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I sure hope soo.That would make me and alot of the other die hard fans verry happy.I have tried very hard to forget the finals of last year.They did great last year but nobody can be happy with how they were beat up on. No, i have no problem saying that and anyone who watched the finals already know it.Unless your a blind fool!!! Well I have tried to forget but I hope the Laker players watched videos of the series everyday this off season.Just for some motivation! O.K., now on with the show. The lakers have alot of great things going for them this year. Bynum is back now and the lakers have signed him(at least on ESPN) to his extention. Yes, they are taking a little bit of a chance with him but I think they took a bigger chance re-signing Luke W. and Rad to such big contracts so there is no way they could let Bynum get away.Gasol cannot be the starting center and what else are they gonna do?Start Mihm? Hell no. You have to take some chances in this game. Next thing is Odom. He has some very good skills no doubt but sometimes he just disapears. I still don't get him. So far I think he looks great coming off the bench and if the lakers keep him I really believe he fits in off the bench great.You do whatever you have to do to help your team. If you get a ring does it say "Won this playing off the bench"? No, so you do what your team asks of you. He is running the second team and they look real good.When Odom is playing hard and he is putting out the effort he is a big-time matchup problem for alot of teams.The question is can he play with heart the whole season. We shall see. Gasol played very good last year at center but I prefer him playing forward.He looks more cumfy there and he has gone through a Lakers training camp now so he will have a better year.His numbers might not change much but his impact will. You basketball heads know what I mean.Sometimes helping a team isn't all about stats only! Gasol is looking good! I would like to see him get mad from time to time though. I would just feel better about him if he showed some agst! Fisher will and has always given his heart to this team.If you are a Laker fan and you don't like Fish you got a problem. He is getting up there in age now but has tons of experience and we have some quick guys to make up for his shortcomings.(Is that even a word?) Jordan Farmer is looking better again this year.He works very hard every off season to get better and it shows.Coach Phil has even shaved and cleaned himself up.He lloks much younger but his knowledge is immense!I wouldn't want anyone else running the show.He does frustrate me from time to time with his "I dont call timeouts" but I'll deal with that.Last of all we have the reigning MVP! Need I say more.He is the clutch finisher of the game.I would not want the ball in anyone else's hands if the game counted to the last shot!He is making his teammates better and has matured alot.Dont get me wrong Kobe has frustrated me too but he is doing great!Well I guess that is it for now.I think the lakers are looking real good and have a great chance to win it all or go real real deep again as long as they can stay away from the injury bug.There are some real good and great teams out there in the west this year.S.A.,HOU, N.O.,Dal,PHX and some sleepers.I hope they can win it all.


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