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Well another week is in the books in the SEC and the normal upsets have began. Ole Miss has successfully beaten the Gators at the swamp. This isn't as surprising as some are making it out to be. The cupboard wasn't exactly barren when Houston Nutt tookover the team this year. Former coach Ed Orgeron was one heck of a recruiter he just wasn't real good being the guy in charge. He was the head recruiter and defensive line coach at USC before getting the head coaching job at Ole Miss. He has been a primary recruiter for teams that have won 4 national championships. So there is talent on the Ole Miss roster it just took a decent head coach like Houston Nutt to get that talent to play together. I'm not saying they are as talented as say a Florida, Alabama, LSU, or Georgia, but they aren't exactly Western Carolina either. They have plenty of talent to upset just about any team in the SEC as this weekend proved.

Bama-Georgia, what can't you say about this game? It wasn't as exciting as the LSU-Auburn game the week prior thats for sure. Being an Auburn fan by nature I am sure I will be nitpicking to some Bama fans, sorry guys. They played one dominating half of football the way I see it. Their offensive line is probably the best in the country and I don't see any team out there that will make me change my mind about that. They still don't have the killer instint yet though. Teams with killer instint would have buried Georgia in the second half instead of getting outscored 31-10 through the second 30 minutes. Georgia also is one of the most undiciplined teams in the country when it comes to penalties and it was bound to bite them in the butts at some point and, not only did it bite them this weekend it may have took off a whole cheek. Roughing the passer is really inexcusable at any point. You may get away with it once, but chances are when that coach gets the refs ear on the sideline that you did it you wont get away with it twice, UGA didn't. Not to say that is an excuse for Georgia because Bama through the first half would have been winning against probably 99% of the other teams in the country. I think Saban and company would be better served though getting Terrance Cody some downs off. He is to big of a dude to think he will make it the whole season playing as many downs as he does. In the 2nd half Georgia's true freshman center was blocking him one on one pretty effectivly or at least as effectivly as one man can block a guy of that size. Georgia though did Bama plenty of chances to make the score bigger than it was when Stafford was throwing into double and triple coverage. The times they really moved the ball effectivly was when Stafford would look off Green and Massaqoui to throw to his third and fourth option on a given play. He has to be more willing to do that if Georgia is going to have any success. They will get a week off then they continue with a devastating SEC schedule with one game against Northern Illonios. Bama did earn a good victory against a good football team. They are as hot as any team in the country and for me are at least number 2 in the country behind Oklahoma.

LSU played a rather uninspiring game against Mississippi State, but like all good teams do they found a way to win. To me personally I think a team finds out a lot about itsself when it wins ugly rather than when they blow out an opponent, and its usually the team that knows how to win ugly that will win a close game. Jarrett Lee didn't look quite as good this week as he did the second half against Auburn but he still won the game. Hat's off to the tigers. They have two huge matchups on their schedule with Alabama and Georgia for a chance to repeat. If Lee keeps getting better they should win the West(sorry Bama fans). LSU has the only defensive line in the SEC that I think can play with Bama's offensive line. I think the backs are about even with Charles Scott and Keiland Williams for LSU and Coffee and Ingram for Bama. The recievers are probably even, the return men are even. I do think Bama has the edge at QB though when it comes to experience, but with talent its LSU all the way. Should be a good game come November.

Lastly I will talk about my beloved Auburn Tigers. They looked pretty bad of offense again this week. I don't think Chris Todd is completely healed from the offseason shoulder surgery, but that is my opinion. The most baffleing thing about Auburn is their lack of a ground game thus far. I think if Tony Franklin is as good a cordinator as he is supposed to be he is going to realize that for Auburn to succede they need to put a fullback in there for Tate/Lester to run behind. They also need to either try and run the ball with Todd more to help with the deception factor when it comes to the real hand offs or they need to bench Todd and put Kodi Burns in there because he is a threat to run the ball. He seems to have gotten better with his passing since last year, but they aren't letting him get in there and get the valuable game experience he needs. What was the point of letting him basically win the Peach Bowl last year if you are going to let him warm the pine this year. I also think they need to go back to the traditional huddle and then line up as opposed that the crap they are doing now with everyone going and lining up then standing back up and watching the side lines for signals. That hasn't worked so far against the lesser teams they have faced it sure isn't going to work against an Alabama. Luckily Tennessee hasn't mastered the art of the handoff yet this year otherwise Auburn would have lost another offensively inept game. Hats off to the defense though for holding their ground playing the entire second half of the game on defending their side of the 50 and only giving up 7. 

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