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Hello and welcome the first edition of Who's Hot and Who's Not from the FanNation NFL GameDay crew. This will be a weekly feature in which Pitt Panther, Agrippa, PackersLP21 (LP), and Dyhard (guest) will each pick one player or team that is HOT right now, and one player or team that is NOT.

Due to time conflicts, this will be a shortened blog.

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 Now let's get started...


Who's Hot?


LP: The Giants are on a 3-game winning streak and they just beat up on America's Team with Brandon Jacobs getting 117 yards and 1 TD. Eli has thrown 5 TDs and only 1 INT in the last 3 games. The Giants have the best record in the NFC and they are undefeated in the division and at home. New York shut down the Cowboys' passing game and rushing game. Between 2 Cowboy QBs, they combined for 3 INTs and only 1 TD. Marion Barber only had 54 yards rushing and that was one of his worst performances of the year. There is no stopping the New York Giants right now. Their offense is rolling, and the defense is a brick wall.



Pitt: Kurt Warner is HOT. By which I mean he is very attractive... But seriously the guy is on fire, by which I mean he's a

Time to be super serious. Kurt has definitely been hot this season. First, he was able to win the starting job over Matt Leinart. His play this season has shown the Cardinals to have made the right call. He is leading the NFC in QB rating, passing touchdowns, and completion percentage. He is on pace for over 4,800 passing yards. He has also been very consistent. He has never had a game in which his QB rating was below 80. Warner is definitely "hot".



Agrippa: I have to give Titans defense some props this week in doing what no one thought could be done. As Dyhard mentioned in his dissertation they are 8-0 and defense is the main reason why. One of the top performers on this solid defense is in their defensive backfield, Cortland Finnegan. The man-beast has been stellar at CB this season with solid coverage and great tackling. He has 4 picks, 1 TD, 43 tackles and trails only Asante Samuel (17) in pass deflections with 16. He has my props for Hot player of the week...also Pitt too finds him attractive. 




Dyhard: They are a very good team and they are 8-0. They have a very good rushing game, with Chris Johnson for speed, and LenDale White for speed AND power. Chris Johnson has 715 rushing yards, which is 4th in the NFL. He has a 4.9 yards/carry, and he has 5 TDs scored. LenDale White has 404 rushing yards with 4.1 yards/carry and 10 TD. That is 15 rushing TDs and 1119 rushing yards, which is really good for two people already in the season. This is a good rushing team.

They have a good passing game too, and when Vince Young went out, they got a whole lot better with their passing game and Kerry Collins. He has 1236 passing yards and 3 passing TDs. They have not gotten many TDs passing wise, but they still get down the field with their passing game.

Tennessee has one of the best defenses in the NFL. They only allow 289.8 ypg and they have 13 INT, which is tied with the Green Bay Packers for the NFL lead. They have a good D-Line too, as they have 22 sacks for a total of 151 sack yards, which is good for 6th in the NFL in sacks and Sack Yards. Tennessee is a great team. They only allow 12.9 pts/game, while they score 24.9 pts/game.


Who's Not?


Pitt: Vince Young has definitely not been hot this season. This was the season that Vince was supposed to become a better QB, one of the better ones in the NFL. Instead, he's currently a backup. He was terrible in their first game and has had some emotional and mental problems. People didn't take him seriously when it was reported that he considered retiring in the offseason. I think everyone is taking him seriously. Instead of becoming a star, Vince Young is watching a washed-up Kerry Collins leading his team to an 8-0 record. This has not been a good year from the former Longhorn legend.



Agrippa: Good pick Pitt. I'll go with another fallen QB in Derek Anderson just got a guaranteed $13 mill in the off season from the Browns. Romeo Crennel announced come Sunday Brady Quinn will move to #1 on the depth chart benching Anderson. Anderson's league-low 68.9 QB rating and 49.8 completion rate was not improving and a change had to be made. From being the league surprise to the leagues disappointment has been tough for Derek and the Brows. That my friends, is why he is not hot.




Dyhard: They are a horrible team, and they have not won a game, and they will not win a game this year. They are just a pathetic team, but they have recently scored some points against the Bears and Redskins. They have not been hot this year.



LP: The Jaguars have lost 2 straight since their bye week. Do you know who they played?? The 3-5 Browns and the 1-8 Bengals. That's not too good... Maurice Jones-Drew has only gotten two 100-yard games this year and only racked up 33 yards against a 0-8 Bengals defense. MJD is a big part of the Jags downfall right now. Last year he got almost 800 yards and his rookie year he got 941 yards. Now he only has 363 yards and we are half-way through the season. MJD is not too hot right now either...





Who is the best team in the league?

  • Titans.... 50%
  • Bills........ 6%
  • Giants... 25%
  • Steelers. 0%
  • OTHER.. 18%


TITANS are the best team in the league.


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