Irrefutable Evidence

Yes, I know the Titans are undefeated. Yes, I know the packers are only 4-3.  Yes I know the game is in Tennessee ... but still.. 

The combination of momentum and renewed health could add up to a potential second-half surge by the Packers, including a win over the league-leading Titans.  And here's why:


1st: Preparation - The Green Bay Packers are coming off of a bye-week which game them the chance to a) get healthy (0 players on the injury report) and b) prepare for two whole to take down the undefeated Titans. Everyone knows that the team with a zero in the loss column has the biggest target on their back, so you can bet the Pack has been preparing especially hard.
On the other hand, Tennessee is coming off of a short week after the Monday night game. And it's not hard to over-look a team that's only a game over .500
The Titans have 5 days to prepare, the Pack has 13.

0 players on the IR isn't the post-game report, it goes for the whole team at this point in the season, and this is a big deal for Green Bay:
It means the secondary is healthy (which played okay with backups, just ask TO, Reggie Wayne, or Marvin Harrison). It also means Rogers shoulder is healthy, after gutting out three straight games with a sprained right shoulder..

Teams coming off a bye-week have a history of success in general, and especially against teams that just played a Monday Night game.

2nd: AR+RG getting hot - Ryan Grant was the leading rusher in each of Green Bay's last 2 games, and scored his first TD last week. Everyone wrote him off after the poor start, I'm looking forward to a big game from him. Rogers has been the leading passer in 6 of 7 games, has only thrown 4 INTs and his arm is back to 100%. This offense will be the first to get the Titans D.

I will consent that Rogers will be feeling heat, but I won't say it will lead him to make mistakes. The O-Line has been porous all year, Rogers has been sacked 13 times, but he still has only thrown 4 picks. He's not prone to wild decisions.


3rd: The Game Plan - The Packers D will be the real surprise difference maker this week though.
The Titans will likely be looking at a stacked box this week (probably 8 in the box at tiems) since the secondary is getting Bigby and Harris back and the Titans aren't exactly the cream of the crop at WR.
The Packers secondary, through the most pathetic states of depletion this season, still has 13 picks.

The key to this will be run stopping early and trying to get a score or 2 on the board so Collins has to go to the air early.


My prediction:

GB 20 - TEN 13


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