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I'm pretty sure you know who the guy in the picture on the right is, but do you know who the fella on the left trampling all over the American flag is? You should. Every American should but apparently either doesn't, or doesn't care. And that scares the hell out of me.

His name is Bill Ayers. Mr. Ayers is an elementary education theorist and professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He's also a neighbor and former fund raiser of Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Additionally they have served on two board of directors together and collaborated on community organization projects on Chicagos South side.

Mr. Ayers is respected in some circles for his work on education reform and community organization. All of this mumbo jumbo coming from the McCain camp about the somewhat odd professor must just be a bunch of political hooey, right?




Now for the rest of the story.

William Ayers was one of the founders of a group called 'weather underground' in the late 60's. No, it wasn't some sort of environmental group tracking the most comfortable temperatures for earth worm habitats. It was a liberal activist group turned militia that sought to spread it's brand of politics by force, usually with bombs. 

The self styled domestic terrorists gleefully accepted responsibility for bombing the NYC police headquarters in 1970, The United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972 among many smaller attacks on individual homes and businesses. The kindly professor was the leader of the group.

Ayers and his wife escaped prosecution due to what most of us would term a technicality and can not be tried for the heinous crimes  that he readily admits his group committed. So is the kindly professor repentant for his actions? Does he chalk it up to youthful zealousness and the ideology of the times? Hell, no. Bill Ayers openly says his only regret is that his group didn't commit MORE acts of domestic terrorism. You read that right. The self admitted leader of a self described terror organization regrets they didn't do more.

Now that you know who William Ayers actually is let's look at his relationship with Senator Obama. Mr. Obama claims Ayers is "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood, a guy I served on a couple of boards with". Nice sidestep Barry. 

Barack leaves out one tiny piece of information about this domestic terrorist he claims to barely know. When Barack decided to get into state politics, William Ayers held one of his first fund his living room. Sorry Barack, people don't kick off their policical careers in the living room of a stranger. Particularly not when that stranger is an unrepentant terrorist. 

So why is the American public not outraged over this connection? Quite simply, they don't know the whole story. The main stream media has ignored the story entirely. In fact, some media outlets have praised Mr. Ayers at times for his work in education reform while completely ignoring or downplaying his role in the weather underground. 

And that is the rest of the story.

(Note to Mods: You've already deleted one blog I did on this subject. There is nothing offensive, slanderous, or factually incorrect in this blog. Everything said about William Ayers comes from his own admissions and statements. The connections to Obama are well documented. Please do not remove this blog without cause.)


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