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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     Now the mods decide to grow cojones?? And just whose a*s*s are you protecting??

     For the uninitiated: Yesterday, I wrote a blog which was intended to be the 3rd (and final) political-oriented blog for FN Magazine. In it, I called the "Stop Obama Express" group what they really are--a hate group in disguise.

     I played by the rules in writing it. I used my new best friend, the asterisk, to separate the letters in more than a few words that normally wouldn't make it past the mods. I needed to get the truth out concerning this bunch of racists, bigots, etc. and alert the rest of FanNation to this.

     Apparently, the mods seem not to agree. Further proof, ladies and gentlemen, that Time Warner definitely is in the tank for McCain. Normal-thinking FNers (like yours truly) are being censored for speaking the truth, while racists like the S.O.E. are allowed to spew their brand of morally reprehensible crap.

     I shouldn't be surprised they deleted it, though. Even with asterisks, using the so-called "N-word" in its entirety may have been over the top. But, as I said in the (now missing) blog, the S.O.E.'s mission statement is that they would rather risk a 21st century Holocaust...than see a black man in the White House.

     Luckily, some people DID see the piece before it went away.

     So for the rest of you, especially the newbies on here, I'll recap the brunt of what was in the piece...

     Simply put, I talked about how this coming Tuesday will be an Election Day the likes of which we may never see again. Also, I dealt with how this country (and FanNation, by extension) has been torn asunder by such outright hatred towards one another.

     If the hatefest directed at Cassidy is (as Thugmeister refers to it) "FanNation's longest-running soap opera", then my enlightenment concerning the S.O.E.--they want to b.s. you and call it a "vendetta"--may be the 2nd longest.

     However one wishes to view it, one fact remains: what had started out 2 years ago as a sports-oriented website has now (with Time Warner's oppressive "helping hand") degenerated into a microcosm of American society. And if you're looking to blame somebody for it, just walk into your bathroom...and look in the mirror.

     Because, like lemmings, you have no brain to think for yourselves. Like ostriches, you've buried your heads in the sand and ignored this assault on our sensitivities. And, like the French in 1940, you've all bent over and allowed yourselves to be raped up the behind by these hatemongers.

     I tried to warn everyone about this, and you chose to ignore me. Well, not ALL of you; there are a few brave souls who saw through this and registered complaints. But the vast majority of you ignored my warnings.

     I have nothing but contempt for those people. I applaud those who dared to stand up for normal-thinking Americans.

     Cincy, who co-founded this group (along with J. Hova and me), belongs to the S.O.E. Because of that, as I said in the missing piece, I'll be leaving FN Magazine on January 1st. Before that, I intend to hand-pick my successor as an administrator. I may just take "member plus" status, and do an occasional blog...but as far as the day-to-day operations of this group go, I'm gone in January.

     This may fall on deaf ears, but I'll make one LAST attempt to say this--I implore all of you, check your friends and group(s) lists. If you see ANY one who belongs to the S.O.E. "group", DROP THEM immediately!!! Kick them out of your groups, as well.

     If you want common decency restored to FanNation, you'll do this one thing. You'll thank yourselves (AND me) for it, believe me.

     At any rate, thank you for reading this. Whether you care to admit it to yourselves or not, I'm doing ALL of FanNation a public service by writing this piece.


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