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The New York Football Giants are a better football team than last year's team because of Coach Coughlin.  Coach Coughlin is a coach who is tough, smart, and a disciplinarian.  The Giants have taken after the character of their coach and for better or worse teams do this.  Unfortunately, so have the Cowboys.

I was hoping that Phillips would be successful because he is good guy that is well known around the state of Texas and by pro, college, and high school coaches.  He is one of the directors of the San Angelo Football clinic and it is one of the best or best football clinic in the nation.  The season isn't over yet and they can still make the playoffs and once you make it, anything can happen.  However, the Cowboys under Phillips committ to many mental mistakes and I have written about this in previous blogs even before Romo got his pinkie hurt.  The Cowboys have physical talent, but this doesn't matter if they don't have heart or football smarts. 

Coughlin looks like he snacks on steel and Phillips looks like the Pilsbury Dough Boy or a Teddy Bear that couldn't hurt a fly.  The Cowboys had 9 penalties and 3 turnovers against the Giants they are arguably the best team in football.  It looked like the Giants were the Salvation Army with the Cowboys being so generous and charitable.  It's bad enough that they are a very good football team, but to give them more opportunities. 

I was hoping the Cowboys would start the game with play-action that would bring the safeties and Johnson throw it down the field as far as he can to either Owens or Williams.  Just to tell the Giants that they are there to compete and that they are going to take the fight to them even if it's an incomplete pass.  This would have loosen up the Giants defense, so that they don't gang up on Barber and jump the short routes.  They should have done this one time in per quarter. 

Defensively the secondary cannot cover the trips or bunch formation and teams will continue to use the same formation and routes until the Cowboys' secondary can stop it.  Jenkins has done a good job until the other team is in the red zone or gets into this bunch formation.  Somebody has got to coach him that once he drops back into the goalline that there is no a longer a field for him to continue to drop back in coverage.  Two touchdowns were caught at the 1 yard line because he was continuing to drop back into the back of the end zone.  He has to pick the receiver once he runs into his zone and the rest of the secondary should release the receiver once they are in another member of the secondary's zone.  

Besides the penalty, the special teams played well.  Miles Austin did a very good job of returning kicks, unfortunately, he is having too much practice.

Going back to Coach Phillips, the Cowboys are taking over his personality and that is one of the problems that the Cowboys have.  If Phillips is fired before or after the season is over then I am hoping that Jerry Jones brings in Spagnolo from the Giants and Phillips is given a front office job because of his contributions to football in the great state of Texas through the San Angelo Clinic.


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