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   Yes, that's what I probably did last week. A 10-10 record (including 6-8 on the NFL), lowering my record to 75-45 for the season. So instead of cold self-righteous analysis, this week I deliver a few random tidbits of football:

   * Not implying that the Patriots jumped the shark last Sunday in San Diego, but I heard they brought Ted McGinley in for a tryout at cornerback this week.

   * Tom Brady needing a second procedure on his knee for infection...this story is, if anything, underplayed. If he had his torn ACL replaced with a cadaver ligament instead of a piece of his own muscle, he ran an infection risk - some ACL patients have even died from those infections. One more reason why I didn't have full reconstructive surgery when I tore mine six years ago.

   * Think Asante Samuel FedExed a case of schadenfraude to Foxboro this week?

   * There's another case of that stuff in the air...from Morgantown, W.V. to Ann Arbor, Mich. Hot seats aren't just something fans bring to the Ohio State game on a blustery November day, Rich Rodriguez.

   * After the beatdown BYU caught from TCU Thursday night, maybe Mitt Romney should step in and buy the Cougar athletic program. Hey, Oklahoma State upset Missouri and is still defeated under the guidance of noted football brain T. Boone Pickens.

   * Hate to rub it in, Pats fans, but did you catch the heroes of Arizona's OT victory over Dallas? Former Brown receiver Sean Morey (noted special teams hired gun after a couple of stints on the Pats' practice roster) blocked the punt, and Monte Beisel recovered it in the end zone. Biesel was a bust in '05 when the Pats installed him at linebacker, and as a media guy (weekly Pats guest on the late 790 The Score in Providence)...well, he's the nation's second least-likely holder of a bachelor's degree in journalism. But hey, if I ever meet him or Sarah Palin, we hace something to talk about.

   * Speaking of politics, thank God Barack Obama didn't seek the gig of tossing the coin at the Texas-Oklahoma game. Would've made Palin's reception at the Flyers game seem triumphant.

   * Yes, there is high school football in Canada. Medicine Hat High School brought its team to Providence last night to play perennial power La Salle Academy, and went back home to the prairie with a 49-12 beating. Either let the kids from Canuckistan use the extra back, or have LSA's hockey team make the return visit.

   * Why do I suspect Andy Reid's head may roll before season's end? Twice, he refused to gamble on fourth and less than a yard at San Francisco (on a day which saw the Niners block a field goal and haul it back for a touchdown). The second time, even if he failed, the Niners would've had to drive 90 yards for a touchdown with about a minute left and no times. Juqua Park bailed your big tuckus out big-time with that interception, Andy.

   * Can somebody challenge the annual bloviating that the SEC is the nation's top conference? The Big 12 has improved enough not only on the top, but on the bottom to make a legitimate argument against it.

   On to the picks (confidence pool rating in parentheses):

   PATRIOTS 20, BRONCOS 13 (6): I keep telling myself that each week is the week I pick against the Pats (after more than two seasons), but then Denver's offense had to sputter. New England still wins when it generates a pass rush.

   TITANS 24, CHIEFS 16 (15): Shut down Larry Johnson, shut down Kansas City. And we need one undefeated team left when it's time to turn back our clocks.

   STEELERS 26, BENGALS 14 (13): Pittsburgh's getting a little healthier. They're a player for home field throughout the playoffs.

   BEARS 21, VIKINGS 15 (10): Losing at Atlanta after taking the lead with 11 seconds left...think the Bears know how the Tampa Bay Rays felt in the wee small hours Friday morning?

   DOLPHINS 17, RAVENS 13 (3): The Fish got a taste of that feeling in Houston, too.

   PANTHERS 27, SAINTS 23 (5): Carolina bounces back against the NFL's box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get from New Orleans.

   BILLS 20, CHARGERS 17 (8): I doubt the Arizona blowout will thin the crowd on the Buffalo bandwagon.

   GIANTS 34, 49ers 13 (16): The Jints took their mulligan Monday night. Back to business.

   COWBOYS 30, RAMS 10 (11): All right, Rams. You got your win. Back to the mediocrity shortbus as the Pac-Man-less Cowboys gobble you up.

   TEXANS 23, LIONS 12 (4): Take away the catastrophic last four minutes against the Colts, and Houston could have a nice little win streak working.

   COLTS 28, PACKERS 24 (7): Let's get in that shootout before the tundra freezes.

   REDSKINS 24, BROWNS 21 (12): Okay, Washington. I'll assume a mulligan for you, too. But if Cleveland indeed finally has its act together...

   JETS 31, RAIDERS 14 (9): Wouldn't it be cool to see the New York Titans' road uniforms, too?

   BUCCANEERS 26, SEAHAWKS 15 (14): Tampa Bay will be the NFL's stealth 5-2 team.

   And in college...

   GEORGIA 27, VANDERBILT 14: Why, oh why, Vandy, did you have to trip over Mississippi State last week and spoil this game?

   MICHIGAN STATE 20, OHIO STATE 19: I smell upset. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to have a BCS title game that didn't involve the Buckeyes getting slapped?

   OKLAHOMA 45, KANSAS 30: I'm not NRA, but I love a prairie shootout.

   TEXAS 34, MISSOURI 27: Wanna bet more than one guy in this game will be sitting front row in the Downtown Athletic Club on Heisman Saturday?

   ALABAMA 30, MISSISSIPPI 20: And keep your eyes peeled for the stray shot in the stands of John Parker Wilson's mother. Let's just say the Crimson Tide QB had a genetic head start in life.

   PENN STATE 38, MICHIGAN 14: Gotta keep Joe Paterno healthy to fully enjoy this season, right?  





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