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News has spread about bunker05 getting his account deleted. People are asking questions, such as, Why did it happen? and What did he do? I know the answers, because I was very close to having my account deleted myself. This is the diary of an Inbox Imploder. I am writing this to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what happened in the group, Inbox Imploders. I will not be mentioning names, but I hope I will not offend anyone.


The Diary of an Inbox Imploder: The Truth Revealed

 We started the group, Inbox Imploders. It consisted of about 15 users, all there for the same reason. Our main goal was to give anyone who made a dumb throwdown or someone we just disliked what they deserved. In our minds, they deserved to have their inbox imploded.

We started small. Our first few implosions were of the same person, just different "targets." A "target" was the link which we would be imploding. We received the link for the target via fanmail.

Some of us would tackle their profile and leave hundreds of comments, therefore sending them hundreds of emails. It was sort of like a chat room. We did it to anyone. Cheaters, idiots, anyone we disliked.

Others would head to a throwdown which was the "target" for the night. We would leave thousands of comments, leaving them with 1,000+ fanmails to read the next day.

We always started at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. Throughout the day we would search FanNation for dumb throwdowns. If we had found one, we would copy the link and paste in on the group page. Then the creator of the group would look at them and decide the night's target.

On throwdowns, we set a goal each night. Goals such as, 2,000 comments or 100 pages. Sometimes we would not be finished until after midnight, while other times we'd be done in an hour.

Our comments were pretty random. Some said, "CHOCOLATE PIZZA!" while others said, "WHO LIKES PIE?" We repeated them over and over again, to get as many comments as possible. It was fun, but we weren't really playing. We were working.

Within the group there was a special section on the message board. This section allowed us to suggest usernames we could use as possible "targets." There were also rules in the group.

Just a few days ago, the group Inbox Imploders was deleted, along with one of its main assets, bunker05. I wrote this to satisfy any curiosities about the group, what went on, what we did, how we did it. I also wrote this to tell you the truth behind the bunker05 issue. How it all started. Please, FanNation, don't follow our path we took to nearly getting banned. We regret it. But it was fun while it lasted.



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