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Are you seriously thinkin Colts will go all the way? Yeah right. In ur dreams.

Third Quarter

                 Giants receive the kick off and run it to the 30. Eli goes for a pass and it is caught for c.7 yards. Then he goes for a hand off to RB Brandon Jacobs and Jacobs gets the first by inches. Now on the 40, Eli does a deep pass to left field and it is caught on the Titans 35.Another Pass for Eli this time it goes behind the line of srimmage. The unknown receiver gets c. 8 yards.  Now within field goal range to take a 11 point lead, Eli plays it safe and runs it. Jacobs is stopped and there is no difference except second down. Eli calls a pass with 3 on the left, one on the right. This leaves one blitzer open but a lso leaves one receiver open. The Titans covering the threesome call for safety help on the right, but do not get it. Eli gets a quick pass to the right, for a run to the T's 2 yard line. The next play is a run resulting in a TD. The extra point is missed, but the Giants are safely ahead by 14 points.

                  Now it's the Titans turn. The T's receive and the receiver gets a break away but is barely taken down by the kicker at the Giants 35. Collins then goes for a short 'n easy pass for a 5 yd gain. There is now only 7:10 left on the clock so Collins needs to make a move fast with only about 20 minutes left in the biggest game of his life. Collins does make a move, with a pass for a first and goal. Collins calls an option trick play. He pithes it RB but then gets the ball back and passes it endzone. The Giants, totally clueless of what is going on, are completely faked out and leave a receiver wide open. The results, facemask, offense, good luck Collins. Another pass attempted batted down. Then a run for a ten yard gain leaving only five yards left for theT's. 3rd down, this is Kerry's last chance, unless he a ctually wants to go for it. Collins snaps the ball, now he's looking nobody's open. By that time, it's to late, the Giants are on top of him. 4th down. The T's get a FG. 20-9 New York with only 3 minutes left in the 3 qt.

               Giants return it but the gain for New York is negative.they are now on their own 14.Eli looks deep but is sacked back to his 7 yd. line. He goes deep again this time caught at New York's 45. Eli knows if he can get another TD, he can seal it. Timeout, NY. Resuming the game, Eli gives it to Jacobs for a short gain of 3 yds. Then a pass for a first down in enemy territory. Eli tries a twenty yard pass and it is good. the next two plays there is an incomplete pass and a sack of 3. Eli passes it buthe falls short of a 1st by four yds. This will end the third qt.

 Fourth Quarter

              And in comes the field goal squad. It is kicked for three more points, once a gain making a two TD margin.

           Titans have their last chance right now, it's now or bust since they're behind by 14. The kick is caught on the 18 yard line and is given a long run of 30 yards.Collins is passing in the next play, looking,but finding no one. The Giants storm him but some how he escappes and actually scrambles for a solid 15 yards. Collins then passes and the receiver fakes his man out for a result of TD with 12:00 left of the Super Bowl. Extra point good, making it 23-16. The Titans decide they need another TD fast and they can't afford the giants to score. They take an onside kick but Giants get the kick on the Titans 42. Major upset. All the Giants need is a field goal. Eli calls a pass, with a 6 yd. pass, and then a 7 yard run. Eli just needs a little bit more to ensure a FG. He runs it again and they get 6 yards by Brandon Jacobs.  Another run, this time they get taken back a couple yards. The Giants eventually get a FG and take a 26-16 lead. The Titans then get a TD but cannot win.


Giants Win!!!!


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