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Here were my Picks:

I went 20-12.. Not a great week but still a solid one...181-52...I did pick the Texas loss:

South Florida vs. Cincy- South Florida- They will rebound but it may be an ugly game.- Incorrect.  I was right it was ugly.

Minnesota vs. Northwestern- Minnesota- Should be a close game.- Incorrect

Michigan State vs. Wisconsin- Michigan State- Another close game.- Correct

West Virginia vs. Connecticut- West Virginia- They are average but they should pull this game out.- Correct

Miami vs. Virginia- Virginia- Could be a great game- Incorrect

Michigan vs. Purdue- Purdue- Two struggling teams, had to pick one.- Correct

Auburn vs. Mississippi- Auburn- Close game and coin flip pick.- Incorrect

Kansas State vs. Kansas- Kansas- Could be interesting but Kansas should win big.- Correct

Tulsa vs. Arkansas- Tulsa- They are a decent team.-Incorrect

Colorado vs. Texas A & M- Colorado- Incorrect

Pitt vs. ND- Pitt- Who knows which team will show up.. could be interesting. Coin Flip pick.- Correct

Mississippi vs. Kentucky- Mississippi St- Two weak teams, anything could happen.- Incorrect

Fresno State vs. LTech- Fresno State- Correct

Alabama vs. Arkansas State- Bama- what a joke game in the stretch.. LSU looms big in a week but Bama is sitting strong in West now.- Correct

Missouri vs. Baylor- Missouri- Correct

Georgia vs. Florida- Georgia- I said Florida could blow this out.. Outplayed and outcoached.. hopefully we will get a new defensive coach.  Florida always shows up in the stretch.  Our poor play in passing and penalities showed up again but this time a good team was ready.- Incorrect

Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State- Oklahoma State- It will be a decent team, Blow out.- Correct

Florida State vs. Georgia Tech- Florida State- Could be a close game but FSU probally pulls this out.- Incorrect

Cal vs. Oregon- Cal- Coin Flip call.- Correct

Boston College vs. Clemson- Boston College- Clemson's season is over.- Incorrect

Wake Forest vs. Duke- Wake Forest- Duke is actually decent this year and could win this game, coin flip call.- Correct

Illinois va. Iowa- Illinois- Correct

Brigham Young vs. Colorado State- BYU- Correct

USC vs. Washington- USC- Another joke game in the stretch- Blow out! Team to watch for in the finish.- Correct

Boise State vs New Mexico State- Boise State- Decent team.- Correct

Louisville vs. Syracuse- Louisville- Coin flip call.- Incorrect

(Upset Pick) Texas Tech vs. Texas- Texas Tech- I do think Texas will drop one and this is the one I have picked all year. TT is for real on offense and I think it will be an high scoring close game.- Correct

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska- Oklahoma- Blow out!- Correct

TCU vs. UNLV- TCU- Decent team.- Correct

LSU vs. Tulane- LSU- LSU's dream is over but they will still have a decent season and bowl game.- Correct

Utah vs. New Mexico- Utah- Correct

East Carolina vs. UCF- East Carolina- UCF is very weak this year, rebuilding.- Incorrect






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