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..It was homecoming for the Gator faithful and they were looking to feast on some Wildcats and from what I saw, nobody left without getting a slice. This game was over quick and I do mean quick. Florida coming off a bye week had time to heal as Kentucky coming in from an emotional comeback victory over Arkansas is banged up in alot of key positions. Florida takes the opening kick-off and on its first possession doesn't do anything and is forced to punt. Kentucky takes over inside its own 20 and does a quick 3 and out and is also forced to punt, the Gators break through and block it and recover inside the 5 yard line and on the next play the Gators go in to score..7-0...Gators.
  The Cats next possession is another 3 and out and again line up to punt and again the Gators block it and again they are inside the 5 yard line and again on the next play the Gators score, to make the score 14-0 Gators.
  Another 3 and out by the Cats, but this time they actually get the punt off, but that doesn't stop the Gators for long, as they march down the field and cap off the drive with a 16 yard run to make the score 21-0 Gators with 7 minutes left in the first quarter.
  Next possession, another 3 and out for the Wildcats, 4 possessions, 4 three and outs to show for it. On Florida's next possession, Tebow throws a 33 yard TD pass to make it 28-0, and the point spread is made in the first quarter.
  The Cats make a change in quarterbacks, but it ends up with the same results, 3 and out. The Gators do no better on their next possession as Kentucky intercepts Tebow's pass and on their next possession actually get their first 1st down of the game, just as the quarter is coming to an end.
  The second quarter starts and finds Kentucky finally putting a drive together and as they go for a field goal, it is blocked and run back near mid-field by Florida. On the Gator's first possession of the quarter, it is a 62 yard pass for another TD, to make it 35-0.
  Kentucky finally puts a scoring drive together, with a 14 play, 76 yard drive that results in a meaningless field goal attempt, to make the score 35-3 Gators.
  And just before the half the Gators strike again and go up at the half 42-3.
Stats for the half for the Cats are:33 yards rushing...53 yards passing..2 blocked punts:..1 blocked field goal attempt..not very impressive.
  The start of the third quarter finds Hartline back in at the starting QB for the Cats and right away his first pass attempt is picked off and returned for a TD. 49-3. Gators.
  Another 3 and out for the Cats and Florida, on its next possession puts a 9 minute scoring drive together to go up 56-3. Kentucky makes a good showing, only giving up 14 points in the third quarter.
  The Fourth quarter finds most of Florida's  first team on the bench, but it doesn't matter as the back-up QB  throws a 38 yard TD pass to make it 63-3.
  The Cats get a gift from the Florida punter as he mishandles the snap and kicks the ball out of the endzone for a safety, to make the score 63-5 and that how it ends.
  The Wildcats stunk up the swamp today. I know they can play better than this, but today just wasn't their day and the Gators showed why they are ranked in the top 10 every year. One day in the near future the Cats will beat the Gators and I'll be there to cheer for them, just like I was when the Cats knocked off Georgia a couple of years ago. But I am a Wildcat fan, I stand behind my team, win or lose, today was a loss, but I still support my Wildcats.


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