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For those of you unfamiliar with the theme of my blog, Pros are those who I deem the professionals of the day, and the convicts are those who I am convicting of poor play, bad calls, or anything else grumpy.

I have heard analysts and other experts blabbing left and right about the "instant classic" (I never understood that phrase in the first place-doesnt something else have to happen after it before it can become classic? was queen considered classic rock when they were performing? I dont think so).  Anyways, I need to spread the word that Texas will not, I repeat WILL NOT be in the top 5 after their stunning loss to Texas Tech.

First, lets remind ourselves that no, Texas and Texas Tech are not the only two teams in the country.  There are other teams that like to run around with a piece of leather just as much as they do, and might even be better at it than the Texicans.  Alabama and Penn St are both still undefeated and aren't showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.  While PSU was idle, they didnt lose, so I don't expect them to do anything worse than drop down a spot, and they could even move up one.  Alabama just shellacked Arkansas St, and I expect them to be #1 in the country.  Oklahoma just destroyed the once proud program at Nebraska, but I dont think that they will be going anywhere with all the other success around the country.  USC made Ty Willingham's Puppies--i mean Huskies look like a D-III JV practice squad.  Flordia did the same to Georgia, which was once considered the best team in the country.  Moral of the story is, all of the teams in contention for top 5 spots won, minus Texas and Georgia.  This makes it extremely difficult for Texas to remain in the top 5.

 Which brings me to my next point.  I can already hear the Texas faithful saying "Wayell how cumm Oklahomer stayed in da top 5 wen we beeted dayem?  Well, kiddies, let me explain to you those circumstances.  First of all, Texas was #5, compared to 7 for TTU.  Also, on that same day that Texas knocked off OU, #2 was idle, and #s 3 and 4 both lost.  When the only team that wins in the top 5 is #5, your bound to go way up.  And same goes for the #1 team.  When everyone else loses, you have a little bit of a cushion as to how far you can fall.  But yesterday, the only team in the top 5 to lose was Texas, and all the others (minus PSU) won.  Texas will not be in the top 5 when the polls come out today.  I'm not saying that they wont be in the top 5 in the BCS, because their unreal schedule will certainly help them when the computers play Wheel of Fortune to determine who goes to Miami.  But dont look for Texas in the top 5, and dont look for Texas Tech at #1 either.

 Here's what my top 7 looks like

1. Alabama

2. Texas Tech

3. Penn State

4. USC

5. Oklahoma

6. Florida

7. Texas

The top 3 teams in the country are all undefeated, which is why they are 123.  USC goes up 1 because of a shutout win, Oklahoma draws the short straw and drops one with a win.  Florida is the only team besides TTU to win against a top 10 team, which is why they jump so far. And that leaves us with Texas, the only team in the bunch to lose yesterday.  Sorry, Longhorns, but you got hooked big time and might not be able to make it back.

So, in conclusion, my Pros are:

1. Texas Tech Red Raiders

2. Bama Crimson Tide

3. Florida Gators

And my Convicts are:

1. Texas Shorthorns

2. Georgia Poodles

3. Washington Puppies


Thanks for reading, comment as much as you like, I appreciate constructive criticism.



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