I have to admit. This past weekend was full of suprises throughout the gates of college football. After last years chaotic finish in the BCS rankings expect another round of crazy scenarios and potential matchups. I dont think any team will finish the season as undefeated except 1 team which will be listed down below!This will be a very fun season and it will be very intresting on how the voters in the Coaches Poll will play otu during the season. I expect this season to be just as crazy if not as crazy as last year! Teams will be robbed and rewarded throughout the season but thats the crazyniess of college football!


USC getting trounced by Oregon St. Too be quite honest was anyone really that suprised? We are becoming acostumed to seeing USC lose to inferinor competition ever year now since their magical season of 05. They play down the competition and just seem dis-intrested in games. They do take care of their big games when on the national stage. However they always seem to choke in the worst case scenario.This doesn't neglect the chance to play in the national championship but because of their terrible scheduling and the weakness of the PAC-10. Its going to be extremely tough for them to impress voters to make a chance at the National Championship with a loss. USC should be hoping for everyone to have a loss at the end of the year to have a slim chance at the NC. 

* Prediction - Expect USC to clinch a birth in the Rose Bowl

*Big 12*

I think the Big 12 after last week has asserted itself as the 2nd best conference in the nation. They are led by subperb offenses. You have Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Texas Tech leading the way in the top 10. I do think that Texas Tech is a pass happy offense and really don't have a shot for contention at a national championship or a BCS bowl game. Their defense has been non-existance and they rely too much on offense. Missouri has to be in the same category. I haven't seen that signature win from them as of yet over the past 2 years. I'm obligated to say that they are slightly over-rated. I could seem them play a January bowl game but nothing up in the ranks of a BCS game.

However I could be wrong because they will have a chance to prove themselves when they play Texas and Texas Tech. The only win they have endured was against a vastly overrated Kansas team who played a cup-cake schedule. Texas can be a real contender for a National Championship. They have the offense and a vastly improved defense especially in the front line. Look for the Red-River shootout to determine who wins the Big-12 championship and ultimately contend for a BCS championship. Led by McCoy I think they are poised to make a run. He is a Hesiman contender. Oklahoma can be said the same thing. They are perhaps the most complete team in America. However the same could have been said the past 2 years but have endured crushing loses in the BCS games consecutively.

 Nevertheless everyone has high expectations from this conference to do really well this year even after brutal stretch when all these top 10 teams will play each other.

 *Prediction - Expect the winner of the Red-River shootout to go undefeated and play for a National Championship (Oklahoma) and the loesr will contend for a BCS bowl game (thinking Fiesta probably Texas). Missouri and Texas Tech will contend for a January game.

 * Big-Ten*

 Not much can be said about this conference after what has occured the past 3 years. Disappointing and hummliating loses across the board from Ohio St to Illionis. Penn St., at this moment has established itself for the moment as the class of the conference. Wisconsin has been vastly overrated in my opinion for several years and always seems to choke when poised to make a run at the conference agaisnt inferior opponents. I expect Penn St. to do great things this year and be a contender for the Big-10 championship. Ohio St. doesn't really have a chance at improving its resume after its crushing defeat at USC. Wisconsin was suposed to play Ohio St this weekend as a potential top 10 meeting. However now it looks like a top 20 meeting and being 2 Big-10 teams doesnt really seem too intriguing.

*Prediction - I expect Penn St. to clinch a Rose Bowl berth and play USC. Ohio St has a shot at a January bowl if it goes undefeated the rest of the way.

*Big East*

 Again another disappoint conference as big thing were expected from West Virginia. They were dismantled after enduring 2 early loses to the year and are completely erased fron NC aspirations. The only complete and domianting team in this conference is South Florida which has done a marvelous job over the past 2 years asserting itself as the clear front runner in this conference. They've beaten some impressive teams over the past 2 years. They've already gotten off this year by beating a medicore Kansas team that was admittely overrated but a nice win over a top 15 team. I expect them to completely dominate their conference but not over look their comeptition. I do expect them to lose at least 1 game but still win the conference title. As for any other team in the conference I really don't expect any direct threat to South Florida. Every other team in this conference is on a downhill.

 *Prediction - I expect South Flordia to represent the Big East in a Orange Bowl bid. No other team in teh conference deserves recognition for anything spectacular



 Although I am a fanboy of this conference. Facts are facts. This conference has proved time again as the superior conference in all of college football. They have been very dominating on the defensive side of the ball and last i checked defense wins championships. As evident over the past 2 years. This conference has already have had high expectations and rightfully so. The comeptition here is intense from top to bottom expect Arkansas. You can clearly see that the upset of Flordia by Ole Miss was indeed instrumental in NC aspirations but still not completely demolished. I just think that any 1 loss team in the SEC takes a backseat in the pact. Its still perfectly possible to contend for a conference championship with 2 losses and potentially play in a NC game. The more I look at the Flordia loss the more I say to myself it really isnt that much of a upset.

Every team in the SEC comes in prepared with a nasty defense and their A game. Ole Miss could potentinally and should be undefeated if not for a last second play and a botched call. They could have been ranked. After a thrashing and a complete beatdown of Georgia. Alabama has clearly established itself as the team to beat in the conference. With impressive wins over then #9 Clemson (although they are overrated but they still had that ranking) and over #3 Georgia. Baby Alabama looks poised to crash the BCS party. However like most teams in the SES everyone in here has a brutal monsterous stretch where they will play Titan like games.

I do not expect any team in this conference to go undefeated.However if there is a team that has a possbility it has to be Alabama. They've already played Georgia, and Clemson. The only 2 remaining tough games they have to play is against Auburn at home and @ LSU. They will not have to play Flordia unlike any other contender in the SEC. The showdown agaisnt LSU could possbility determine which team will head into the SEC championship game undefeated and potentinally secure a spot in the BSC game. In my opinion a 1 loss team from the SEC is has enough eligiblity and impressive enough of a resume to secure a spot in the BCS national title game. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Flordia, and LSU are all top 10 caliber teams that have a shot at the SEC championship game. I predict however that Alabama will be representing SEC West and the Flordia Gators will be representing the SEC East and Alabama will come out on top. I predict Alabama will beat LSU but lose to Auburn but still finish conference game with 1 loss as they win the SEC championship over Flordia.

*Prediction - I expect Alabama to play for the BCS national championship with LSU hosting a 2nd bid for the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. I expect Auburn, Georgia and Flordia to all play in January games.


 Perhaps the most disappointing of all conferences. I see no eye-popping team that is bent on making a run for this conference. All have been very disappointing. Clemson started out the season as a NC contender but showed it was a pretender. Virginia Tech even though with a loss to East Carolina seems like as the best bet to win the conference with a semi-impressive win over Nebraska (a respectable win in the Big 12) Miami, NC St. Duke, and Flordia St are all clearly in rebuilding mode.

 *Prediction - I expect Virginia Tech to play for a BCS bowl game as the representitive in the Sugar Bowl.

 *Out of Conference*

Talk about a cinderalla conference with the MAC. 2 teams have asserted themselves as BSC contenders. How about Utah and BYU both with a legit shot at crashing the BCS party. However I only think 1 team out of the 2 has a shot of making a BCS bowl game and the team likely will be the winner of the showdown at the end of the year between the 2 schools in a potentinal meeting of a top 10 shootout. both teams are completely offensive minded loaded teams and it will be very fun to watch it. BYU will probably go undefeated and Utah will suffer its first loss of the season to Utah.

 *Prediction - BYU to represent the MAC in the Fiesta Bowl and Utah in a December bowl game. 


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