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Here are my 30 picks.. I went 26-4 and nailed my three upset picks!!! 90-18 overall..

Florida Atlantic vs. Middle Tenn.- Florida Atlantic- They are average teams but FA better team.- In correct- Ugly game.. coin flip guess.

Boise State vs. Louisana Tech- Boise State- Average team but a win against a weaker team.  Blow out!- Correct

(Upset Pick)- Pitt vs. South Florida- Pitt- Prepare for reality.  South Florida is running out of miracle games...- Correct

Oregon State vs. Utah- Utah- A close game.. could be a coin flip finish.- Correct

Brigham Young vs. Utah State- Brigham Young- A solid team that might be a dark horse in an average schedule. (Blow out)- Correct

Penn State- Purdue- Penn State- A solid team that should crush them. (blow out)- Correct

Duke vs. Georgia Tech- Georgia Tech- Correct

Iowa vs. Michigan State- Michigan State- MS a solid average team overall- Correct

Minnesota vs. Indiana- Minnesota- They are still a solid team but clearly an average one.- Correct

West Virginia vs. Rutgers- West Virginia- They have a long hill to climb but they will still have a decent season overall.- Correct

Oklahoma vs. Baylor- Oklahoma- Blow out!- Correct

Florida vs. Arkansas- Florida- They will take all their anger out and blow out a weak Arkansas team. (blow out)- Correct

Kansas vs. Iowa State- Kansas- They are still a decent team to watch.- Correct

Western Kentucky vs. Virginia Tech- VT- They always get better as the season goes on....(blow out)- Correct

South Carolina vs. Mississippi- South Carolina- Playing average ball but they will win this game.   Shockly, they may win 7 games.- Correct

Notre Dame vs. Stanford- ND- They are getting better and an average schedule benefits them greatly.- Correct

Bama vs. Kentucky- Bama- They have the inside track and will crush Kentucky but Florida will beat this team.- wow...ugly game for bama- Correct

Texas Tech vs. Kansas State- Texas Tech- Should be allot of points for TT.  Solid ranking but no shot at winning conference. (blow out)- Correct

Cal vs. ASU- Cal- ASU has no defense.- Correct

Michigan. vs. Illinois- Illinois- Michigan got a great win but it was not a normal thing you will see this year. Young team that will take time with new coach.- Correct

Florida State vs. Miami- Miami- It should be a close game but Canes better team overall.- Incorrect but Canes almost pulled the comeback off.. no defense on either side.

(upset pick) Auburn vs. Vandy- Vandy- This is a over rated Auburn team with a solid defense and Vandy is a sleeper who is solid.  This coach is solid.- Told you- Correct

Oklahoma State vs. Texas A & M- Oklahoma State- Correct

(upset Pick) Connecticut vs. North Carolina- North Carolina- This team may not be the huge power house team but things are getting much better at NC with a solid coach.- Correct- Told you...Cincy was over rated.

Maryland vs. Virginia- Maryland- The questions is how bad is Virginia?  Maryland is decent but Virginia seems clueless on both sides off the ball.- Incorrect- Either Virginia woke up or Maryland went asleep...wow

Texas vs. Colorado- Texas- Texas will not win conference but they still have a decent team with a solid coach.  Colorado has improved but clearly are inconsistent.- Correct

USC vs. Oregon- USC- They will be mad and ready to play and blow out Oregon.   They also know they have to win out and win out big to have a shot at the title.  They are still in the hunt with their weak schedule. (blow out)- Correct

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin- Ohio State- They are struggling but Wisconsin is over rated.  Ohio State is still alive but have to play much better defense to beat Penn State.- Correct

Missouri vs. Nebraska- Missouri- They are the dark horse and a scary team on offense.  I am not sure if they can beat Oklahoma but offensively they are better.  Sadly their defense will make that a close game and probally a loss, (blow out)- Correct

Fresno State vs. Hawaii- Fresno State- They are a solid team overall.- shocing game but who knows how good these teams are in weak conferences- Incorrect


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