Below are my picks for every FBS conference's champion. Feel free to comment below. Tell me what a genius I am or call me a freaking idiot. These are my true picks as of now: 


ACC: Clemson Yes, I realize that they lost to Maryland. Yes, I realize that they are underachieving BIG TIME. However, their 34-10 loss to Alabama doesn't look quite as bad right now, and they've still got the most talent-laden team in the ACC. Expect the Tigers to earn their way to the Orange Bowl.

Big 12: Oklahoma A lot of people are trying to decide between Oklahoma and Missouri. The problem with that is Missouri's not even the second best team in the Big 12. Missouri's offense is just as amazing as any other team in the Big 12, but their defense has been unimpressive. The winner of the Oklahoma-Texas rivalry is pretty much a lock for the Big 12 Championship Game, and I don't think Missouri can beat either of them.

Big East: Connecticut 3 of this team's 5 wins have been extremely close calls. South Florida has to be the experts' favorite right now, but I've liked what I've seen from the Huskies so far. They were my pick in week 1, and I think I'll stick with them.

Big Ten: Ohio State Surprised? Me too. I was positive that I was going to pick Penn State, but I just can't help but think the Buckeyes still have a little left in the tank. They have to travel to Wisconsin this weekend, and with the Badgers coming off a heartbreak loss, it's a perfect time for OSU to make a statement. Plus, they get Penn State at home after winning by nearly 3 touchdowns on the road last season. 

Pac-10: Arizona Done laughing yet? I didn't think so. I've been on this bandwagon since I saw the Wildcats hang 70 on Idaho in week 1. Willie Tuitama is the best QB in the Pac-10, and their defense isn't too shabby either. Their 31-10 win over UCLA puts one conference road game behind them. They travel to Stanford, Washington State, and Oregon. The rest of them are at home where they've won by an average of 56-8 so far.

SEC: Alabama No, I'm not a bandwagon jumper. Okay, I am, but I jumped on after they beat Clemson (See blog: My First Impressions of the BCS Conferences). How can you not be impressed by a team that smashed the pre-season #1 31-0 in the first half? John Parker Wilson seems to have finally developed into a legitimate starting QB, and it helps to have those huge hogmollies up front. The defense hasn't really been challenged except for the "Hey, by the way" touchdowns that Georgia scored in the final few minutes. As long as this team wins the games they're supposed to win, they could be looking at more than just a conference championship.

Conference USA: Tulsa I don't know how many people I told not to jump on that East Carolina bandwagon, but nobody wanted to listen. Tulsa is far and away the best team in the Conference USA. Their closest game thus far was a 23 point victory at UAB. The defense could use some work as it has given up 96 points in 4 games. However, the offense is averaging 56 points per game so that kind of makes the defense a non-issue.

Mid-American: Ball State As of right now, I'm having a tough time picking anyone else in this conference. Ball State is the only undefeated team in the conference and 1 of the 3 that has a winning record. They've got the #5 rusher in the nation and haven't really been challenged yet.

Mountain West: TCU Say what? Yes, I do know that Utah and BYU are also in this conference, but I was extremely impressed by TCU's defense on Saturday. They not only got passed Oklahoma's huge line, that had given up less than 2 sacks per game in 2007, to sack Sam Bradford twice and Joey Halzle once, but they held a very stacked backfield to only 61 yards rushing (-36 yards for sacks, etc. brought the total down to 25 yards). Sure, they got torched by the passing game, but BYU and Utah don't have the running game for TCU to worry about as much, and Max Hall and Brian Johnson are not half the QB that Bradford is.

Sun Belt: Troy This conference contains the teams that you watch BCS teams beat up on every week. Most of the teams endure some pretty rough non-conference schedules, but this season, Troy's appears to be the roughest. That should prepare them well for conference play.

WAC: Boise State This is definitely a 2 team conference, but Boise State's victory over Oregon was definitely more impressive than Fresno State's victory over UCLA. Ian Johnson is in what seems like his 8th year of eligibility, and Boise State could be primed for another BCS run. A November 28th meeting between Boise State and Fresno State will decide this conference.


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