside the 20.  With the Bucs focussing on Ryan Grant, and the rest of the WR targets, Lee will find a way to get his catches and put up respectable numbers.


Kris Brown - Against any other AFC South team, you would be crazy to pick a Texans' starter, but in this case, the Texans will be able to move the ball, and that will help the FGs come Kris Brown's way.  He has a cannon for a leg, and a young QB putting him in position to be successful, Kris Brown could be your fill in starter of the week.

Ryan Lindell - AP will run against the league's toughest run defense, but with his talent, they will not be able to keep them scoreless.  Combine that with the youth and talent of Sydney Rice, you have the chance to get to the Titan's D enough that Longwell could benefit greatly.


Washington Redskins - They will face a Tony Romo who has at times this year looked to be hesitant in the pocket, and possibly prone to turning the ball over.  This week, provided they can get pressure on Romo early and often, they may be able to shake him enough to make a real difference in turnover margin.

Arizona Cardianls - They face a Jet offense that will be sure to give them plenty of oportunities to create mismatches and cause turnovers.  Though he is a first ballot Hall of Famer, Brett Favre is far from the QB he used to be, and he has shown a propensity for putting the ball up for grabs.  This is Arizona's week to show they can handle the pressure of being a division favorite.


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