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Another great week in college football:

23-6 this week....136-32 overall.. Here were my picks:

Florida State vs. NC State- FSU- Might be a close game- who knows in the ACC.- Correct

Brigham Young vs. TCU- BYU Should be a great game but TCU might give BYU a battle late and win.- Incorrect

Boise State vs. Hawaii- Boise State- Blow Out.  Hawaii a rebuilding and up and down program.- Correct

Texas Tech vs. Texas A & M- Texas Tech- good game but Tech will pull away big.  They have a strong offense and this will turn out to be a huge win.- Correct

South Florida vs. Syracuse- South Florida- should be a blow out.- Correct

Stanford vs. UCLA- Stanford- I would probally pick anyone over UCLA at this point.- Incorrect

Wake Forest vs. Maryland- Wake Forest.. Who knows which team will show up?  Wake should win this by at least two touchdowns.- Incorrect.. crazy conference.

Purdue vs. Northwestern- Northwestern- They are hard to figure out and NW is a solid program.- Correct

East Carolina vs. Memphis- East Carolina- Who know which EC team will show up?!- Correct

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson- GT- It could be a close game 1-3 point win but with Clemson, they could lose big. Clearly firing Tommy may make them play harder but I have the feeling it will only make the hole bigger right now.  Issues are more than one guy...- Correct

Vandy vs. UGA- UGA- Vandy is solid and this will come down to the kickers.  UGA has issues with defense not watching ball but watching player.. causes flags and easy throws.  Could get interesting late.- Correct

Oklahoma vs. Kansas- Oklahoma- could be great to watch but I think Oklahoma will rebound and win big.  KU has a decent team but should lose big.- Correct

Utah vs. Colorado State- Utah- They keep winning and their schedule helps their season.- Correct

Oklahoma State vs. Baylor- Oklahoma State- Blow Out!  I am not sure how good they are but Baylor will be a 20 point plus win.- Correct

Alabama vs. Mississippi- Bama. No surprise here.. Bama will roll big.  Bama in drivers seat but Florida is still hanging around and a huge match up is coming soon.- Correct.. ugly game.

USC vs. Washington State- USC- Blow Out!  With their schedule.. expect them to still be in the hunt late.- Correct

(Upset Pick) Michigan State vs. Ohio State- Michigan State. Coin Flip but I had to pick at least one upset..Michigan State is a decent program and play consistent on both sides of the ball.- Incorrect.. clearly MSU never showed up.

North Illinois vs. Toledo- Northern Illinois- Should be blow out.- Correct

North Carolina vs. Virginia- North Carolina- NC is solid and a sleeper for the ACC.  They get better each week and have a coach that is developing a decent program in a struggling conference.- Incorrect.. who knew?!

Mississippi vs. Tennessee- Tenn- Rare win for struggling program.- Correct

Pitt vs. Navy- Pitt- Maybe Dave can save his job?!  His schedule helps him toward a bowl game and shot at a decent season.- Correct

Kansas State vs. Colorado- Colorado- Colorado has improved and KState has allot of issues all around.- Correct

Miami vs. Duke- Miami- Could be interesting.  Miami and Duke on roller coaster season.- Correct

Penn State vs. Michigan- Penn State. Can you say a 30+ win??!!  Penn State a solid team and has a real shot at the championship.- Correct

Rutgers vs. Connecticut- Rutgers- Average programs .. poor game to watch.- Correct

Arkansas vs. Kentucky- Kentucky- close game with two struggling teams.- Correct

Missouri vs. Texas- Texas- Huge win last week for Texas and huge loss for Missouri in their game, this would show it was not a one game shock for Texas and Missouri has to win, big game for both programs.- Correct.. wow, what a beating.. of course we all knew Missouri had no D.

LSU vs. South Carolina- LSU- Mad and ready.. they will roll all over SC.  LSU still in drivers seat in west but a must win game and they will play for blow out.- Correct.. close and ugly.

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College- VT- Close game for two rebuilding teams.- Incorrect.

Your Thoughts?


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