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Back in the glory days of the Minnesota Vikings offense, the head coach at the time, Mike Tice, came up with the Randy Ratio, meaning 40 percent of all passes were to go towards Randy Moss.  While that might have seemed like a good idea to get the ball to the best playmaker on the offense on a consistent basis, it largely failed for a couple of obvious reasons.  

Passes should not go to the best player.  They should go to the open player.  Defenses figured out very quickly (partilly because Tice went and told the media about the Randy Ratio) that bracketing Moss with a safety and a corner, and in general keeping a very close eye on him, they could easily shut down the Vikings offense.  Because passes were mandated to go to Moss no matter what kind of coverage he was facing, a lot of drives ended with incompletions or interceptions towards Moss.  This lead to frustration on the part of the Vikings, and eventually the Ratio was ditched.

This all brings us back to the current Dallas Cowboys situation.  While they haven't come out and explictitly stated it, it sure seems like they're running a TO Ratio down there in Texas right now. Owens had 18 passes thrown his way (out of 47...38%) and also had two rushing attempts.  He's taking up the same chunk of the offense that Moss was, and similar results are happening.  Defenses are shading towards him, and passes that could go to a single-covered Patrick Crayton are being chucked up to a double-covered Owens.

While the Randy Ratio was dumped for being ineffective and widely ridiculed, it seem like the situation in Dallas is going to get much worse.  Owens seems to think he's not getting the ball enough.  Wade Phillips looks like a worn-out, beaten man, and isn't going to stand up to him.  Romo will likely not stand up to him either, fearing that it will destroy the team like fighting with Owens has done to so many teams before.  Owens will get his way, get more balls heaved in his direction, and defenses will rejoyce.

In a game where Dallas never trailed by more than ten points, Pro-Bowler Marion Barber had only 8 carries.  No other back had any.  Dallas held the ball for only 21 minutes out of the game, largely due to tossing incompletions toward Owens over and over instead of spreading the ball to various other playmakers.  The defense suffered from being on the field the whole game.  The offense suffered by never having balance or a chance to get into rhythm.  

Owens wants the ball 60% of the time, it appears.  No offense can succeed with that kind of imbalance.  It's too easy to game plan for.  This is a man who refuses to deal in the reality of the game, and it doesn't look like anybody in the front office or the locker room is going to stand up to him. 

Terrell Owens will bring this team to it's knees before all is said and done.  Watch.


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