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You know its hard to be an Arizona Cardinas fan, even in Arizona. Arizona, the state that has the most bandwagon fans in the country. We have Bears fans, Cowboys fans, Packers fans, Broncos fans, pretty much all type of fans except for a select few Cardinals fans. We get booed. Ridiculed. Constant chants of "Cardinals Suck!" We get flipped off. Pointed and laughed at. For years and years this has been so. But us diehards would never dream of abandoning this team. I am 24 years old... and I have been a Cardinals fan since about the Buddy Ryan era...what a horrible era... In any case, it is not very popular to be a Cardinals fan. But we didnt give up. Each year we drink the kool aid and go to the games all over again. We wear our emotions on our sleeves. We wouldnt dare root for another team, even if it meant increased popularity. The Cardinals are our only team!

For years we heard to slogan "Same Ol' Cardinals!" Because somehow we always snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Take a look at the infamous MNF Bears game. Yes, we had to endure such a thing. But we kept coming back. Because in our hearts we knew one day our loyalty would pay off. We knew that one day, the countless boos and harassment would be worth it. And this is our year. We can feel it. It is destiny in the desert. This is our time to shine. The NFC West is ours. when all signs pointed to "same ol cards" after the horrible collapse against the Jets, our Arizona Cardinals did not give up! They rebounded and destroyed the Buffalo Bills. Then this week, when all the pundits and all the naysayers told us that the Cards had no chance against the Cowboys, we took our stand! we beat not only the Cowboys, but the refs! It was evidently clear that today's crew was giving the Cowboys all the calls, but we pulled ourselves up from our bootstraps and we kept coming at them. with a tenacity that even Tony Romo himself said he had never faced in his career. And the Cardinals came out the victor. 


In overtime, Babylon the great had fallen. We said to the nation no more! We are not the same old cardinals! We are the Arizona Freakin Cardinals! This is our year! Nothing is going to be given to us so we are going to go out there and take it! Rise, red sea! This is our time! It shall be known that Arizona is a force to be reckoned with!!


Come out of hiding, oh beaten and belittled Cardinals fans! Rejoice! For the many years of loyalty shall finally be rewarded! Come, share in the joy that is being a diehard Arizona Cardinals fan!! WE DO THIS TOGETHER!


4-2. 2 games on top of the division!  The kool aid flows ever so abundant, and I bathe in it! 


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