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Have you ever played a sport against a kid or kids that were smaller and younger than you?  If you have then you know what they usually do, and I mean usually.  Most of the times, they try really hard and are a little slower.  But have you ever gave up a goal, touchdown, run, basketball, etc. to them?  If you have then, what happens?  They start getting confidence when they score don't they?  Then they think they can beat you.  And if you don't do something about it quickly you're playing one very good, confident person and it becomes very difficult to beat them.  And it really doesn't matter if you're better past a certain point.


So where am I going with this?  The Tampa Bay Rays is where I'm going.  Does this story make sense for them?  A little.  I'm not going to take anything away from them but they are just like that kid.  Early in the season, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox let this team get confidence in each other.  Once this happened, it got harder and harder to beat.  Heck, they built there field into a virtual castle of sorts starting at the end of April.  Then summer came and the Rays were rolling. 


Evan Longoria really started to exude the aforementioned little kid.  He hustled and played harder than anyone else, and the big thing was that he is just as good as all of the other Major Leaguers.  When you put those two things together (Natural Skill + Hustle = Wins), you become very dangerous.  And your team becomes even more dangerous when they all start doing it.  


At the end of summer, the Rays were still in first place.  And then they held on and won the division by two games over the Boston Red Sox.  Then they pretty much eased by Chicago to advance to the American League Championship Series. 


So why did I write this?  Well, I just wanted to let you know that the Red Sox still have to play 4 games before advancing.  And at least 2 of those games will be at that castle mentioned earlier.  Now, Tampa has home field advantage and there a 7 games in the series.  Boston hasn't won too much at Tampa this year, so if anything Tampa can take them at home if needed.  But I think that they have what it takes to win 1 or maybe 2 in Boston.


For a about 2 months now, I've been pushing for the MVP of the A.L. to be Evan Longoria, so this man will have to play and lead if they want to take the BoSox.


My predictions for this series: Tampa Bay wins it in 7.



Well, I hope you liked it.  I'm a baseball fan and I just wanted to change it up a little bit.  This has been Keeper and I'm out. 


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