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 First of all, let me mention that you won't find a bigger fan of the Dallas Cowboys than I am. I have followed them for many many years. My favorite team, to be more exact. However, I do not like what the media is saying and/or doing by already proclaiming them to be "best team in the NFL". All this hype is doing is making Cowboy fans believe things that likely aren't so.  I read blogs out my ying yang, and fans of the 'Boys are feverish and rabid with all these proclaimations that are claiming they will win the SB this year.....already. Some are even claiming an undefeated season. At this point, they are 3-1. AND, no where near the playoffs. I have read one blog after another, reading what fans are saying, what the media is saying, and most of it sounds like fantasies. The 'Boys have not proved anything........not yet. Sure they went 13-3 last year, and got home field advantage and a first round bye and won the division. On paper, they are supposed to be even better than last year. I have seen where some figure they will be 12-4....or 11-5....If they are better, then so should their record, correct? They started off 5-0 last year, and got upended by a New England team out on a tear. Maybe if they would have had more time, the 'Boys could have won. But, if they are "better" than last year, then they should have beat the Redskins this evening, but they didn't.

   They are also saying that the whole division is better.......The NFL Beast is back. If so, then the 'Boys should be more serious in their confrontations with the other members of the East. They knew that Philly would take them to the wire the week before last........Green Bay even proved they could at least run with em for awhile anyway. The Redskins are a better team than they've been given credit for. I think they took someone by surprise . I can just see the blogs now..........I would bet a nickel that there are a lot of disappointed folks out there as I speak. Rivalries....Washington and Dallas....Cowboys and Indians........whoop di dooooooo......That kind of rivalry don't exist anymore, in my opinion. I saw where Jim Zorn wasn't really aware of it, nor was worried about it.  It's a different age and era. If there are any rivalries still existing, it's between fans, and believe me, I see some heated ones going on in these blogs every day. They get really personal with each other, and see how mad they can make another. Why? What purpose does it serve? To make one's team better?

The only way the Cowboys can win, or any team for that matter, is to stop assuming that their coming opponent is far inferior to them and go out and take care of business. If the Cowboys play their games like they did this one with the Redskins, then it's going to be a long year. The media and fans, esp the media, is feeding their egos with all this crap about how superior they are to all other teams, then it could very well be a long year and a record less than last years. Will they make it to the SB? I certainly hope they do and win it all.............but, they have to get there first. One game at a time, and take nothing for granted, and don't believe all the BS being said out there. Prove it, or other teams will prove they are.



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