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Giants Win Over Titans.

Now, you know that I can't predict exactly, but here are my guesses...

1st Quarter

         Yes Giants WILL beat the Titans. And this time, it won't be as close as 3 pts. Giants will kickoff after losing the coin toss to Tennessee. the game is underway. Tennessee returns it to about their 35. Kerry Collins does two pass plays in a row, one incomplete one for about 5 yards. He passes again, being blitzed, trying to get the first down and prevails with a easy 10 yard pass. Next play, Collins hands it off to the rb, who gets stopped and taken back a yard or so. Collins then passes and it is packed down. Collins goes for another pass this time dropped. Craig Hentrich then punts for about 40 yards and a fair catch at the Giants 18.

          Eli Manning snaps the ball and passes and the receiver (unknown) jukes his man and runs for an extra 10 yards getting all the way to the Giants 30. First Down. And here comes Brandon Jacobs with a break away the 40, the 50, into Tennessee territory, ooooh, taken to the ground at the Titans 45 with 8:30 left on the clock. Eli for a big throw to Burress... oh he is taken out from behind. Pass interference, first down. Eli now on the 30 of Tennessee, passes and incomplete. Now the hand off to Jacobs, and a run for 5 yards or so. Next play, a pass from Manning intended for Steve Smith is caught behind the line of scrimmage and run past the first down mark after two Titans attempting to tackle are blocked. Within td reach Eli passes to Plax and is caught within ten yards of endzone. Eli knowing they would at least get three pts. out of this, runs an option play. Eli runs it being careful not to pass line of scrimmage, pitches it to Jacobs and Jacobs gets yet another TD. Extra point is good and it's 7-0 Giants with 2:45 left in the quarter.

          The Titans receive it, now they get an excellent return for a stop at their own 45. Collins then eventually gets his team up to the Giants 15 with :35 left in the 1st. Collins throws it but it is picked off and run for another TD for the G's. Extra point good and it will be Titans ball with only :5 left.

          Kickoff is caught with a fair catch at the Titan's 25. That will end the first quarter.

 2nd Quarter

         I have predicted that the Titans end up getting 3 points out of their next drive, and then stop the Giants after a long drive to put the Titans at their 15. The Titans will drive down to the Giants 20 in one play off a pass, and then get stopped but make a field goal for another 3. Titans are holding on by a thread. In the next part of the 2nd quarter, both teams will get drives into enemy territory, but niether teams manage to score. Ending the first half.

Yes there are many penalties that will be called in the super bowl but I am not wasting my time to mention them.

Read on at my next blog called "Predictions for second half of Super Bowl XLIII"

Go Giants! 



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