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This is going to by me First blog...and its not going to be about the Knicks or basketball. It is not going to be about ANY sports. So if you are expecting a sport blog right now than just leave, no one is forcing you to read this, and than say "This is a sport site, and not a politc site".

When I was taking a shower this morning...I was thinking about the Olympics after I read some olympic TD. On what happened to Tibet.(i was thinking this since clicked on one user the day before, and she/he had almost all of her/he TD on the olympics). 

Right Before the Olmypics, everyone remembers how everyone was protesting how China was treating Tibet. Tibet wanted to be a free country, and most of the world supported it. During the torch cermony the carrier almost got tackled to the ground as a protest. Tibet was on the news almost everyday. After the Olympics started, the news on Tibet started getting less and less. Bolt and Phelps were more intresting, and you saw them on the news more and more. 

When I think about After the Olympics how many times have we heard about Tibet?

What happened to the people who wanted to be free, and wanted to be treated equally?

What happened to ALL the supporters of Tibet who almost got arrested? Don't they care anymore?

What happened to all the Monks in Tibet? 

Than I was thinking about China (Tibet is in China for those who don't know)...hardly anyone knows that much about them. They keep most thing under the belt so no one knows the bad things they do. It is like Dubia... my friend lives there and says all the things their government doesn't want us and the world to know. 

They are cannibals in Dubai and murders are everywhere there. They might have more crimes than A LOT of American cities. Their are also many, many gangs over there. Think about Indian and Pakistian gangs! (I couldn't imagine) Also did you know that many of the nice buldings they are making are empty! We went to one of the buildings, and there was only three offices in the whole 20 story building! Why doesn't their government want us to know this? Since we would be scared, and wouldn't go their.

Just like Dubai; maybe China was the same way, but they covered everything up. Right now I wonder what is happening to all the people who live in China, and were protesting. They don't have the media to protect them.

Will Tibet ever get free?

So next time you turn on the news... try to remember the things that happened that were REALLY important, and think when was the last time you heard it on the news.


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