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I think I'm goin a little crazy with the NFL here, maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I have some stats here that I think are important.  I love the Jets, but I have deeply questioned the playcalling.  I will display the stats and my opinions:

1.  This team throws the ball 58% of the time, and runs 42%.

2.  Brett Favre has been picked off six times while doing the following:

    Throwing the football at least 3 times in a row. Throwing with less than 3 yards to  get   a 1st down (ex. 3 and 2)

3.  The running game is now averaging 4.6 yards per carry 7 games into the season, despite only being used 42% of the time.

4.  Leon Washington, the teams top gamechanger is getting less than 8 touches a game via pass and rush attempts combined.

5.  Vernon Gholston has 6 tackles through his first 7 games and is making 50 million dolllars for it (21 million guaranteed)?

6.  Brad Smith finally got involved in the Raiders game last week with 90 yards running and catching. As a reward for his effectiveness he got 1 carry, 1 pass attempt and no balls thrown his way against the Chiefs.

7. Dustin Keller has caught passes in 5 of the first 7 games despite being the backup TE. He also has two touchdowns. Alot of rookie wideouts don't have that many receptions. Kudos for involving him in the offense.

8.  On average, Dwight Lowery is being thrown to twice as much as Derrelle Revis. Maybe the safety could start shading his way for some picks?

9. In the first half of the Chiefs game, Leon Washington has 80 yards of offense and 2 touchdowns (62 rushing, 18 receiving). In the second half the team doesn't want to give him any touches. This is a commitment to abandoning what is working.

Overall, the thing that I have noticed weekly is the fact that the running game is doing well, but the offensive coordinator Shottenheimer has been abandoning it.  The team is turning the ball over through interceptions when they continuously throw the ball, especially multiple times in a row. This is BAD playcalling.

When your running game is effective, use it. This cuts down on interceptions, and makes play action more effective. The closer the team gets to a 50/50 split of pass to run, the better off they will be as far as turnovers, time of possesions, and Favres longevity, not to mention opposing defenses scheming against the pass.  Also, arguably the top playmaker this season and last has been Leon Washington. Despite the fact, he has less than 30 carries through 7 games this season!

The other thing that I need to mention is that following every loss I hear the same speech about how Mangini gameplanned, and ran the plays that he thought would be effective against this particular team. BLAH BLAH BLAH! Thats a bunch of crap.

Gameplanning for a team is fine. But that does not mean you play to that teams weaknesses, you should always play to your teams strengths. The strength of the Jets is the Strong offensive line that they have built, so use it! The strength is in the tandem of Jones and Washington that should be getting 30 carries a game between the two of them. This should be a LAW. A rule written in stone. And if Brian Schottenheimer calls three straight pass plays on 1st and 10 again, he should be shot! Stick with what is working, and don't run away from it.

That is all, thanks for reading.


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