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Well, as a life long Brewer fan (my whole 18 years...yeah I know, I am ancient), I have come to expect dissapointment.  And as I watched the post season slip away from the Brewers and then a ressurgance led by C.C. Sabathia I nearly died of happiness.  But once again I learn the hard, that with every season the Brewers leave their fans dissapointed and low on morale.  I think everyone knows what I am talking about...losing CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Mike Cameron, Brian Shouse, and probably Prince Fielder. But I must fight back the tears in order to finish the column...here are the Top 10 FA's / Players on the move, with their potential suitors.

1.)  CC Sabathia
Who doesnt have this guy #1 on their "Want List"?  The Milwaukee left hander can go deep into games, pitch on 3 days rest, provide a lift in the clubhouse and teach the young guys how its done.  He is in line to win his second Cy Young in 2 years and is the Clutch Performer of the Year.  This guy is the best in the game right now and will demand a very high price, but some lower bidding teams may be able to win him over.
Potential Suitors- Milwaukee, New York (Both), LA (Both), Cardinals
Dark Horse Candidate- Astros

2.) Jake Peavy
The Padres Cy Young winner last year has been informed the Padres are shopping him around.  His large salary will be a turn off for a lot of teams especially because they could just buy CC Sabathia instead of trading and paying for Peavy.  But you can bet the second place team in the CC Sabathia sweepstakes will take a swipe at Peavy.  However, Peavy has stated that he would want to stay in the NL, so that basically knocks off the Yankees and Angels.
Potential Suitors- Yankees, Cardinals, Astros, Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers, Braves
Dark Horse Candidate- Reds

3.)  Francisco Rodriguez
He is a potential Cy young winner this year, as he broke the record for saves in a single season.  He is obviously the best closer in the game and should be due for a major contract.  But there are some concerns about him, for one his velocity could be on the downhill as he nears 30.  If he lost his fastball he basically loses his effectivness because then his changeup isnt as dramatic and hitters can look for it more easily.  Still he is at the top of his game and should be payed that way.
Potential Suitors- Cardinals, Brewers, Angels, Mets, D-Backs, Cubs, Detroit, Cleveland
Dark Horse Candidate- Toronto

4.) AJ Burnett
Burnett is a great pitcher with baggage.  He is notorious for being a clubhouse menace and bad influence.  His pro's obviously outweight his con's but for a team on the edge he is the wrong personality they need.  He will wait to see what kind of money C.C. demands but we can all imagine it is going to be very large sum.
Potential Suitors- Yankees, Mets, Astros, Cardinals, Angels, Dodgers, Detroit
Dark Horse Candidate- Baltimore

5.) Mark Texiera
Tex is one of the best first baseman of our generation.  He is outstanding with the glove and is one of the best hitters I have ever.  He obviously brings a big power left handed bat to any ball club that can also hit for average.  The thing about Tex is he isnt much of a leader and has had 3 teams in 2 years...he may be looking to settle down somewhere for a very long term contract.
Potential Suitors-  Yankees, Baltimore, Angels, Boston, Mets,
Dark Horse Candidate-  Toronto

6.)  Derek Lowe
He is the second tier of pitchers after CC, Burnett, Peavy and K-Rod.  However, you dont lose much by signing Lowe.  He is a great veteran right hander who can still bring it in the post season and high pressure games.  Lowe wont be quite the price of CC and Burnett, but it could almost be in the 100 million range.
Potential Suitors-  Boston, Yankees, Mets, Brewers, Cardinals, Angels, Dodgers, Detroit, Astros
Dark Horse Candidate-  Phillies

7.)  Manny Ramirez
The dreadlocks are on the move again.  The ageing LF needs to find a team that is going to pay top price for a mediocre players...ahem...Yankees.  He is slowing down, his fielding is always bad, but his bat continues to be great.  The Yankees or an AL team could turn him into a DH, that way he can use his cell phone all he wants in the bullpen or dugout.
Potential Suitors-  Yankees, Dodgers, Mets, Cubs
Dark Horse Candidate-  Atlanta

8.)  Ben Sheets
He is a legit starting pitcher for the first 5 months of the season.  But when he hits September, he literally falls apart.  This year for the Brewers he had elbow problems, last year he had shoulder problems, the year before it was his ear.  But dont let his September swoons fool you, he is a great pitcher and Cy Young candidate every year.  A team could potentially turn him into a closer as he gets older and he cant go for as long.  He is in that second tier with Lowe.
Potential Suitors- Brewers, Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, Tigers, Boston, Cleveland, Angels, Giants
Dark Horse Candidate-  Baltimore

9.)  Pat Burrell
He is getting older and slower and should be turned into a DH.  But he is still a servicable LF and could be used as that this coming year.  He is a monster power from the left side and can still turn on any fastball as well as anyone.
Potential Suitors-  Phillies, Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Tigers, Boston
Dark Horse Candidate-  Chicago (both)

10.)  Brian Fuentes
He is the second closer on most GM's list.  He is 33 and his fastball is decreasing a little but still he a very good closer.  He can be good for the next 3 to 4 years and wont be signing the mega contract his counterpart, K-Rod, will be signing.
Potential Suitors-  Brewers, Mets, Angels, Rockies, Detroit, Cubs, Tampa Bay,
Dark Horse Candidate-  Yankees


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