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ROYALw/CHEESE* 27,29,11
As I get ready to watch tonight's MNF game, the last one of the season for us, I get excited because it's the last chance I'll get to see them in action not counting when I see them play at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I get extra excited because I know that the Broncos have had a very nice record against the Pats in recent history. My excitement went away within the first seconds of the game as Jay Cutler bangs his hand on a Pat's helmet on the very first play from scrimmage. Knowing that Ramsey is the backup, my heart sinks. But I get a glimpse of hope knowing that Jay was stubborn enough not to come off. Fast forward a couple minutes later when Michael Pittman gets the wind knocked out of him. Andre Hall comes in to relieve him while he's trying to recover. There's not much to worry about as I remember last year when, in his first game, Hall rushed for over 100 yards. The very next play is third down and on first contact, we got our answer to which Broncos team we were going to see tonight. As Hall reaches for a first down, he is stripped of the ball and the Patriots recover. Call me Mr. Negativity, but knowing how the Broncos have done the past few weeks, my first though was game over. The Pats march right down the field as I expected, since the Broncos defense hasn't stopped anything since Al Wilson was let go. The Pats end up getting a field goal. The Broncos get the ball back, and Pittman get another breather. In comes Hall again, only to fumble, AGAIN. Fast Forward to the end of the game. The only silver lining of the game is that we don't get shutout though our only points came in garbage time for the Pats. My thoughts on tonight's game is that I'm losing hope for this defense to be productive at all. I mean, we've really only have had one to three reliable guys on either side of the ball. One definitely being D.J. Williams, who leads the team in tackles and sacks. The 2 other maybe being Michael Pittman, who's starting to look quicker by the week and Eddie Royal, a rookie wide receiver who flew in WAY under the radar in the NFL draft. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have been disappointing in terms of turnovers. Selvin Young has not lived up to expectations at ALL (2,000 yards my ****). And once again we have been hit big with the injury bug with players including Brandon Stokley, Tony Sheffler, Selvin Young, Tom Nalen, Boss Bailey, and the whole secondary (exaggeration). And I can bet you anything that we will see yet another defensive coordinator, and maybe even going into another direction as coach. The way the Broncos are playing, we should have no hope that we'll win the division, or make the playoffs. I'm losing the patience with them trying to be patient and trying to figure out what to do with the defense. I hate thinking this way about the team I love, but someone tell me why I should have hope in the players that are out on the field right now.


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