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OK, seeing as how I don't really want to talk about that snoozefest that was a debate where McCain spent too much time taking the highroad rather than trying for the knockout punch after several effective jabs, I'll instead start with a different question.

What moron decided to hold the debate at the same time as the 5th game of the NLCS? You have the Los Angeles Dodgers (in the second largest media market in the country) trying to stave off elimination in America's pass time Vs. Another Presidential debate that isn't an actual debate but two candidates repeating their stump speeches for the 3rd consecutive time. 

Now, don't go blaming MLB for this gaffe. These games were scheduled months ago. The debate commission presumably knew they would likely be going head to head with a playoff baseball game when they picked the time and date for the debate. They were ASKING to take a ratings hit in the final debate of the year.

There was one clear winner tonight, though. The Fox group. The game was on the Fox network and Fox News regularly draws the highest ratings for the debates. Somewhere Ruppert Murdoch is smiling while sipping another mai tai right about now.

After tonight, I'd imagine more people care what 'Joe the Plumber' thinks than anything either candidate had to say, despite the spin coming from both sides about how 'effective' their candidate was.

Despite Obamas claim that McCain's campaign has run 100% negative ads (not true) it is abundantly clear that John doesn't want to just win, but insists on winning 'honorably' or not at all. It was his undoing in 2000 and will be his undoing in 2008 baring a very sharp change of direction in his campaign. The one ray of hope there is McCain has come back from the dead so many times in so many different campaigns you can't count him out just yet.

You can't just bring up Ayers, and ACORN, and Partial birth abortion, and taxes, and health care, John. You have to follow through when Obama gives his stock answers which range from misleading to flat out lies. McCain didn't do so despite several slam dunk opportunities.

And why for the love of all man-kind does McCain refuse to bring up Rev. Wright? Or how about Jesse Jacksons comments essentially saying Israel would be less safe under Obama (and he's an Obama SUPPORTER). Obama has more attackable issues and acquaintences than any candidate in recent memory, yet his opponent wants to play nice.

Don't get me wrong, Obama didn't run away with this debate. He was on the ropes for most of it as McCain threw jab after jab but never the roundhouse right to hurt his opponent. A draw was as a good as a win for Obama and he understood that, deflecting jabs and fighting defensively while never having to deal with an uppercut. 


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