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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     Next time, wear a belt!!!

     Talk about a harrowing experience. I had one today, and it reminded me I have to be careful when I'm out in public. Yes, there's a backstory...

     I decided to pay my cable bill today instead of tomorrow, simply because I have a lot to do these next few days. Tidying up my place qualifies as something to do, so as I said, off to pay my cable bill.

     Then (according to plan), make a run to pick up a can of Pledge. LOVE that lemony smell, you know?? LMMFAO

     But also, I needed to **** off to KFC I go. I order, sit down to eat, feel for my cell phone...uh-oh, where's my cell phone?? I had the damned thing a moment ago...oh, CRAP!!! No cell phone!!!

     Not to panic, I think to myself. Just retrace your steps, and hope I can find it. Nothing. I enlist some guy to help me look...nada. Then the brainstorm hits me: get the guy to call my number, and HOPE somebody hears it. 1st time, voicemail. 2nd time, an answer.

     A small boy apparently found it in the 7-Eleven parking lot, and had it with him. So I asked him to PLEASE bring it to the parking lot. 10 minutes later, the boy and his dad arrive...and the boy has my phone!!! Happy happy, joy joy!!!

     After thanking him profusely, I offer him money. He declines. I tell him, "OK, how about we go in the 7-Eleven?? Anything you want, I'll pay for it". Again, he declines. Now I'm thinking, "I gotta do the right thing here. I know, I'll leave it up to him."

     So I tell him, "Look, here's the deal. You want money, I'll give it. You want anything in 7-Eleven, I'll pay. Whatever you want to do. It's your decision." That's when he says, "25 bucks, no more than that".

     Hey, I would've handed my whole fricking wallet to this kid, just to get my cell phone back. That would've been a FUN call to AT&T, to ask for a replacement phone...and I didn't want to do THAT except as a last resort. So, $25 poorer (but with my cell phone undamaged...good thing it was in a case w/ the UVA logo on it), I thanked the kid and his dad.

     Oh, and I put the phone in my vest pocket.

     I admit, I got off lightly. Usually when I go out, I have the phone clipped to a belt. Not today, though. Ah, but I have learned my lesson. After this little excursion, I just might clip this phone on my pecker. Serves me right for being a total d*i*c*k*h*e*a*d today.

     And how was YOUR day, people???


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