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The Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) host the New York City Giants (5-1) this sunday @ 4:15pm EST on FOX.  The series between these two began in 1933.  The defending Super Bowl Giants lead the overall series by 45-29-3.  This battle will also mark the 1st appearance of the Giants to Heinz Field, as their last meeting in Pittsburgh was 10/14/1991.  A sad day for the Black n' Gold w/ a NY victory of 23-20 @ the Legendary Three Rivers Stadium.  This will be a match-up well worthy of being hailed the premier game of week 8 in the NFL...

Steel Offense:  (Quick Hits)

RB, Willie Parker is most likely sidelined again this week w/ a knee sprain. In his place will be Moore & Russell.  Moore went to town in last weeks victory by using his smarts & skills as a halfback to continuously keep the chains moving.  Not to mention 3 TD's...

FB, Carey Davis is expected to start once again following a week 4 injury.  Davis is a hybrid - RB/WR/FB.  Destined for stardom in the NFL...

WR, Santionio Holmes is inactive this week.  Legal issues being the main concern...  Yet, don't feel troubled Steelers' Fans, this is an oppertunity for Tiffin Grad Nate Washington to make his mark on the national level.  Washington has the pedigree.  He has also been electric the last few Steelers victories... 

Steel D: 

Are going to line up & smash the Giants frontline right in the mouth...

Lead the NFL w/ 25 sacks for the season.  The key for week 8 is "Focus".  Giants QB, Eli Manning must be shut down @ all costs... 

Mcfadden is out w/ injury.  The other DB's are looking healthy & are needed to rise to the challenge... 

Status of SS, Troy Polamalu is still uncertain.  Last weeks concussion accounted for his 7th such since his days out west @ USC.  Let's just say "a lil R&R might be in order for this Man of Steel"...

G-Men Offense: 

 Lead by Super Bowl Champ QB, Eli Manning.  Known for being drafted ahead of Big Ben in the same year.  A move which has resulted in a subconscious hated of the two men for eachother.  Big Ben determined to prove to the world his under-rated superiority.  Drama @ its best.....

Rb, Brandon Jacobs is the "G-Man".  Weighs in @ 265lbs.  He is a human battering ram.  Also the biggest back the Steel D has seen yet this year.  This hoss must be contained...

Plax - WR, talent, additude...  Ex-Steeler.  Possible BUM.....

G-Men D: 

Second only to the Steelers in sacks w/ 21.  Run the reverse of the Steelers w/ a 4-3.  The frontline considered to be nothing but talent. 

LB, Pierce - expected to play.  Recovering from a quad injury.

Keep your eyes on CB, Ross.  This pro is down-right nasty & riddled w/ talent...  He is their number 1 guy on D.....

To Sum It Up:  Ben is more talented than Eli.  It's @ the Steelers' House...  The Steel D will bring the Heat, the Funk & the Noise!!!!! 

Black n' Gold!!!!!




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