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Week 10 of the South Carolina High School football season would be met with a Palmetto moon dimly lighting the South Carolina sky on Hallows Eve, the Demons of Lugoff-Elgin would haunt A. C. Flora and defeat the Falcons, 51-0.

Lugoff-Elgin wouldn't waste any time as they would get the opening kickoff.  Quarterback Forrest Koumas would scamper 11 yards for the game's first score and the first of Koumas' three touchdowns.  That touchdown would come with 8:59 left in the first quarter.  Grayson Quick's extra point was good. 

With 4:19 left in the opening period, Koumas would take it 58 yards to the house for the second of his three touchdowns on the night.  The Demons were not finished in the first quarter though.  After a long field goal attempt by Flora that was just short, LE would set up shop at their own 20.  Trent Hudson would then take the handoff and wouldn't slow down til he hit paydirt 80 yards later.  The pat was good to put the Demons up 21-0 after one period.

With 10:52 to go in the second quarter, Hudson would score from five yards out.  With 3:59 left til halftime, Hudson would score his third touchdwon from 22 yards away.  The extra point was good and LE would go into the half with a 35-0 lead. 

A. C. Flora would receive the opening kick to start the second half.  On that Halloween night, the Falcons would try a little trick with a cross field lateral.  The Demons would hunt down the runner close to the 10 yard line.  A couple of plays later, the Falcon quarterback would be flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone, resulting in a safety that would be the treat to the Falcon's earlier trick.  Lugoff-Elgin would mak quick work on the ensuing free kick as they got the ball in great field position.  Forrest Koumas would then find the end zone for his third score of the night.  This romp would be from the Falcons 30 yard line with 8:14 left in the third quarter and put the Demons up 44-0.

The final score of the evening would come an eight yard run by Rashad Jenkins with 10:23 left in the game.  The pat was good and that would set the final score of 51-0.  The game would be LE's final tune up for the state playoffs as they travel to Greenville to play the J. L. Mann Patriots, who would finish second in their region behind the Greenville Red Raiders on Friday, November 7.

Official Stats - Trent Hudson - 6 carries/149 yds. (24.8 avg.), 3 TD's

Forrest Koumas - 7 carries/120 (17.1 avg.), 3 TD's

Phillip Osborne - 10 carries/65 yds.(6.5 avg.)

Ryan Wannamaker - 8 tackles

Jahred Palmer - 6 tackles

Steven Bonaparte & Rakeem Hill - 4 tackles each

Total Yards - LE - 506    --   A. C. Flora  -  21


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