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The following is not so much a blog as a reference point or point of information for any and all concerned about the status of players in MLB that have used, have been suspected of using, or that are strongly indicated to have used Performance Enhancing Drugs or supplements of any type. I have tried to perform my due diligence in listing the information as concisely and as up to date as possible. i will try to revisit this "blog" periodically to update or add information or players as necessary as information is developed or available.

If anyone has any amendments or corrections to suggest or information to add, please, do so in the commentary area. Please cite your sources for all information supplied. I hope this is useful or informative for those interested.

As of today, 10/01/08 I am adding a new list of minor leaguers suspended by the drug agreement of the Player's Asscoiation and the Comissioner's Office. It will list the player, position, team affiliated with, which time offense, (1st, 2nd. etc...),  and the length of suspension.

Known Users

(At the time of some of the admitted users, Major League Baseball (MLB) had no specific rules barring professional baseball players from using steroids and hGH; however these drugs were, always have been, and remain illegal for individuals to possess or use without a prescription, regardless of what MLB has to say on the matter.)

MR = Mitchell Report; MI = Mitchell Investigation; SI = Sports Illustrated

Note: any athlete that is playing in Japan is required to conform to Olympic testing standards.

The order the information is in the Identidfied user listings are displayed is as follows: Player, Team(s), Date Identified as a User and/or Identified usage period, Penalty/if applicable, Player's position and      How IDed

Identified Users of PEDs:

1) Alfonzo, Eliezer: SF, 04/30/08, 50 games, MLB testing

2) Allen, Chad:   Minnesota, Texas, et al. Presently a free agent, 12/13/07, N/A,OF MR & Self ID/Radomski said he sold PEDs at least 3 times. Allen admitted to buying and using steroids only once. Radomski produced one check from Allen.

3) Almanzar, Carlos: Texas, 10/04/05, 10 days, p, MLB testing

4) Ankiel, Rick: St. Louis,   09/08/07,  NY Daily News & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, N/A, Former P/now plays OF, NY Daily News & Mitchell Report/ 09/08/07 St. Louis Cardinals pitcher-turned-outfielder, Rick Ankiel received hGH from an internet pharmacy at the center of a major PED drug distribution ring involving bogus prescriptions dispensed over the internet. According to the NY Daily News, Ankiel received a 12 month supply of human growth hormone from Signature Pharmacy in 2004.According to records obtained by The News and sources close to the controversy surrounding anti-aging clinics that dispense illegal prescription drugs, Ankiel received eight shipments of HGH from Signature Pharmacy in Orlando from January to December 2004, including the brand-name injectable drugs Saizen and Genotropin. Signature is the pharmacy at the forefront of Albany District Attorney David Soares' two-year investigation into illegal Internet prescription drug sales, which has brought 22 indictments and nine convictions.  Ankiel's prescription was dispensed through The Health & Rejuvenation Center in Palm Beach, FL.  Ankiel has not been accused of wrong doing by authorities and according to the Signature records .... He stopped receiving hGH just before (MLB) officially banned it in 2005.

"I'm not going to go into the list of what my doctors have prescribed for me," Ankiel said when asked specifically whether he had taken hGH as part of his recovery. "... There are doctor and patient privileges, and I hope you guys respect those privileges. Everything was legal. There was no violation of major league rules. There was no violation of any laws. At this point, if there's anything more to decide, Major League Baseball will look at it and let us know. I'm familiar with the clinic... I don't know anything about the pharmacy, and I don't know anyone there. I've never purchased or ordered anything from that pharmacy."

5) Bell, David: Cleveland, Seattle, St. Louis, et al, 03/09/07 SI & 12/13/07 MR, N/A, 3B, Sports Illustrated & Mitchell Report/On 03/09/07 SI.com reported that Bell showed up on a client list of Applied Pharmacy, a Mobile, Alabama, company raided in connection with a steroid and hGH investigation. Bell told SI.com he received the shipment of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) last April, but said the drug was prescribed "for a medical condition," which he declined to disclose. He was named in the Mitchell Report.

6) Bell, Mike: Cincinnati & various minor league affiliates of other MLB teams. Presently managing in the minor leagues. 12/13/07, Bell has confirmed he used hGH during 2003., N/A, 3B, MR & Self ID/Bell was a customer of convicted steroid dealer, Radomski. Bell admitted to using human growth hormone purchased from Radomski.

7) Bennett Jr., Gary: Philadelphia, LAD, et al., 12/13/07, N/A, C, Mitchell Report/Radomski said he sold Bennett, Jr. hGH one occasion. Bennett, Jr.'s address and ph # linked him to Radomski.  Bennett publicly admitted that the Mitchell Report was accurate as far as he was concerned.

8) Betancourt, Rafael: Cleveland, 07/08/05, 10 days, P, MLB testing

9) Bigbie, Larry:    Baltimore, St. Louis & Colorado. Presently playing in Japan., 12/13/07, Bigbie admits using PEDs from 2001 to 2005., N/A, MR &Self ID/Bigbie was named in the MR. According MR, Bigbie admitted to purchasing and using a variety of PEDs from convicted dealer Radomski from 2001 to 2005.

10) Bones, Ricky: Former MLB pitcher who had a 10-year career from 1991 to 2001. He played for Florida,  Milwaukee,  NYY, Baltimore et al., 12/13/07, Admitted he used steroids in 2000. N/A,  MR & Self ID/Named in the Mitchell report for steroids/HGH. In late 06/00, an attendant with Florida brought a bag to the club's athletic trainers that had been found in the locker of Bones. The bag had over two dozen syringes, six vials of injectable steroids. When questioned by Mitchell, Bones admitted that he had procured the steroids from a doctor in his native Puerto Rico and then administered them to himself.

11) Byrd, Paul: KC, Atlanta, Cleveland, et al, 2002-2005, N/A      , Self ID/Byrd received 13 prescriptions for hGH from an anti-aging clinic in Florida & that the hGH was used under "a doctor's care and supervision."  In 2007 he was accused of using hGH by the San Francisco Chronicle. The paper accused him of spending $24,850 on HGH and syringes.  Byrd said he was being treated for a tumor on his pituitary gland, and took the drugs under medical supervision. Subsequent reports assert that Byrd began taking hGH before any pituitary gland condition was diagnosed and that one of the medical professionals to have prescribed Byrd hGH was a Florida dentist whose dental license had been suspended for fraud and incompetence.

12) Cameron, Mike: San Diego 2007- , Suspended on 10/31/07 for amphetamines-

On 01/14/08 signed a 1 year contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. Served suspension as player with Milwaukee,        10/31/07, 25 games, OF, MLB testing/ On March 13, 2008 Cameron applied for a therapeutic exemption to use stimulants during the 2008 season. If he had applied for the exemption in 2007, he could have avoided the 25-game suspension he had to serve to begin this season for testing positive for a banned stimulant for the second time. If the exemption is granted, Cameron would be permitted to use some amphetamines that are currently banned by the MLB drug policy.

13) Caminiti, Ken: Houston, San Diego, et al., 2002, He specifically used steroids during his 1996 MVP season., Probably used from 1994-1996, N/A, 3B, Self ID/In interview with Tom Verducci for SI Magazine, Caminiti was the first star player to admit using steroids.

14) Canseco, Jose: Oakland, Texas, NYY (2000), et al, Self ID with Publication of book in 2005. Used almost his entire career, N/A, DH/OF, Self ID.

15) Carreon, Mark: San Francisco, NYM, Detroit & Cleveland. Last played in Japan during 97 & 98. , 12/13/07, N/A, 1B/OF, MR & Self ID/Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski told the MI that he provided Carreon with anabolic steroids. Mark Carreon says he regrets, but does admit, using steroids for one six-week cycle toward the end of his MLB career.

16) Cota, Humberto: Colorado, 05/28/08,    50 games, C, MLB testing.

17)Crawford, Paxton: Boston, 2001-2003, N/A, P, Self ID/In an article by ESPN's Amy K. Nelson, Crawford admitted to ESPN's Amy K. Nelson he used steroids and hGH.

18) Estalella, Bobby: Philadelphia, San Francisco , NYY, et al, Retired from MLB, 12/04, N/A, Self ID/Estalella admitted to using BALCO drugs and hGH provided by Greg Anderson.

19) Franklin,  Ryan: Seattle, 08/02/05, 10 days, P, MLB testing

20) Giambi, Jason: Oakland/NYY, 2001-2003, N/A, 1B /DH, Self ID/Giambi admitted to using BALCO drugs and injectable testosterone provided by Greg Anderson. Giambi admitted to using steroids during the off-seasons from 2001 to 2003, and injecting himself with hGH during the 2003 season.

21) Giambi, Jeremy: Oakland , Boston, et al, Presently not playing professional baseball,      2003, N/A, 1B/OF/DH, Self ID/admitted to using BALCO drugs and the injectable testosterone obtained from Greg Anderson. On 03/13/05 The Kansas City Star reported that Jeremy had admitted to using steroids.

22) Gibbons, Jay: Baltimore, 12/06/07, 15 games, OF, MLB testing/ on 09/09/07 Sports Illustrated reported that a source close to an Orlando-based compound pharmacy alleged that Gibbons had received multiple shipments of PEDs hGH between 10/03 & 07/05.  

23) Grimsley, Jason: Arizona, (suspension), Also, played for Cleve, NYY, KC, et al, 06/12/06 (suspended by MLB), Grimsley says he used PEDs in 1998 & off and on throughout his career in MLB., 50 games, P, MLB testing & Self ID/In an IRS affidavit, Grimsley says he used steroids throughout his 15 year career, but had used only hGH since MLB instituted its drug testing program.

24) Guillen, Jose:  KC (suspension), Also played with Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington, et al, 12/06/07, 15 games, OF, MLB testing/ He was suspended for the first 15 games of the 2008 season on 12/06/07 just hours after passing his physical exam. His 15-game suspension was rescinded on 04/11/08 after the Players Association and MLB agreed on changes to the current drug testing program. In 2007 it was reported that in 2003 Guillen had PEDs sent directly to him to the Oakland Coliseum.

25) Heredia, Felix: NYM, 10/18/05, 10 days, P, MLB testing

26) Herges, Matt: LAD, San Francisco, Colorado et al, 12/13/07, As early as 1999 he was using PEDs, N/A, P,                Radomski said he sold Herges hGH 2 or 3 times in 2004 and 2005. Federal agents found an Express Mail receipt and another undated shipping receipt addressed to Herges.  02/13/08, Matt Herges admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs, saying that he's "grateful" for being mentioned in the Mitchell Report because it allowed him to reveal his "dirty little secret."

27) Holmes, Darren: Retired MLB player from 1990-2003. LAD, NYY, St. Louis, Atlanta, et al., 03/09/07, SI, N/A,             P, Sports Illustrated /Sports Illustrated reported that according to documents that were reviewed, Darren Holmes received generic produced hGH and testosterone through Palm Beach Rejuvenation in 10/03. 2003. The order was shipped to Holmes in Arden, N.C., but was billed to the PBRC.
Sports Illustrated contacted Holmes, who last played for the Atlanta Braves in 2003. SI reported he admitted ordering and receiving the hGH. He says the testosterone was included -- unsolicited, he says -- in the package. He says he ordered the hGH after trolling the Internet and looking for an alternative cure to his shoulder pain. He says the unsolicited testosterone made him particularly skeptical and he box away and never used it.
This is an interesting twist if  taken at face value. The idea that testosterone would be shipped along with hGH without the customer/patient's knowledge implies that the PBRC was not just selling drugs but doping athletes. It's tantamount to sending a steroid cocktail to a professional athlete. Holmes' take is somewhat more believable than others as he received the shipment after what would be his final season in the major leagues and seemed to be quite candid with SI.

28) House, Tom: Atlanta, Boston & Seattle, 1971-1978, N/A, P, Told San Francisco Chronicle reporter, Ron Kroichick he used steroids. House says that 6 or 7 pitchers on every staff in baseball were experimenting with steroids in the 1970's. This was, and still is, the earliest account of steroids in baseball.

29) Jay Gibbons: Baltimore but released on 03/30/08. Now is in the Milwaukee organization in the minors., 09/09/07 SI & 12/13/07 MR, N/A, OF/DH, Sports Illustrated & Mitchell Report/A source in Florida with knowledge of Signature Pharmacy's client list alleges that between October 2003 and July 2005, Gibbons received six separate shipments of Genotropin (a brand name for hGH), two shipments of testosterone and two shipments of HCG, a hormone produced naturally during pregnancy, but taken by anabolic steroid users to stimulate the production of testosterone, which is suppressed as a result of steroid use. On 12/07/07 MLB suspended Gibbons citing the preceding information. Gibbons issued this apology mentioning only hGH: "I am deeply sorry for the mistakes that I have made. I have no excuses and bare sole responsibility for my decisions. Years ago, I relied on the advice of a doctor, filled a prescription, charged the HGH, which is a medication, to my credit card and had only intended to help speed my recovery from my injuries and surgeries."

30) Jorgenson, Ryan: Cincinnati (suspension), Now with Minnesota, 09/07/07, 25 games, C, MLB testing

31) Joyner, Wally: LAA, KC, SD, et al , 1997-1998, N/A, 1B, Self ID/ Told ESPN's Buster Olney he used steroids.

32) Knobloch, Chuck: Minnesota, NYY & KC, Played on Minnesota's WS roster in 91 & on the NYY's WS rosters in 98, 99 & 00.                12/13/07, Knobloch admits receiving hGH injections beginning in spring training to some time during the season in 2001, N/A, 2B, MR & Self ID/Knobloch made several purchases of hGH from convicted steroid dealer, Radomski through Brain McNamee. McNamee he injected Knobloch "at least 7 to 9 times." On 01/22/08 Knobloch was subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating steroids in baseball after he failed to respond to an invitation to give a deposition by the 01/18/08 deadline. On January 28, 2008, it was reported that the congressional subpoena had been withdrawn after Knobloch agreed to give a deposition on 02/01/08. In this deposition    Knobloch verifies that McNamee did injected hGH into his body "at least 7 to 9 times"

33) Laker, Tim: Baltimore,  Tampa Bay, Cleveland et al, 12/13/07, 1995-1999 = period of usage, N/A, C, Laker admitted in the MR to purchasing Deca-Durabolin and testosterone from convicted dealer Radomski from 1995 to 1999.

34) Lawton, Matt: NYY, 11/02/05, 10 days, OF, MLB testing

35) Leyritz, Jim: NYY & various other teams., Claims he used only between seasons: 2000-2001. Probably used before that.,        N/A, C & utility infielder.     Self ID/ admitted to using hGH while recovering from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

36) Monahan,  Shane: Seattle, 12/28/07, 1998-1999,       N/A, Self ID/. In a candid interview with ESPN's Mike Fish he admitted to using anabolic steroids.

37) Montero, Agustin: Texas, 4/20/05, 10 days, P, MLB testing

38) Morse, Mike: Seattle, 09/07/05, 10 days, SS, MLB testing/ Morse admitted that he had taken steroids in 2003 after tearing his thigh muscle, being suspended in May 2004 after testing positive for the drug. Morse adamantly claimed that the 2005 positive testing was a result of the earlier usage.

39) Mota, Guillermo: NYM (Suspension) LAD, Florida, Milwaukee, 11/01/06, 50 games, P, MLB testing

40) Naulty, Dan:   Minnesota, NYY, 1996 -1999, Naulty admits using PEDs during the Yankees' WS title year of 1999. Presently out of professional baseball,         N/A, P, Self ID/Naulty admitted using anabolic steroids "on and off" for seven years and human growth hormone for one in both the minor and major leagues. Naulty admits in an article printed in the NY Daily News 12/23/07 that he started talking PEDs in 1996 on the ML level during spring training with the Minnesota Twins.

41) Palmiero, Rafael: Baltimore, 08/01/05, 10 days, 1B, MLB testing

42) Perez, Neifi: Detroit, 07/06/07,      25 games, SS, MLB testing (amphetamines)

43) Perez, Neifi: Detroit, 08/03/07, 80 games, SS, MLB testing (amphetamines)

44) Pettitte, Andy: NYY, Houston, 2002 & 2004, N/A, P, Self ID/ On 12/13/07, Pettitte was named in the MR. MI received the information on Pettitte from Brian McNamee who told them he injected Pettitte with hGH on 2-4 occasions in 2002 so that he would heal from an elbow injury quicker. On 12/15/07 Pettitte verified McNamee's claim admitting to using hGH on 2 occasions in 2002 to help heal an injury. He denied any further usage of hGH during his career; he also denied use of any other PEDs.  On 0/13/08 in an affidavit made public as part of a hearing before the U.S. House Oversight Committee  Pettitte admitted to additional injections of HGH twice in one day in 2004, using hGH obtained via prescription for his seriously-ill father.

45) Piatt, Adam: Oakland & Tampa Bay, 12/13/07, Admits using PEDs in 2002 & 2003 off seasons., N/A, OF, Self ID/In the Mitchell Report, Piatt admitted to having used steroids. He also claimed to have sold PEDs to then Oakland teammate Miguel Tejada. Piatt had checks from Tejada published in the Mitchell Report dated from 2003 for $3,100 and $3,200. Piatt (trying to come back from viral meningitis) received hGH and testosterone from Kirk Radomski and used them in the 2002-2003 off seasons. Radomski has produced 8 checks made to him from Piatt.

46) Piedra, Jorge: Colorado, 4/11/05, 10 days, OF, MLB testing

47) Rincon, Juan: Minnesota, 05/02/05, 10 days, P, MLB testing

48) Rios, Armando: Rios is currently (2008) playing for the Licey Tigers in the Dominican Winter League, N/A, Self ID/Admitted to using undetectable BALCO drugs and hGH provided by Greg Anderson.

49) Roberts, Brian:  Baltimore, 12/13/07 MR & 12/20/07 Grimsley , N/A, 2B, Jason Grimsley & Mitchell Report/Named in Mitchell Report. Named in Grimsley report. 12/17/07 Brian Roberts released a statement in which he admits to using steroids on a single occasion.

50) Rocker, John: Atlanta, et al, Pre year 2000 & 04-07/03, N/A, P, Self ID/Admitted to using hGH for "medical" reasons

51) Salas, Juan: Tampa Bay, 05/07/07, 50 games, P, MLB testing

52) Sanchez, Alex: Tampa Bay, 4/3/05, Admitted to using an OTC drug that was banned., 10 days, OF, MLB testing

53) Santangelo, F.P.: Montreal, San Francisco, LAD & Oakland, 12/13/07, Admits using hGH in 1997 & 2000., N/A, OF, MR & Self ID/Radomski said he sold anabolic steroids to Santangelo. Santangelo confirmed he abused hGH on two occasions in 1997 and 2000 to rehab from a quadricep and knee injury but denied the other allegations, including telling teammate Adam Piatt that Radomski "will get you what you need."

54) Santiago, Benito: San Diego, Florida, San Francisco, et al, Not in MLB at this time., N/A, Self ID/admitted to using undetectable BALCO drugs as well as Winstrol and hGH provided by Greg Anderson.

55) Schoeneweis, Scott: Anaheim, CHWS, NYM, et al., 10/01/07 ESPN & 12/13/07 MR, N/A, P, ESPN/NY Daily News/Mitchell Report/ ESPN alleged Scott Schoeneweis received 6 steroid shipments from signature pharmacy while playing for the CHWS in 2003 and 2004. It was further alleged Schoeneweis' name appears on packages that were sent to Comiskey Park while the CHWS were battling to win the AL Central title in 2003. Two more shipments arrived at the stadium in 2004, months before Schoeneweis underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow.  Schoeneweis told the NY Daily News that he has never heard of Signature pharmacy or received shipments from Florida.  The baseball commissioner's office met with Schoeneweis to discuss the 2007 ESPN report's allegations. on 12/06/07, the commissioner's office announced that there was insufficient evidence of a violation of the program in effect at the time of the conduct in question to warrant discipline of Schoeneweis. Schoeneweis said the Mets and other clubs he had played for were aware of his use, which was tied to his treatment of testicular cancer, and the levels were within the limits established by the collective bargaining agreement. "I was just trying to get to normal, not above normal. it's all well-documented."

56) Segui,  David: Orioles, Mets, et al,        1994-1995, N/A, 1B, Self ID/Told ESPN he was a redacted name from the Grimsley Affidavit. Segui had a doctor's prescription for HGH to counter a deficiency he had been diagnosed with, and had previously admitted to using PEDs. Segui has also admitted to using anabolic steroids with his career with the Mets, obtaining them from former clubhouse attendant & convicted steroid dealer Radomski.

57) Sheffield, Gary: Milwaukee, Florida, NYY, Detroit, et al, N/A, Self ID/Testified before the BALCO grand jury that he had used the BALCO drugs. Sheffield said that the drugs were obtained directly from Bonds.

58) Strong, Jamal: Seattle, 4/26/05, 10 days, OF, MLB testing

59) Velarde, Randy:  MLB player from 1987 to 2002.  NYY, LAA, Oakland, & Texas, 2003 Balco & 12/13/07 MR, N/A, SS, 2B, 3B, Balco & Mitchell Report/ IRS agent Jeff Novitzky found ‘paperwork' tying several players including Velarde, to BALCO. During the BALCO raid, VP Jim Valente told Novitzky that Velarde was one of many players receiving the undetectable drugs, The Clear (THG) and The Cream. Randy Velarde admitted his steroid use to a federal grand jury.

60) Vina,  Fernando: Seattle, NYM, St. Louis, Milwaukee & Detroit, 12/13/07, Vina has confirmed he used hGH during 2003., N/A, 2B, MR & self ID/Radomski told MI that he provided Vina with PEDs 6 to 8 times between 2000 and 2005. Radomski produced three checks from Vina. Vina later confirmed during an airing of SportsCenter that he used HGH in 2003 to recover from injuries but denied ever using steroids or purchasing them from Radomski.

61) Williams, Matt: Former MLB player. Played for San Francisco, Arizona & Cleveland,         11/06/07 & 12/13/07, N/A, 3B, San Francisco Chronicle & MR/Report The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Williams purchased $11,600 worth of hGH, steroids and other drugs from the Palm Beach clinic in 2002. Williams later told the Chronicle he used HGH on the advice of a doctor to treat an ankle injury he suffered during spring training in 2002.On December 13, 2007, he was named among the dozens of players alleged to have used steroids in the MR.

The order the information is in the Suspected or Indicated Users listings are displayed is as follows: Player, Team(s),Date allegedly identified as a User, Link, Player's position and How IDed.

Suspected or Indicated Users  

Suspected Users

1) Alexander, Manny:  12/13/07, Mitchell Report, SS, PD found vials of steroids and syringes in the glove compartment of Alexander's car. Alexander had loaned the vehicle to a clubhouse employee of the Red Sox, Carlos Cowart, and Cowart and a friend of his were sitting in the parked vehicle when the officers approached, in the belief that the vehicle might have been stolen. Police found no evidence linking the steroids to Cowart. The New York Times later reported that Alexander's name was on the envelope that contained the steroids.  No known responses from Alexander are available.

2) Alvarez, Wilson : Former MLB player. Texas, CHWS, San Francisco,  & LAD., 12/13/07, Mitchell Report, P, Mitchell Report/Jose Canseco claims to have injected Alvarez with steroids. Canseco claims Alvarez wanted to lose weight and so he put him on hGH and a ‘lean cycle of steroids.' Alvarez denied any usage of PEDs.

3) Benard,  Marvin: San Francisco/Played last game in MLB in 2003, 2003 Balco, OF, BALCO court documents from IRS agent Jeff Novitzky's interview with Greg Anderson show that Anderson named Bernard as one of his ‘little guys' using steroids and hGH. During the BALCO raid, vice president, Jim Valente told Novitzky that Bernard was one of many players receiving the undectable drugs, The Clear (THG) and The Cream./ Benard was quoted as saying "no comment" when asked about steroids in the Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) on 03/03/04.

4) Bonds, Barry:   Pittsburgh & San Francisco, 2003 Balco Grand Jury,     Before the BALCO Grand Jury, Bonds admitted to using two undetectable steroids from BALCO. He testified that he believed The Cream was an arthritis balm and the THG was flaxseed oil. Both substances were given to him by his friend and trainer, Greg Anderson. In March, 2006 the book Game of Shadows, written by Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, was released amid a storm of media publicity including the cover of Sports Illustrated. The book alleges Bonds used stanozolol and a host of other steroids, and is perhaps most responsible for the change in public opinion regarding Bonds' steroid use. The book contained excerpts of grand jury testimony that is supposed to be sealed and confidential by law. The authors have been steadfast in their refusal to divulge their sources. 11/15/07 Bonds was indicted for both four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice as it relates to the government investigation of BALCO. He denies knowingly using PEDs.

5) Brown, Kevin : Texas, Florida, LAD, NYY et al,        12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Radomski sold Brown PEDs 5 to 6 times. MI seized an Express Mail receipt from 2004 addressed to Brown. Brown's address & ph # linked him to Radomski. Brown declined to meet with the Mitchell investigators.

6) Cabrera, Alex: Arizona, presently playing for the Seibu Lions in Japan., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, A bottle of anabolic steroids (Winstrol) found addressed to him in clubhouse. Cabrera denied knowing why the package had been addressed to him.  After the report came out, Cabrera denied ever using steroids.

7) Canseco, Ozzie: Former MLB player. St. Louis and Oakland, 12/13/07, Jose Canseco & Mitchell Report, Jose Canseco confirms his brother Ozzie's steroid use. Jose mentions it only in passing, and no detail. In 2003 O. Canseco was sentenced to four months in jail for possessing an illegal anabolic steroid and driving with a suspended license. Police stopped Canseco on 05/01/03 because of his window tint being too dark. The steroid Nandrolone and a syringe were found in the SUV during a search. Also, briefly mentioned in the MR. No known comments from O. Canseco are available.

8) Christiansen, Jason: Pittsburgh, LAA, St. Louis & San Francisco, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, told Mitchell investigators that in 2002 he sold Christiansen hGH once. Radomski provided a check made out to him from Christiansen of $1600.  Christiansen did not respond to requests for interview.

9) Clark, Howie: Baltimore, Toronto et, al Presently with a Minnesota minor league affiliate, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report    , Utility infielder, Radomski allegedly sold Clark hGH 4 or 5 times. Radomski produced two money orders from Clark.  No response from Clark found.

10) Clemens, Roger: Boston, Toronto, NYY, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Clemens was alleged by the Mitchell Report to have used anabolic steroids during his late career. In the MR, Brian McNamee, his former personal trainer, stated that during the 1998, 2000, and 2001 baseball seasons, he injected Clemens with Winstrol. Clemens, attorney noted that Clemens has never tested positive in a steroid test. On 02/13/08 Clemens appeared before a Congressional committee and swore under oath that he did not take steroids; that he did not discuss HGH with Mr. McNamee; that he was not at a party at José Canseco's where steroids were the topic of conversation; that he was only injected with B-12 and lidocaine; and that he never told Andy Pettitte that he (Clemens) had taken hGH. This last point was in contradiction to testimony Mr. Pettitte had given under oath on 02/04/08 wherein Pettitte said he repeated to McNamee a conversation Pettitte had with Clemens. During this conversation, Pettitte said Clemens had told him that McNamee had injected Clemens with hGH. The bipartisan House committee cited 7 inconsistencies in Mr. Clemens' testimony & recommended that the Justice Department investigate whether Clemens lied under oath about using PEDs. On 02/27/08 the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and ranking Republican Tom Davis said Clemens' testimony that he "never used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone warrants further investigation. The case is currently in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

11)  Cust, Jack:   Arizona, Oakland, et al,     12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Linked by Larry Bigbie in the MR. Cust denies he ever told Bigbie that he used steroids.

12) Donnelly, Brendan : LAA, Boston & Cleveland, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Radomski reportedly sent the pitcher Deca-Durabolin, an anabolic steroid. Donnelly admits contacting Radomski in 2004 regarding Anavar, hoping it would help him recover from injuries faster. But Donnelly denied ever buying or using the drug because he was made aware that it was considered a steroid.

13) Donnels, Chris: Retired from MLB. Played with LAD, Boston, NYM, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 3B, Convicted dealer Radomski said he sold Donnels anabolic steroids at least 8 times. Donnels told MI he talked with Ken Caminiti as early as 1993 to his own use of drugs over the years.  No known response from Donnels available.

14) Dykstra, Lenny: NYM & Philadelphia, 12/13/07 MR & 12/20/07 Grimsley, Grimsley & Mitchell Report, OF, Dykstra was named in the Mitchell Report on steroid use in MLB. The report cited multiple sources, including Kirk Radomski, stating that Dykstra used anabolic steroids during his MLB career. It also stated that the Commissioner of Baseball's office had known about Dykstra's steroid use since 2000. Dykstra did not agree to meet with the Mitchell investigators to discuss the allegations. On December 20, 2007, Dykstra was also named in Jason Grimsley's unsealed affidavit as an alleged user of steroids.

15) Finley, Chuck: LAA, Cleveland & St. Louis, 04/02/02 & 12/13/07 Tawny Julie Finley & Mitchell Report, P, In divorce proceedings, Finley's wife, Tawny Kitaen, in an affidavit said Finley used steroids... drugs during their marriage. She saw Finley inject steroids, and said he bragged about being able ‘to get around (MLB's) drug testing'.  No known response from Finley available.  

16) Franco, Matt: CHC, NYM & Atlanta, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, Utility infielder, Convicted steroid dealer, Kirk Radomski, told the MI he sold Franco anabolic steroids. Franco denied ever knowing Radomski.

17) Gagne, Eric: LAD, Texas, Boston & Milwaukee, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Radomski said he sold Gagne hGH twice. Shipments were sent directly to Gagne, once to Dodger Stadium and the other to Gagne's home. MI found an Express Mail receipt corroborating a 2004 delivery. Receipts of FedEx and USPS shipments indicate that Radomski received at least one payment from Gagne and two from Dodgers teammate Lo Duca on behalf of Gagne. Gagne declined to meet with Senator Mitchell to respond to the charges before the report was released.

18) Gary Matthews Jr.: NYM,LAA, Texas, et al, 03/27/07 Times Union & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, Times Union a newspaper in Albany, NY & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, On February 27, 2007, the Times Union, an Albany, New York newspaper, reported an investigation regarding a steroid ring that involved more than two dozen doctors, pharmacists and business owners who have been, or will be, arrested in Alabama, Texas, Florida and New York. The investigation uncovered evidence that testosterone and other performance-enhancing drugs were purchased by current and former MLB players, etc...One of the baseball players named was Gary Matthews, Jr . At LAA's "request" he issued a statement and denied using hGH.  The evidence listed led to Matthews being named in the Mitchell Report.

19) Glaus, Troy: St. Louis, Anaheim, Arizona and Toronto. Angel's 2002 WS championship could be one more tainted professional crown., 09/07 SI & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 3B, In a September 2007 article, Sports Illustrated reported that Glaus received shipments of (PEDs) from Signature Pharmacy from 2003 to 2004. According to the article, Glaus had received a prescription for these materials from a California anti-aging clinic. Glaus met with the Commissioner's Office regarding this situation, and Commissioner Bud Selig did not impose any discipline.  Glaus on 09/09/07:  "I respect the fact that you guys have a job to do. I expect that you certainly have some questions. I am not going to comment on the story. I hope you respect that at this time."

20) Gonzalez, Juan: He is currently on the Temporarily Inactive List with the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Texas, Detroit, Cleveland & KC., 2005 Canseco & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Jose Canseco & Mitchell report/ In 2001, Gonzalez' trainer, Angel Presinal was questioned by Canadian police when he picked up an unmarked bag containing PEDs. He told the police that the bag belonged to Gonzalez, then with the Indians. Gonzalez had denied any knowledge about the bag's contents and claimed that he had sent it down to be included with the team's luggage at Presinal's request. During further questioning Presinal admitted that he had packed the steroids but claimed that he carried them for Gonzalez, whom he helped to administer them. In MI interview of him in 2007, Presinal denied that he made any such statements. He asserted that he has no knowledge of the involvement of any player in Major League Baseball with anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing substances. Four years later, Jose Canseco in Juiced claims to have educated Gonzalez about steroids when they were teammates in Texas (1992-1994). Canseco subsequently claims to have acquired steroids on his behalf & injecting him ‘many times.' As of 03/08 Gonzalez maintains all of his numbers have been produced cleanly.

21) Guillen, Jose: KC, Seattle, Tampa Bay, et al, 11/06/07 San Francisco Chronicle, OF, In 2007 it was reported that in 2003 Guillen had performance-enhancing drugs sent directly to him to the Oakland Coliseum. No known response from Guillen

22) Hiatt, Phil: LAD. KC & Detroit, Presently out of baseball,     12/13/07 Mitchell Report, Utility infielder, Convicted dealer Radomski said he sold Hiatt anabolic steroids "2 or 3 times". No response located by Hiatt.

23) Hill, Glenallen: Former player in MLB who played for 13 seasons. Hill played with the Toronto, San Francisco, Seattle, NYY & Anaheim. Currently, he is the first base coach for the Colorado Rockies., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Radomski told MI he sold Hill hGH. Hill says he bought anabolic steroids from Radomski but never used them.

24) Hollins, Dave: Philadelphia, Boston, et al, Presently scouts for Baltimore., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 3B, Bodybuilder, Jeff Scott claims Hollins visited him frequently and asked about steroids while trying to gain weight after learning he had diabetes in 1993. Hollins denies ever being to Scott's apartment.

25) Hundley, Todd:              Former MLB player. Played for LAD, NYM & CHC, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, C/OF, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, said he sold anabolic steroids to Hundley. No known response from Hundley

26) Jerry Hairston Jr.: Baltimore, Texas, CHC &Cincinnati , 03/02/07 SI & 12/13/07 MR, Utility player both infield & outfield, On 03/02/07 Sports Illustrated reported hGH was allegedly ordered by Jerry Hairston Jr. SI reports drug enforcement investigators told the magazine the drugs were sent to Maryland and Arizona addresses that trace to Hairston Jr. His birth date of 05/29/76 also is listed on the patient file, according to documents the magazine reviewed.  Hairston denied any connection, stating "Not one time have I taken steroids or anything like that. [ . . . ] I would never do anything like that to jeopardize my career or my family's name." On 12/13/07 he was cited in the Mitchell Report.

27) Justice, David: Former player in MLB Atlanta, Cleveland, NYY & Oakland, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Justice reportedly made a single purchase of "two or three kits" of human growth hormone (hGH) from convicted steroid dealer, Radomski. Justice reportedly denies using any PEDs

28) Lansing, Mike: Montreal, Colorado  & Boston , 12/13/07 Lansing was not playing professional ball in 2002., Mitchell Report, 2B, 3B & SS, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski told MI he sold him PEDs 4 or 5 times. Phone numbers, addresses and 2 money orders linked him to Radomski. Radomski produced 2 MOs from Lansing dated 02/05/02.No response located by Lansing.

29) Lo Duca, Paul: LAD, NYM, Florida & Washington, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, C, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, told MI he sold Lo Duca PEDs at least 6 times. Checks and notes for hGH by Lo Duca linked him to Radomski. No known response form Lo Duca is available.

30) Logan, Nook: Detroit & Washington. Presently with Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Radomski allegedly sold Logan one kit of hGH hormone just before federal agents raided his home. Linked to Radomski by his Cell ph #.  No response from Logan found.

31) Manzanillo, Josias: Boston, NYM, NYY, et al, Presently not pitching in MLB, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted Steroid Dealer, Kirk Radomski says he injected with steroids/ he denies this accusation.

32) Martinez, Dave: CHC, Texas, Toronto Atlanta, et al, On 10/11/97 he was hired by the Tampa Bay Rays to be their bench coach., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Jose Canseco claims to have educated and personally injected Martinez with steroids. Canseco implicates Martinez to show that it's not only sluggers who use steroids. No known comments from O. Martinez are available

33) McGwire, Mark: Oakland & St. Louis, 2005  Jose Canseco, 1B, Canseco in Juiced accuses McGwire of using PEDs. FBI ops codenamed ‘Operation Equine' in 1992, officers turned up steroid dealer, Curtis Wenzlaff. Wenzlaff's training-session notes show he put McGwire on a mix of Winstrol V, testosterone and Equipoise. Jose Canseco claims to have personally injected McGwire with steroids. McGwire, admitted using, in 1998, the Androstenedione found in his locker but it was not banned by MLB or an illegal substance at the time.  McGwire has repeatedly refused to discuss his involvement, or lack thereof, with steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

34) McKay, Cody: Indianapolis Indians?, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, C,     Convicted steroid dealer, Kirk Radomski, told Mitchell investigators that he sold McKay steroids at least 2 times. Ph #s linked him with Radomski. McKay has not responded.

35) Mercker, Kent: Atlanta, Cincinnati, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, Allegedly  acquired hGH from Radomski in 10/02, P, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, told MI he sold hGH once. A check and Express Mail receipt corroborated Radomski. Mercker has not responded.

36) Miadich, Bart: Anaheim, It appears he is a free agent at this time., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Radomski described Miadich as a frequent purchaser of small quantities of anabolic steroids. Miadich declined to meet with investigators for the MR.

37) Morris, Hal: Cincinnati, NYY, Detroit & KC, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 1B,         Customer of convicted steroid dealer, Radomski. of 1 season).  Radomski said that he sold (PEDs) to Morris in late 1999 when Morris was with the Reds. Morris paid by check.  to meet with me. By letter from his lawyer, Morris declined to respond other than to say "... denies the use of anabolic steroids, testosterone and/or human growth hormone during his Major League career." 

38) Neagle, Denny : Colorado, Atlanta, NYY, et al, Played on NYY 2000 WS team. , 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted dealer Radomski told MI that he sold Neagle PEDs "5 or 6 times". Radomski produced 8 checks from or on behalf of Neagle. No response located by Neagle.

39) Ordonez, Magglio:  CHWS & Detroit   , 01/24/08 Jose Canseco,   OF, In Vindicated Jose Canseco's 2nd book on steroids, Canseco tries to implicate Ordonez with steroids. Earlier he supposedly tried to blackmail Ordonez by asking for investment funds for a project to keep his name from publication. There is no corroborating evidence for Canseco's accusations.

40) Parque, Jim: CWS & Tampa Bay, presently a free agent, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski said he sold Parque hGH twice. Radomski produced two checks from Parque. He denied the account in the Seattle Times newspaper.

41) Pratt, Todd: Philadelphia, Chicago, NYM & Atlanta, presently out of baseball, 12/13/07 MR, Allegedly purchased steroids from Kirk Radomski while playing for the Mets in 2000 or 2001., C, Pratt was reportedly one of Radomski's customers. Radomski told MI he sold Pratt PEDs twice.  No response located by Pratt.

42) Randolph, Stephen: Arizona & Houston., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski told MI he sold hGH at least once. Randolph's name, address and ph # linked him t o Radomski. No known response from Randolph located.

43) Riggs, Adam: LAD, San Diego & Anaheim. Appears to be presently playing in Japan., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, 1B & 2B, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, told MI he sold Riggs PEDs. Radomski had 5checks/money orders made out to him from Riggs.  Riggs declined to meet with the MI but provided a letter from his lawyer stating that he "never tested positive for improper substances".

44) Rodriguez, Alex: Seattle, Texas & NYY, SS, 3B, Jose Canseco has alleged Rodriguez used PEDs in his 2nd book Vindicated. (1) Don Yaeger a former Sports Illustrated associate editor said he would not edit the book, because he thought Canseco didn't have a book in the material he gave him & (2) There is no corroborating evidence that Rodriguez has ever used PEDs.

45) Rodriguez, Ivan: Texas, Detroit, Florida & NYY. Before the 2003 season Rodriguez signed with the Florida Marlins for one year. He helped lead the young team to victory in the World Series., 2005 Canseco & 12/13/07 MR, C, Jose Canseco claims to have educated Rodriguez about steroids when they were teammates in Texas. Canseco claims to have acquired steroids on behalf of him & injecting him ‘many times.' Rodriguez denied Canseco's allegations.

46) Saunders, Tony: Retired from MLB. Florida, Baltimore & Tampa Bay. Was on the 1992 WS championship Florida Marlins. , 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Jose Canseco describes talks with Saunders about his dosages of steroids and his use of hGH.  Saunders defiantly denied Canseco's allegations that he had used steroids.

47) Stanton, Mike: Atlanta, Texas, NYY, et al,  Stanton was on NYY WS winning teams of 98, 99, 00., 12/13/07                Mitchell Report, P, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski told MI he sold Stanton hGH twice. Radomski allegedly produced one check. Stanton flatly denies any wrongdoing.

48) Tejada, Miguel: Oakland, Baltimore & Houston, 2005 Canseco &  12/20/07 Grimsley & 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, SS, Rafael Palmiero said his positive test for Stanozolol may have been caused by a tainted B12 shot he got from Tejada.  Jose Canseco said he educated Tejada about the benefits of steroids. Tejada is also said to have taken 'anabolic steroids' by Jason Grimsley as one of the previously redacted names from the affidavit by IRS-CI Special Agent, Jeff Novitzky. Tejada was mentioned in the Mitchell Report in connection to steroids. In the report, Tejada is said to have received $1,500 worth of steroids. Rep. Henry Waxman asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Tejada was truthful when speaking to the House committee when being interviewed in 2005 regarding possible connections to Rafael Palmeiro.  Tejada has denied all allegations.

49) Valdez, Ismael: Former MLB player. LAD, Anaheim, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, He is believed to have purchased hGH on the internet. No known responses from Valdez available.

50) Vaughn, Mo: Boston, LAA & NYM,    12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 1B, It was revealed on 12/13/07 in MR that Vaughn reportedly bought hGH from convicted dealer Radomski. Radomski produced three checks, one for $2,200 and two more for $3,200, from Vaughn, one of the latter dated 06/01/01 and another dated 06/19/01. Vaughn's address & phone # was listed in an address book seized from Radomski's house by federal agents. Mitchell requested a meeting with Vaughn in order to provide Vaughn with the information about these allegations and to give him an opportunity to respond; Vaughn never agreed to such an interview.

51) Villone, Ron: San Diego, Seattle, NYY, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, In December 2007, Villone was named in the Mitchell Report as one of the players linked to steroids. Convicted dealer Radomski allegedly sold Villone hGH 3 times. Villone refused to respond to the allegations.

52) White, Rondell: NYY, San Diego, KC, Minnesota et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, White bought anabolic steroids and human growth hormone and left a paper trail of 7 checks made out to Radomski and Fed Ex. No known response from White available.

53) Williams, Jeff: LAD, & presently with Hanshin Tigers baseball team., 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, OF, Convicted dealer Radomski allegedly sold Williams anabolic steroids. Radomski produced one check from Williams. Williams did not respond to a request to meet with Mitchell to address these accusations.

54) Williams, Todd: LAD, Baltimore, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, P, Convicted dealer Radomski sold anabolic steroids to Williams. No corroborating evidence.

55) Young, Kevin: Pittsburgh & KC, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, 1B, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski told MI he sold Young hGH twice.  Ph # linked him to Radomski.  No response located by Young.

56) Zaun, Greg:  Toronto, Florida, KC, et al, 12/13/07 Mitchell Report, C, Convicted steroid dealer, Radomski, told MI that he sold Zaunn anabolic steroids & produced a check to corroborate payment. Zaun refused to meet with Mitchell to discuss the allegations, and has publicly denied them, claiming that he owed a teammate money and sent a blank check, which was later used to buy steroids.


List of Minor League Suspensions For Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Baseball

(from Baseball's Steriods Era....)

138 = total

69 = pitchers

All the players in this list have tested positive for what Major League Baseball deems a performance-enhancing substance. MLB makes a clear distinction between performance-enhancing substances and recreational drugs when they reveal the results to the public as required since 2005.

May 1, 2008

Angel Reyes, LHP (Yankees) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 25, 2008

Jonathan Jaspe, C (Blue Jays) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 8, 2008

Jordan Schafer, OF (Braves) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 3, 2008

Robert Hernandez, RHP (Braves) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

February 20, 2008

Scott Vander Weg, RHP (Cardinals) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

January 10, 2008

Jacob Rodriguez, RHP (Royals) - 1st Offense - 50 Games
*Suspended for failing to take a drug test, a violation of the drug testing agreement

August 30, 2007

Matthew West, SS (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

August 24, 2007

Juan Valdez, OF (Indians) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

August 18, 2007

James Houser, LHP (Devil Rays) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

July 27, 2007

Tom King, RHP (Giants) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

July 24, 2007

Angel Salome, C (Brewers) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

July 4, 2007

Sergio Garcia, 2B (Giants) - 2nd Offense - 100 Games

May 25, 2007

Brandon Monk, 2B (Braves) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

May 16, 2007

Lino Urdaneta, P (Mets) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

May 9, 2007

Francisco Cruceta, P (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

May 7, 2007

Jorge Reyes, P (Mets) - 2nd Offense - 100 Games
Lou Santangelo, C (Astros) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 30, 2007

Sendy Vasquez, P (Tigers) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 27, 2007

Jonathan Figueroa, P (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 24, 2007

Tyron Wilson, SS, (Royals) - 1st Offense - 50 Games
*Suspended for failing to take a drug test, a violation of the drug testing agreement

April 12, 2007

Hector Made, IF (Philies) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

April 6, 2007

Bernie Castro, IF (Nationals) - 1st Offense - 15 Games
*Tested positive in 2005 but was on a major league roster until April 2, 2007.

January 3, 2007

Maikol Mesa, OF (Reds) - 1st Offense - 50 Games

December 14, 2006

Hector Noesi, P (Yankees) - 1st Offense - 50 games

September 12, 2006

Welington Dotel, OF (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 50 games

August 31, 2006

Luis Jimenez, RHP (Brewers) - 1st Offense - 50 games

August 29, 2006

Charles Dasni, RHP (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 50 games

August 8, 2006

Daniel McCutchen, RHP (Yankees) - 1st Offense - 50 games

August 3, 2006

Marcos Chavez, 2B - 1st Offence - 50 games
Jonathan Gonzalez, RHP - 1st Offence - 50 games

August 1, 2006

Alfredo Reyes, LHP (Pirates) - 1st and 2nd Offenses - 100 games
Jesus Granado, DH (Philies) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Alvaro Diaz, C (Tigers) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Juan Casas, LHP (Pirates) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Edison Barrios, RHP (Pirates) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Kengshill Pujols, RHP (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Tyler Flowers, 1B (Braves) - 1st Offense - 50 games

July 24, 2006

Wascar Segura, RHP (White Sox) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Richard Rodriguez, RHP (Blue Jays) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Jonathan Requena, OF (Twins) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Alfredo Martin, 1B (Twins) - 1st Offense - 50 games
Carlos Fajardo, LHP (Reds) - 1st Offense - 50 games

July 20, 2006

Timothy Haines, RHP (Mets) - 1st Offense - 50 games

May 2, 2006

Matthew Rico, RHP (Devil Rays) - 2nd Offense - 100 games

May 19, 2006

Nerio Rodriguez, RHP (Pirates) - 1st Offence - 50 games

May 24, 2006

Greg Thissen, 2B (Nationals) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Abraham Nunez, OF (Giants) - 1st Offence - 50 games

May 31, 2006

Yamid Haad, C (Giants) - 1st Offence - 50 games

April 25, 2006

Edward Rodriguez, RHP (Blue Jays) - 1st Offence - 50 games

April 18, 2006

Karl Gelinas, RHP (Angels) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Jorge Reyes, RHP (Mets) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Yonathan Silvira, OF (Cardinals) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Matthew Varner, RHP (Padres) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Angel Rocha, LHP (Diamond Backs) - 2nd Offence - 100 games

April 11, 2006

Ramon Ramirez, RHP (Reds) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Waner Mateo, RHP (Mets) - 1st Offence - 50 games
Ryan Rafferty, RHP (Royals) - 1st Offence - 50 games

August 16, 2005

Nicholas Slack, OF (Brewers) 1st Offense - 15 games
Luis Ugueto, 2B (Royals) - 2nd Offense - 30 games

August 12, 2005

Wilson Delgado, IF (Marlins) - 2nd Offense - 30 games

July 22, 2005

Deivi Mendez, SS (Yankees) - 2nd Offense - 30 games
Randy Ruiz, 1B (Phillies) - 2nd Offense - 30 games

July 15, 2005

Carlos Bohorquez, RHP (Cincinnati) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Alex Santos, RHP (Athletics) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Matt Whiteside, RHP (Blue Jays) - 1st Offense - 15 games

July 1, 2005

Josh Labandeira, SS (Nationals) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Ramon A. Castro, IF (Nationals) 1st and 2nd Offenses - 105 games

June 24, 2005

Jeffrey Bruksch, RHP (Reds) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Joshua Carter, OF (Philies) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Sergio Garcia, IF (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jeff Kennard, RHP (Yankees) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Brian Walker, LHP (Mets) - 1st Offense - 15 games

May 20, 2005

Thomas Farmer, RHP (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Chad Scarbery, RHP (Diamond Backs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Heath Totten, RHP (Dodgers) - 1st Offense - 15 games

May 13, 2005

Wilson Delgado , IF (Marlins) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Josh Presley, 1B (Royals) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Luis Ugueto, IF (Royals) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jeremy Cummings, RHP (Cardinals) - 1st Offense - 15 games

May 12, 2005

Robert Valido, SS (White Sox) - 1st Offence - 15 games
Tetsu Yofu, LHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Steve Smyth, LHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Guillermo Rodriguez, C - 1st Offense - 15 games
Brian Mazone, LHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Josh Cram, RHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Oscar Montero, RHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Marcus Mendoza, LHP - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jonathan Herrera, SS - 1st Offense - 15 games
Christian Parker, RHP - 1st Offense - 15 games

May 6, 2005

Darnell McDonald, OF (Indians) - 1st Offense - 15 games

April 22, 2005

Gary Cates Jr., 2B (Orioles) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Rafael Diaz, 3B (Orioles) - 1st Offense - 15 games
James Jurries, IF (Braves) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Damien Myers, LHP (Tigers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Ricardo Rodriguez, RHP (Braves) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Grant Roberts, RHP (Mets) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Richard Salazar, LHP (Orioles) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Adam Seuss, OF (Astros) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Eider Torres, SS (Indians) - 1st Offense - 15 games

April 6, 2005

Tom Evans, 3B (Pirates) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jon Nunnally, OF (Pirates) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Brian Mallette, RHP (Pirates) - 2nd Offense - 30 games

April 4, 2005

Elvis Avendano, RHP (Athletics) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Lizahio Baez, OF (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Oscar Bernard, C (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
David Cash, RHP (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
David Castillo, C (Athletics) 3rd Offense - 60 Games
Troy Cate, LHP (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Robinson Chirinos, 2B (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Ryan Christianson, C (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Willie Collazo, LHP (Angels) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Francisco Cordova, RHP (Angels) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Renee Cortez, RHP (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Matt Craig, 3B (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jason DiAngelo, RHP (Rockies) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jose Espinal, RHP (White Sox) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Willy Espinal, RHP (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Omar Falcon, C (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Sal Frisella, OF (Cardinals) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jesus Guzman, 3B (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Justin Hatcher, C (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Clay Hensley, RHP (Padres) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Javier Herrera, OF (Athletics) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Billy Hogan, 3B (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Kervin Jacobo, 3B (Padres) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Ryan Leahy, SS (Angels) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Baltazar Lopez, 1B (Angels) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Robert Machado, C (Rangers) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jesus Medrano, 2b (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Jacobo Meque, LHP (Padres) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Damian Moss, LHP (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Luis Perez, OF (Athletics) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Kevin Reinking, C (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Chris Russ, RHP (Rangers) - 1st Offence - 15 games
Mayobanex Santana, 3B (Athletics) - 1st Offence - 15 games
Nathan Sevier, RHP (Padres) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Darwin Soto, RHP (Mariners) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Carlos Vasquez, LHP (Cubs) - 1st Offense - 15 games
Neil Wilson, C (Rockies) - 1st Offense - 15 games




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