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This season is probably one of the most exciting I have seen in awhile.  Like which team in the AFC East will step up now that Brady and the Pats are down?  Who will conquer in the AFC South between the powerhouse teams of Jacksonville, Indy, Houston and Tennessee?  Who is going to play the least horribly in the NFC North?  All these questions are adding up to what should be a great rest of the season.

Lets begin!

1.)  Tennesse Titans-  Kerry Collins has been outstanding.  This defense is punishing, and their running game ran all over the Vikings...it is going to be a good season for the Titans.

2.)  Buffalo Bills-  Here is a team that can take the AFC East.  Good ground game and coming off some exciting wins, the Bills flexed their muscles this weekend against the Rams.

3.)  Washington Redskins-  I was very wrong about this team.  Campbell is proving to be legit, and Portis is running hard and often.  Their defense stopped the powerhouse Dallas offense, and is getting healthier week by week.

4.)  Dallas Cowboys-  Still a very good team, but Washington exposed their weaknesses.  They definetley need to improve their defense.  And they had better settle down TO or he will cause a bad situation.

5.)  Pittsburgh Steelers-  Pitt is hurting and hurting bad.  Willie is out again, Kiesel is out, Mendenhall out, half of their o-line is gone...they are surviving now, but for how long?

6.)  New York Giants-  Didnt play.  But same story, this team is overrated and playing very weak teams.  They move up because other teams didnt play so hot, and the Giants didnt get a chance to prove me right.

7.)  Carolina Panthers-  Steve Smith hasnt been as dynamic as I would have hoped, but Delhomme has been untouchable.

8.)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  Big win against the Packers, but they didnt play well enough to deserve the win.  They have major questions at QB and they need them answered quick or the passing game will dissappear completley.

9.)  Green Bay Packers-  Rodgers getting hurt is awful.  If he was healthy, would they have won?  Probably, but he wasnt and no one can fix that.  Their injuries to Cullen Jenkins, Atari Bigby, Nick Collins, Scott Wells, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant, and Ruvell Martin dont help either.

10.)  Denver Broncos-  Good offense, but bad defense.  Champ hasnt exaclty been great as of late.  And their run defense is just horrible to look at.

11.)  New England Patriots-  Find answers on the field.  Whoever gets the job done gets the start.  And injured beat up Pats team needs to be assertive and not afraid to play young inexperienced players who could jump start this team.

12.)  Baltimore Ravens-  Offense took awhile to get started but still a good showing against the Steelers.  Flacco is legit.

13.)  Chicago Bears-  The division is up in the air, they could easily take it by storm with a great defense and solid offense.

14.)  Philidephia Eagles-  Westbrook is obviously the key to this team.  With him they are dynamic and unstoppable, without him they are weak and tentative.

15.)  San Diego Chargers-  Recovering well from the two bad losses early.  I am still waiting for LT to let it loose though.

16.)  Jacksonville Jaguars-  The defense hasnt lived up to expectations, but that shouldnt stop them, they need stick to old fashion football...the run.

17.)  New Orleans Saints-  Brees is amazing, their defense is stepping up and they are just fun to watch.

18.)  New York Jets-  Favre looked good, but their defense let Arizona back in...they need to tighten up late in games and prevent comebacks like that if they want to make it the SB.

19.)  Arizona Cardinals-  Slow to get started, but they showed poise to get back in it.  A 3 game road trip was rough, they get some good home cooking this weeken.

20.)  San Francisco 49er's-  Their offense showed signs of indecision and hesitation.  They need to step up and beat these good teams if they want to establish themselves.

21.)  Indianapolis Colts-  They need to get healthier or this is going to be a rough year.

22.)  Atlanta Falcons-  Maybe I jumped the gun on calling them recovered from the Vick era.  They have a huge test against the Pack in Lambeu.

23.)  Miami Dolphins-  Unfortunatley they wont carry their momentum over the bye week...back to reality for the dolphins.

24.)  Cleveland Browns-  They looked decent against the Bengals.  Stallworth is back and should help a lackluster offense.

25.)  Houston Texans-  Schaub will be all right.  I worry about their run game in the long run, can the little man from WV carry them?

26.)  Minnesota Vikings-  Bad offense, bad defense.  This team needs to be dismantled and they need to invest in some good draft picks.

27.)  Kansas City Chiefs-  Big win against Denver, but that wont continue, they return to their pitiful state for the rest of the year.

28.)  Oakland Raiders-  Its not Kiffins fault.  They have a bad team!  What do you expect, when you give the man nothing to work with, its kind of hard to win.

29.)  Detroit Lions-  Matt Millen needed to go, next up is Marinelli.

30.)  Cincinnati Bengals- bad.

31.)  Seattle Seahawks-  terrible.

32.)  St. Louis Rams-  Worse.


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