After watching the slug fest unfold Sunday between Tampa Bay and Dallas my legs felt like jello and my stomach was ready to fall out of my back end because I was getting ready for the Dallas D to finally fold and give up the game-winning touchdown. To my great relief my Boy's pulled out the win in Baltimore Raven-ish fashion....

 The score..... 13-9?   If you were to tell me that Dallas would not allow a touchdown to Jeff Garcia and the Cowboy killing West Coast offense I would have questioned your sanity.

21-14, 27-20, 17-14 maybe.... but 13-9????   Who knew ole' Wade had it in him?

Is 13-9 going to beat the Giants on their own turf? Is 172 yards of, not passing or rushing yards, but 172 TOTAL yards going to work? Is your longest offensive gain of 16 yards which was aided by a horse collar penalty going to get it done against those nasty Giants?  I wouldn't bet on it people. I am the most wishful Cowboy fan you will ever meet but I don't expect the Cowboys to win the next game. BUT that could be a good thing for the crippled Cowboys whose bye week couldn't come at a more perfect time.  They are down and out and I promise that no ESPN fellow will tell you that the Cowboys will win this game. 

However this is the NFL and this is the NFC EAST.  Dallas knows this team very well and after showing up like they did last Sunday, after some of the comments by the Giants, after the horrible loss in the playoffs last year, they will be fired up to play. The Giants take on the unfamiliar role as villain.  The tables have turned and it's not the Cowboys who have to be worried about overlooking anyone, it's the NFC's best team, the Giants!

BUT HOW!  I don't know people. If I was betting actual money on this game I would say that the Giants should win by two touchdowns. There is no evidence that the Cowboys can get out of the offensive funk that they have been in since Romo went down. Brad Johnson is playing like he is 80 years old! He might get sent to the nursing home right after the game! Seriously though here are some keys that could get the Boys' an unlikely upset.

1. GOOD LUCK!   Dallas will need a good bounce, a trick play, a defensive or special team's touchdown if they hope to win. Dallas has not scored a defensive touchdown this season and this Sunday would be a great place to start.

2. GOT TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT- The Giants will stack the box and bring safety help to stop the run of the Cowboys. They will beg Brad to beat em' with his arm and Brad has got to hit a few big plays down field to T.O. or Roy Williams. It' the only way to keep the Giants honest.

3. ROOKIES GOT TO BRING IT- Dallas are of course without Pacman but they are missing Pro Bowlers T. Newman and Roy Williams, not to mention Anthony Henry.  Mike Jenkins and Mr. Orlando will have to play like they did last week and keep everything in front of them.

4. "PLAY TO WIN THE GAME" -H. Edwards   Even though it's unlikely that the Giants will have a mental let down and are a very sound team the Cowboys have to take some chances. Bring the heat on Manning every time and make him pay even if he burns you. Find a place for a gimmick play, fake field goal, or fake punt. Go for it on fourth down on a good drive. It might not be a must win but 6-3 would be a nice "welcome back!" for Romo.

5. PICK UP THE BLITZ!  In the only game that the Giants lost this year, the Browns picked up the blitz better than anyone has against this team in recent memory. Derek Anderson was clean all night and as a result it took the Giants completely out of their game. Not only did Anderson pick them apart but it also opened up the running game for the Browns. 


So to all of you Cowboy fans,

  It's kind of a fun week because we have no expectations for this game, but a win would be very nice! Enjoy the game unless of course it is over by the first half. In that case spend some time with the family and look forward to the Sunday nighter in D.C.




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