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I was away for much of the weekend and thus did not get to view too many games, but thanks to the wonder of TiVo and an extremeley comfortable chair, I managed to get through most of the highlights and game summaries.  So off we go.

1.)  Tennessee Titans-  #1 and still the champions!  A great defensive battle with the Ravens left their fans on a high note.  But it left some doubt as to their offensive ability...can the giants or washington take the top spot soon?

2.)  Washington Redskins-  In my personal opinion, after week 1 they showed they are the better team than the Giants.  But a HUGE win against Philidelphia confirmed it.

3.)  New York Giants-  I have succumbed to peer pressure here.  I understand where people are coming from, saying the Giants are the best team...but I ask you, have they played a team over .500 (other than Washington)?  No.

4.)  Pittsburgh Steelers-  They pounded out a big win against Jacksonville and proved they can win without a lot of their starters. 

5.)  Dallas Cowboys-  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  They had a 17-0 lead yet gave up essentially the whole lead until late in the game where they barely won! 

6.)  Carolina Panthers-  Delhomme is my fantasy sleeper of the year.  This man is savior to my fantasy team...Anywho, the Panthers continued their winning ways with a win against, Kansas City.

7.)  Denver Broncos-  The defense played well and the offense continued its dominance.  That is the winning formula.  Good effort by the Broncos.

8.)  Buffalo Bills-  I understand losing your QB in the 1st quarter is rough, but you should at least put up 20 points on the average Cardinals defense.

9.)  New England Patriots-  Tough battle win against San Francisco.  But ultimatley it showed my they cannot win on defense alone...they need offense badly.

10.)  Arizona Cardinals-  Impressive home game against Buffalo...Kurt Warner for MVP??  Maybe.

11.)  Atlanta Falcons-  Start believing folks.  They marched into Green Bay and made their defense look like trash.  This is a high power offense with a lot of talent...beware.

12.)  Indianapolis Colts-  They should have lost, but the leaping efforts of Rosenfels backfired for the Texans and Indy stole one!

13.)  Chicago Bears-  Kyle Orton looks good.  He is winning games and playing just solid enough that his defense can win games.

14.)  Green Bay Packers-  I put them here because as they get healthier they will for sure get a lot better...they will still win their division they just need to get out of their rough start.

15.)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  They have to throw it deep.  They just have to or they wont win games...

16.)  Baltimore Ravens-  Hard loss against the Titans...but they have a great defense and good leader, they can still rebound.

17.)  New York Jets-  They havent done anything that impressive.  Sure Brett threw for 6 TD's but honestly how often is a 38 year old QB going to do that?

18.)  Philidephia Eagles-  Injuries are a concern but they were beat legitamtley by the Redskins.  They need to get Westbrook healthy and soon!

19.)  Minnesota Vikings-  Cheap win against the Saints.  They had a total of 35 yards yet put up 17 points in the first quarter because of New Orleans mistakes.

20.)  Miami Dolphins-  Ronnie Brown continues to dominate and Tony Sparano looks like a genius.

21.)  Jacksonville Jaguars-  Still a good team with enough talent to rebound, but they need defense and they need it badly.

22.)  New Orleans Saints-  I still like this team and its chances to rebound.  But a healthy Shockey would aid this team immensely.

23.)  San Diego Chargers-  Its getting rougher by the week.  I dont know when the Chargers are going to snap out of it and play like SB champs!

24.)  San Francisco 49er's-  Good try against the Pats but ultimatley their lack of depth and talent cost them the game.

25.)  Cleveland Browns-  A Bye week lets them get their mind focused, but Edwards needs to snap out of it and play with some swagger.

26.)  Houston Texans-  This team could easily be 2-2 or 3-1.  They are playing every team close and it comes down to the little things like not leaping over guys and fumbling.

27.)  Oakland Raiders-  Tom Cable isnt much better.  They need to realize it isnt the coach...they just have a terrible team.

28.)  Cincinnatti Bengals-  They have almost taken down two NFC East team, the Boys and G-Men.  They are on play away from being 2-3.

29.)  Seattle Seahawks-  This is potentially the worst team in the NFL, but I give them a little credit because they won at least one game this season.

30.)  Kansas City Chiefs-  Please, please, please stop playing in the NFL...its just hard to watch.

31.)  Detroit Lions-  FIRE MARINELLI!!!!!

32.)  St. Louis Rams-  FIRE EVERYONE!!!!!



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