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Friends, I am almost ashamed to have to report the results for my picks this week. After starting out so hot, I have stunk on ice the past two weeks. Last week I was 4 and 4, this week another dismal 4 and 4. This brings the total to 28-11. Pitiful. I am glad that I am not a betting man and I sure hope that none of you have looked to me as an oracle of prognostication.

I will have to step up next week. Eating crow for two weeks in a row is not very palatable. Hmm, I might recruit my 12 year old to assist me next week.

Now let me pick the feathers out of my teeth and recap the games.

GEORGIA over VANDERBILT:  As I expected, this was a close game. Vandy may have two losses in the past two weeks, but this team is a good team. Georgia finally got Moreno truly in gear and their ability to run the ball and control the clock was the difference. However, their defense almost let Vandy make this an even closer win and one holding call at the end might have made all the difference. However, a win is a win and the Dawgs are now set to travel to Death Valley and take on LSU. That should be a very good game to watch.

ALABAMA over OLE MISS:  Well the schizophrenic Tide made another appearance this Saturday, playing like a serious contender the first half, then like an average team the second half.  OK, so they did what they had to win the game AND Ole Miss is a good team that played with a lot of heart and reckless abandon. However, this game should have never even been close as Bama was clearly the better team. Bama has got to find a way to put together two great halves of football or one of these days it is going to bite them. Still, we will take the "W" and hope they keep coming. Kudos to the Bama defense for standing when the had to and to the Rebels for leaving it all on the field.

KENTUCKY over ARKANSAS:  Talk about hard luck, poor old Arkansas has had it in bushels. They jump out to the big lead and then watch the backup QB for Kentucky come in and look like an All-American in leading the comeback.  Petrino is earning every nickel in his new job and probably is working on a Malox addiction. Kentucky continues to look like a solid team and may yet surprise someone in the SEC East.

TENNESSEE over MISSISSIPPI STATE:  Give it to the Vols, this week they man-up and get the win at home. Probably a good thing as I imagine there were plenty of anxious fans ready to rush the field and string up Fulmer if they had lost. Real credit goes to the Vols defense for stepping up and making some huge plays even as the offense continues to struggle. MSU, however, continues to have the most offensive offense in the SEC. And this time they put their defense in too deep of a hole and they couldn't save their bacon. Sly Croom has some real issues to deal with - if he survives this season to remain their coach.

LSU over SOUTH CAROLINA: While SC's defense put up a great effort, in the end it was their lack of a running game that cost them. Up 17-10 at the half, LSU's defense held them to -7 yards of offense in the 4th quarter while pitching a second half shut-out.  LSU showed some poise coming off the beat-down by Florida last week in coming from behind and getting the win. LSU tried both Lee and Hatch at QB, with some success. Next week will be a telling game for LSU as they will face another good offense.

Meanwhile, outside of the SEC there were actually a few other games being played...

OHIO STATE over MICHIGAN STATE:  A very impressive showing by the Buckeyes' dynamic duo of Pryor and Wells. Both looked very good in a dominating win and the OSU offense really stepped up from last week.  But even bigger props should go to the OSU defense for the way they manhandled the State offense and totally shut down Ringer. This win sets up a monster showdown with Penn State next week. That game will have some serious implications in the national race. I can't wait to see it.

MARYLAND over WAKE FORREST: I think Mr. Hyde showed up as Maryland to put a huge beat down on the less than Demon Deacons. I had said in my prediction that Wake's offense had fizzled of late. Well this week it just flat-out failed. As did the defense. In fact, WF lost this game in just about every phase of football. The score in did not indicate the severity of the butt whipping the Deacons (no longer can be called Demon after this game) took. The ACC is just a total mess now.

TEXAS over MIZZOU: Can you say vastly overrated? Mizzou has gotten trashed two weeks in a row now and have exhibited a defense that might be hard pressed to stop a bunch little old ladies on walkers. It would seem that the Chase-Daniel-One-Man-Team concept is a little lacking. Meanwhile, Texas looked very strong on offense and McCoy put up some numbers that would be great even in practice (29 of 32? that is just insane). The Horn's D looked good in Chase-ing Daniel all over the field, but looked bad in giving up 318 passing yards. Granted, some of it was against back-up players, but one of these days Texas will play a team with a real defense and their defense may be called upon to win a game. It will be interesting to see how that comes out.

The first BCS poll is out so now we can get down to some serious haggling. I'd like to hear everyone else's opinions about the first poll.

In addition, starting later this week, I will be creating a new weekly blog called The Weekly Rant. Look for it and get ready to add your opinions as well.


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