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Reffing has sunk even lower than I thought, the Colts drown in the pressure, and can the Broncos stay above water with Cutler out?

1.)  Titans-  300 yards rushing...'nough said

2.)  Steelers-  Big test against Giants, but their should handle them pretty easily.

3.)  Bills-  Beating the Chargers proves these guys are legit.  I think this team can make it to the Super Bowl.

4.)  Cardinals-  Going to Carolina after the bye will be tough, but this could prove they deserve to be up here.

5.)  Giants-  Still...unimpressed.  They beat the 49er's by a good amount, but then again it is the 49er's, once again proving they have yet to beat any decent team.

6.)  Buccanneers-  I like this team alot.  Their defense is playing well, their offense is decent.  They need to be considered a contender this year.

7.)  Falcons-  Matt Ryan is only going to get better, this team has a very bright future.

8.)  Panthers-  Dominating win against the Saints.  The RB tandum is very dangerous...

9.)  Redskins-  They are in a good position to take the division, with Dallas falling and NY's schedule getting harder.

10.)  Packers-  Biggest win so far in Rodgers career.  Uterally dominant against the Colts.

11.)  Patriots-  Like GB, dominant against the Broncos.

12.)  Jaguars-  Tough start, but an easy finish should get them the wild card.

13.)  Cowboys-  Awful.  Unless Romo returns early they could easily be 4-6 when he returns...easily.  Williams did absolutley nothing for them.

14.)  Bears-  Big move from last week, but they showed they can play offense with anyone.  Where was the D?

15.)  Broncos-  Cutler being injured is horrible.  Without him the Broncos are nothing.

16.)  Colts-  Manning and the colts are the dirtiest/most whining team when they are losing.  They commited 100 yards of penalties because of idiot plays.

17.)  Eagles-  They need to get hot.  If this team gets on streak they will be hard to stop.

18.)  Ravens-  Good showing in Houston.  Flacco is legit and showed it on the road.

19.)  Jets-  Miserable team right now.  Favre is playing at a 38 year old level...not very good.

20.)  Chargers-  Falling apart, and now traveling to london...rough road ahead.

21.)  Saints-  The loss of Bush is big, but they gained Colston and Shockey...still they could not win.

22.)  Texans-  They continue to have trouble stopping the pass...they needed to draft a CB 1st or 2nd round.

23.)  Rams-  WOW.  A couple week ago this team was the worst in 10 years.  Now they beat the 'Boys and are on a roll!

24.)  Vikings-  Once again proving that you cannot win with a bad defense and no QB.

25.)  Browns-  They looked so good on Monday...then they fell back to mediocraty.

26.)  Raiders-  They beat the lowly Jets...small but decent win.

27.)  Dolphins-  The Wildcat has no effect on defenses...time to start Henne.

28.)  49er's-  O'sullivan is starting to realize he is actually really bad.  Admit your mistake and draft a new QB.

29.)  Chiefs-  I am starting to doubt whether this is an actual football team...

30.)  Bengals-  FIRE MARVIN LEWIS!

31.)  Seadoves-  the doves are trying to get that #1 pick but the damn lions are just too bad.

32.)  Cute Kitties-  That #1 pick is a lock, and they will probably waste it on a overrated reciever...or Tebow.


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