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The non-conference portion of our schedule is done...thank goodness...


First...Aren't Aggies "true to each other, as Aggies can be".  If so, then what's up with Johnny Jolly, DL of the Packers?  During the Sunday Night game against the Cowboys last week, his school, according to him, was Houston Forest Brook High School, not Texas A&M.  Even Al Harris was proud to be from A&M Kingsville.  But not Jolly.  No A&M there... Well if he doesn't claim us, I say we renounce him...


OK, seriously (because there is nothing funny with the way we are playing).  I expected a 3-1 or 4-0 non-conference record.  WRONG!  I knew that we lost a lot on the O-Line, but come on, it is not like last year's SRs were that good.  We were 13th last year in Rushing Offense...13!!!...and we ran the option.  Teams ahead of us - Louisiana-Lafeyette and Cougar High!!! Our OL had to take some lumps and suffer some growing pains with the new system.  Our only hope is that the slowly improve each game, so that by the time OU, BU, and tu come along, we can compete against them. 

Enough OL talk.  Sometimes they block like matadors and have perfected the "look out" block.  But new guys in a new system, it was going to be tough.  For the skill guys, is it me, or does it look like Mike Goodson is trying for the "home run" every time he touches the ball.  There are sometimes when it is perfectly fine to put your head down and get 2 yards, than juke, switch direction, fake, and take a 4 yard loss.  But, hey, our RBs have TALENT!!!.  ME IMPRESSED. system, and no health.  Both McGee and Johnson will improve. do I like Fuller.  I can see why he was a 4 star kid coming out of high school.  One more like him and watch out.


Defensive...we are not has bad as last year.  Our DL lost a little depth.  Our LBs were raw.  We were going to lean on the secondary.  Which is like saying, "Our bullpen is the strength of the team" in baseball.  Watching the last 3 games, I have been impressed with the improved play of our LBs.  Fran left "Coach" nothing at the LB position.  A 4-2-5, with the "2" being 8th year seniors, doesn't leave a lot of room to get experience for the young guys.  Especially when Fran locked in to "his guys".  That said, our defense is not dominant enough to carry this team. 


I hate writing this, but I have to be realistic.  6 wins this year will be tough.  Where are we going to get 4 wins in our Big 12 schedule?  OSU on the road...NOPE. KSU at home...Maybe.  Ttech at home...I wish.  ISU at Ames, IA...Maybe to probably.  CU at home...Maybe.  OU at home...Something about a snowball and Hades...  BU in Waco...maybe.  tu in Austin, you-never-know.  I gave us no chance 2 years ago and look what happened.  So count the "maybes", and 1 "y-n-k"...not a lot of wiggle room. 


Bowl season may be in front of the TV this year.  Until it is decided...cheer loud, cheer proud.  We have made some small strides.  We need some OL help...if that comes...y-n-k.




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