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I don't quite understand this. I've read article upon article about this, and it makes no sense at all to me.  I am a Cowboy fan, but not really a Jerry Jones fan, and these comments I am about to make should not be construed as me backing Jerry Jones. Far from it, but I see no sense in what the NFL is doing by levying fines on the Cowboys for one Thugman Jones doing what he does best, being a thug. J. Jones hired bodyguards and such as that to ensure this one man, .....errrr.....thug, conforms to life as most people do. JJ gave him a chance to straighten up and turn his life around, not only to benefit the Cowboys with his talent, but to keep Thugman out of trouble, and to maybe become a decent citizen. He does for a few weeks, but then his thugginess gets control again and he reverts back to Thugman. Is this Jerry Jones's fault?  Thugman has had several run ins with the law, and should have been banned long ago. For life. Maybe this time he will be.  Remember Pete Rose being banned for gambling? He didn't get involved with other people's lives like Thugman does. Rose only did that to himself....Thugman involves other people.

I see that the maximum fine would be about 200k, and that's a drop in the bucket for JJ, but in my opinion, the team should not be fined at all.  You do all you can to keep your kids out of jail/prison, but if they get in trouble, and get fined and a prison term, should the father/mother be fined for their son's/daughter's actions as well? This is what this amounts to. The N(o) F(un) League wants an untarnished image, being that they have a product that has many thousands upon thousands of fans want. But, human nature being as it is, not every team can draft someone with an untarnished past. Some learn from their mistakes, while others won't, or refuse to. Thugman is one such case. One chance after another, and this man just don't get it, or he refuses to change for anyone.  Cincinnati had players who got arrested one after another not long ago. So, this isn't just the Cowboy's problems, but I haven't seen where Cincinnati was fined for their players actions.......yet. They may have and I missed it.  In my opinion, the NFL is like a dictator of sorts, in that what they say, goes. Taking the human aspect out of the game, well, you might as well put robots out on the field and see how exciting that would be. Part of the excitement of the game is because of the human nature of it. Take that out and what would you have?

I can understand taunting being outlawed, but celebrations are a different thing. I also see where players are now being fined for speaking out about referees and calls they make. What happened to freedom of speech? I wonder if I would get fined for writing this article? One day it might just come down to that. I can understand if they were slandering a referee's person, or family, or something, but making comments about a call this man made? Maybe I'm off in left field or something, but I think these are legitimate concerns.

This is just my opinions, and should not be construed  as anything more than that.  It makes me wonder what pro football is coming to, tho. Guess we will see.


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