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It's September 28th, 2008, the final game of the 2008 MLB season is being played today. For the San Francisco Giants, this game would be meaningless if it weren't for one player, Tim Lincecum.

43,000 people approximately pile into AT&T Park on a Sunday afternoon. It's a rivalry game against the Dodgers who have already clinched the division title. Despite the Giants 71-90 record entering this game, it is still an important one for the Franchise. And when I say "Franchise", I don't mean the Giants as a whole, I mean the nickname that has been given to Tim Lincecum.

With a 17-5 record entering this game, many critics and reporters were saying that 17 wins would not be enough to compete with Brandon Webb's 22. Lincecum would respond on this day with yet another stellar performance.

Despite the team having no other reason to "try" in this game so to speak, they did. And I gurantee you Tim Lincecum appreciated it.

In a tight 3-1 win over their long time rivals, the Giants may have given Tim Lincecum that one extra win that could propel the 24 year old to a Cy Young Award. Lincecum dominates Webb in every other category outside of W's including being the league leader in K's with 265, 2nd in ERA at 2.62, and 2nd in WHIP at 1.17.

Another key stat that has been overlooked in Lincecum's quest for a Cy Young is that he has left 5 games this year with the lead, and lost due to the bullpen. This, is something that has happened to Webb only once this year. Also, 5 other times Lincecum has allowed only 1 run, yet either lost the game or been given a no decision. Something tha Webb has only had happen to him, once.

When you look at these teams as a whole, here is one more thing the voters for the Cy Young should consider. Lincecum played for the Giants, a team who finished the year 18 games below .500. While Webb played for an 82-80 team that lead the NL West for most of the season.

While I was not at the game tonight, I can only imagine those 43,000 loyal fans shouting "BEAT LA" and "FRANCHISE" or "CY YOUNG, CY YOUNG, CY YOUNG". I was at the game yesterday and its always a fun experience against the Dodgers (especially when the benches get cleared).

Personally, I just cannot see what it is about Brandon Webb that the voters would give him the edge over Tim Lincecum. Had Webb's team made the playoffs, than I would say maybe. But rather Webb's team just collapsed in the final month of baseball.

At the end of this season, I can only say one thing about my Giants team, and that is Wow. To be completely honest I'm impressed with the effort I saw out on the field this year. As for the managment and front office however... Well lets just say that they had better trade Matt Cain for either Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard as rumored. That would be a start for making up the fact that they have ruined my baseball team in recent years.

Tim Lincecum was obviously the only bright spot on the field this season for the Giants, and it would be quite a great ending to a season for a guy like this to bring home SOME hardware for a team that truly should have finished the year as the worst team in baseball.


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