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Wow....It's definitely been a while since I've posted a Blog on Fan Nation.  But I have to come in here and say it once and for ALL.  THE CARDINALS ARE FOR REAL BABY!  This is what this teams should ahve been over the past few years.  They've put together an absolutely UNSTOPPABLE offense that leads the NFL in just about every category.  And they took the next step to greatness by benching The Edge and going with rookie steal of the draft and TD superstar TIMMY HIGHTOWER!  Amaingly, this kid has a eye for the endzone....Behind the same offensive line, he managed to average 5 yards per carry, finish with 109, and yet another TD....That makes 7 for the season. 

And may I ask WHO leads the NFL in receveing TDs???  Anyone.....For those who don't know, that would be ANQUAN BOLDIN with 8.   Yes....8.  Did I mention that he missed two games due to what looked like a potentially career ending hit in New York.  And Larry's not far behind, Tied at 4th with 5 TDs.  And the guy thrwoing them the ball....Kurt "K-DUB" Warner is slinging the ball and AVERAGING over 300 yards per game.  UNREAL!  

 Not since the days of Air Correal have the Caridnals won thier division, and right now at the midway point, we have a 3 game lead!  This is absolutely AMAZING, and yet an unfamiliar place for this team to be.  Next up for the Cardinals, we get to show America what a 37 year old QB can do, and hopefully show that we are ready for PRIME time.  5-3 is a really nice place to be, but I want 6-3 and finally 7-3 with the next two games being in the division.  That would be the proverbial foot across the JUGULAR!  We cannot let down.  We don't own the tiebreakers with Washington or the Giants, although, it looks like the NFC East in the Giants to lose right now.  Moreso would be the NFC South.  The loss to carolina is going to be critical in trying to secure the #2 spot in the playoff seeding.  We don't want just one home playoff game, it would be GREAT if we could have 2!  That's only gauranteed by the #1 seed (and not pulling a Cowboys and losing at home).  But it's possible by owning the #2 spot.  I know we are only halfway through this season, but realize....We are 5-3 with oly having 3 0f the first 8 at home.  That's pretty darned amazing in my book.  We get to have 5 of the next 8 at home, during the critical stretch of the season. 

LOOKOUT WOrld, the Cardinals are coming to GET YOU!

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