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I will finish this football blog tomorrow. Right now I want to say congratulations to




I want to set aside the right wing vs. left wing. Democrat vs. Republican. Conservative vs. Liberal. None of that matters right now.

This is a victory for civil rights. For all of us in our 40s, the civil rights movement started in our lifetime. President Obama finally fulfilled Martin Luther King's dream. I can remember when I was my sons' ages that the general consensus was that I would never see a black president in my lifetime. Now I can say that I saw "The Dream" come true.

I am proud once again to be an American. Martin Luther King did not die in vain.

Congratulation sPresident Obama. I will be praying for you every single day.


Sorry folks, no rankings today. Some things are far more important.

Everyone needs to take a step back and look at what this election really means.

Forget the campaign promises. Ignore the poor loser rhetoric. Disregard the poor winner gloating.

We all have to realize that Obama is inheriting a mess unlike any other in our history. It is the same mess that McCain would have inherited. There is no possbile way for any one man to get us out of this mess by himself. He will need the support of everyone, regardless of you political affiliation. I can honestly say that I have more faith in Obama than I would have had in McCain. In then end that was why I voted for Obama.

I commend McCain in being humbled and gracious in his concession speech. I have never heard him speak so eloquently. He maintained his composure very well and I know it was hard for him to give that speech. He has earned a little more of my respect after that.

I commend Obama for his articulate and humble acceptance speech. He is a very well spoken and eloqent speaker and I look forward to his future speeches. I appreciate the fact that he was realistic in his speech. He know that the road ahead isn't easy. He knows that he will need partisian help. He has motivated so many people and inspired so many younger people to speak up and have their voices heard. President-elect Obama knocked one out of the park with his speech.

I am approaching his presidency with guarded optimism. I do not agree with him on all of his values or policies. But that's part of what makes America great. We don't have to agree with someone 100% of the time, but we have to be able to find some common ground. I did that with Obama. I like the fact that he has, so far at least, surrounded himself with good advisors - Warren Buffet and Colin Powell mostly. I finally have some hope for my children's future. But I know it will be a struggle. I'm not expecting an overnight magic show. It will take years to make things right.

But sometimes all you need is hope. And yes President Obama, I believe you when you say "Yes we can"


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