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The Pitt Panther Strikes Again

Hello and welcome the third edition of FanNation NFL GameDay.  This will be a weekly feature in which LP, Agrippa, a guest, and I, Pitt Panther, answer questions and have discussions about the NFL, and make predictions about the coming week's games.

Our guest this week is YODA


I pity the fool who don't respect the force!

 The fool who don't read GameDay, I pity.

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Question 1: What offensive player would you pick to start a franchise with?

Agrippa: Everything starts in the trenches. A great QB is important but the offensive line is the engine of the machine we call a team. I'm gonna go with Joe Thomas. That franchise QB needs someone to protect his backside and that running back needs consistent lanes to run through. These players cannot do their job if they are weak up front hence the line being key in a successful offense. Thomas proved himself his 1st year in the league coming in second in the voting for NFL Rookie of the Year. He and Peterson were the only two too receive votes. That year he led a Browns line that allowed a league low 19 sacks, down from 54 the year before. Left tackle is the most important position on the line and he is quite possible the best in the NFL. He's is great at both pass protection and run blocking. The sky is the limit for Joe Thomas and he could end up being the best lineman in NFL history after everything is said and done. So Pitt my pick is an unsung grunt up front. Joe Thomas is my pick to build a franchise around.

Pitt: The QB position is the most important position on the field. That is why I'm taking Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. In his first season as a starter, he has played very well. Here is what he's on pace for in 2008:

334/524, 63.7 Cmp%, 3,964 yards, 26 TD, 10 INT, 95.3 rating

As I mentioned earlier, this is only is first season starting and he's just 24 years old, so he's got nowhere to go but up. I see him being a very good quarterback for the next decade or so. That's the kind of player I want to build my offense around.

Yoda: I also have to go with a QB. And while Rodgers has certainly played well under intense scrutiny in Green Bay, I'd go with Tony Romo. Yes I realize he's 28, but it's only his third full season in the league and he has many good years in front of him. Plenty of time to build an offense around and find a suitable successor. Not only is Romo at the top spot in QB rating of active QBs, he also has the top QB rating of all-time. His pass completion % and YPC numbers are 3rd all-time. I also don't buy the playoff choker label either. Not only is the sample size too small after just 2 years, but it's also become a cliche. Many QBs get tagged with this until they finally break through, including future HOFer Peyton Manning. And if we needed any more proof, look how lost the Cowboys are right now without him.

LP: To be different from you guys... I'm taking a RB. I think the QB, RB, and OL are the 3 most important positions on the football field. My player is Titans' rookie RB Chris Johnson. He is probably one of the fastest, if not THE fastest RB in the league right now. He ranks 4th in the LEAGUE in rushing yards with 715. He has already had a 168 yard game this season. Johnson has 5 TDs and averages 5 yards per carry. He is by far the best rookie RB in the league.

Pitt: Joe Thomas is a pretty good pick. He could certainly anchor an offensive line for many years. However, I think Rodgers is a slightly better pick because QB is the most important position. While Rodgers might not be as good at his respective position, he will have more of an impact because of his position.

As for Romo, while I agree he is better now, Rodgers is 4 years younger. I'd rather have Rodgers for the next 10-14 years than Romo for the next 6-10 years.

Johnson is a good young RB, but good running backs are far easier to come by than good quarterbacks.

Agrippa: I can see where both of you are coming from and my initial thought was to go with QB, however team's have proven they can succeed without a great QB. Look at the Titans this year or the Ravens of 2001. The war up front determines what happens in the latter. Look at how Manning and the Colts have struggled without a healthy line. Point being this game of football has a domino effect and the first line of attack or defense is the lines. This kid is in his second year and is widely considered the best at his position. Some could argue he is the best player in the league.

Romo is a great talent as well as Rodgers however they are not proven to be the best at their positions. We have seen QB's that were supposed to be saviors and peter our in a couple of years. Ask Leftwich, Culpepper, or Anderson for that matter. One position you can accurately gauge talent and consistency over the years is a lineman.

When considering the future you have to go with a player and position that has been traditionally sound.

Yoda: I've got the Romo/Rodgers age difference listed as 3 years, Pitt. But I understand your point completely. I'm just not entirely comfortable with Rodgers, yet. But if he keeps doing what he's doing, I might be inclined to change my answer a year from now.

Joe Thomas is definitely a good pick. He never takes a play off and almost never makes a mistake. However, when building a successful team that doesn't focus around the QB, I find that it's defense where one must concentrate on rather than other offensive positions.

LP: I would like to have a good young QB, but I would also like to have a good young RB. I wouldn't mind a QB like Kerry Collins or Kurt Warner for a couple of years. It will still give you time to draft a rookie or sign a QB.

Yoda: Every year, we hear about the next great young running back. We are already hearing about the next draft class as well. Very few turn out to have the sustained careers we expect. For every LDT, we get 10 flash in the pans.

Question 2: What defensive player would you pick to start a franchise with?

LP: I would most like to start a franchise with a Middle Linebacker. So I'm going to choose Jonathan Vilma. He is only 26 and in his 5th season. Besides last year, when he only played 7 games, he would get at least 100 tackles every season. He already has 72 and he only played 8 games! Vilma has also gotten at least 1 interception every season in his career. He even got 3 interceptions his rookie season with the Jets! Jonathan Vilma will be a good LB wherever and whenever.

Yoda: DeMarcus Ware. This 1st team all-NFL player line-backer has nice speed and great instincts. At 25 years old, he'll continue to pressure QBs and be amongst the sack leader for years to come.

Agrippa: Well since Yoda is a thieving midget Ill got with another Texas team different city in Mario Williams. Last year Williams accounted for 48 % of his teams sacks better than any other player in the league. This year he is off to a stellar start with 8 sacks in as many games. He has more than tripled his production from his first year and is proving to be one of the more dominate defensive ends in the league in only this 3rd year. He is a great pass rushed as well as a solid run stopper. Mario is 23 and is only getting better. Mario would be my catalyst to build around.

Pitt: If I were to build a defense around one player, it would be Darrelle Revis, cornerback from the New York Jets. So far in his 24 game career, Revis has 115 tackles, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles, 7 interceptions, 26 passes defended, and a TD. Revis is just 23 years old, so he's only going to get better. He's also shown the ability to shut down opposing receivers. In the Jet's first game against Miami, he held Ted Ginn to 2 catches for 17 yards. Against the Patriots, he held Randy Moss to 2 catches for 22 yards. Against the Bills, he held Lee Evans to 4 catches for 41 yards. He's already very good and is a shut down corner in the making.

Yoda: A true shut-down corner is one of the hardest NFL positions to find. It normally takes years to evaluate who can really get the timing down, making it one of the hardest positions to ever draft for. Revis looks like a winner though--- although I will point that Matt Cassel (making his first start since high-school) had much more to do with Randy's lackluster 22 yard performance in that game than Revis did.

LP: Good point, YODA. There are very few shut-down corners in the NFL. Hopefully Darrelle Revis can turn into a good CB.

Agrippa: All good picks guys. Revis is looking like a true standout Ware and Vilma seem to have all the intangibles to be a great. The thing with Mario is he actually is the core that Houston is building around and has been outstanding these past 2 years. Good picks guys.

Pitt: I like both the DeMarcus Ware pick and the Mario Williams pick. They are young pass rushing monsters. However, I must disagree with the Vilma pick. If I were going to go with a MLB, I'd take Patrick Willis. I think he's slightly better now and is 3 years younger.

Question 3: Which team not currently first (or tied for first) in their division is most likely to win the Super Bowl?

Pitt: My pick is the Philadelphia Eagles. Although they are third in their division, they are good enough to win the Super Bowl. The key with them is the healthiness of Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. When those two are healthy, this is one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Their failures in recent years have been because of injuries to one or both of these players. If they can stay healthy, the Eagles have a real shot to make it 2 in a row for the city of Philadelphia. They're ranked 6th in yards for and 5th in yards against. This is a potentially great team.

Agrippa: Indianapolis Colts. I still have not given up on Manning. His line is just now becoming healthy again and I think they can get back to last year's form if the running game comes back on-line. The run and play action was crucial in the Colts pass game and that has not been there this year without a dominant line. Saturday is back to his healthy form. The Colts line should be able to make teams respect the run and open up the pass for Manning. They are 4-4 but are still much in the hunt for a Wild Card. This team is full of players who know what it takes to get to the Super Bowl and win. So looking at the teams I would only put money on the Colts being that they have the best playoff experience at the skill positions.

LP: The best team that isn't in 1st place in their division has to be the Redskins. They are in the best division in the whole NFL and are 6-3. The defending Super Bowl champs are leading the NFC East with a record of 7-1. Washington lost to the Giants by only 9 points and beat the Eagles. Washington has a chance to win the Super Bowl.

Yoda:  Well, since Pitt 'surprised' us all and took my Philly pick, that realistically leaves us with San Diego and Dallas as options that fit the criteria. And while I'd love to go with my hometown Chargers, I'm actually going to go with the Cowboys. They entered the season with a pro-bowl roster and the as a Super Bowl favorite and their stock has certainly plummeted since. But given the adversity they've faced this year (injuries on the field and stupidity off the field); the fact that they still have a winning record keeps them right in the hunt. Look for the team to rally around Romo upon his return.

LP: I was surprised about Agrippa's pick. He picked the Colts who are 4-4, but they have a pretty easy schedule ahead of them. The only 2 good teams they play are the Steelers, Chargers, and the Titans. They have possible wins against the Texans, Browns, Bengals, Lions, and Jaguars.

Yoda: With the exception of MVP front-runner Clinton Portis, I honestly haven't been as impressed with the 'Skins as their record would suggest one should. While Indy and Philly are on the rise, the 'Skins could go in the opposite direction in the second half. I will say though that this is the most wide-open Super Bowl race that we've encountered in years. At least half the teams in the league have at least a somewhat legitimate shot.

Pitt: I think all of our picks are definite possibilities. The Eagles have played very well. You can't count out the Colts as long as they've got Peyton Manning. The Redskins have beaten very good teams. The Cowboys, when healthy, have more talent than any team in the NFL.

Prediction Records:
Pitt: 20-8, 71.4%
Agrippa: 20-8, 71.4%
LP: 14-14, 50%
Dyhard: 9-5, 64.3%

Question 4: New Orleans at Atlanta. Who wins?

LP: I've got the Falcons here. Matt Ryan is carrying this team and he is getting some help from Michael Turner. Falcons will win this week.

Yoda: SAINTS. Brees hasn't had his full set of number 1 receivers all year. And yet he's still putting up yards at a record pace. He has a quick release, is a good decision maker, and spreads the ball around. He won't need Bush to continue to do just that. Factor in the Falcon's weak secondary and the Falcons will be playing catch-up all game.

Agrippa: I'm still not sold on Atlanta. They are playing some decent defense but I don't think it's enough to stop Brees and company. Brees has been having a prolific year and leads the league in passing thus far. I don't think Atlanta has what it takes to overcome the arm of this MVP contender.

Pitt: Neither of these teams have very good defenses, but the Saints have a better offense and will win because of it.  I expect Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Michael Turner to all have big days.  The Saints win by about a touchdown.

Question 5: Tennessee at Chicago. Who wins?

LP: Rex Grossman is starting again? Ok... that decides my pick. I'm taking the Titans this week. They are 8-0, and soon to be 9-0.

Agrippa: I'm going Tennessee here. I don't see them losing too this banged up Bears team. Orton and Urlacher both hurt have been the leaders. This Titans D continues to play solid every week.

Yoda: TITANS. Is Grossman really going to be able to solve the Titans D? Yes, the Titans seem vulnerable after last week's squeaker over the Pack, but the Bears simply don't have enough tools to hand the Titans their first loss. Don't talk to me about Forte. Johnson is looking just as, if not more, impressive.

Pitt: I'm taking the Titans to stay undefeated.  I might be tempted to take the Bears, but not with Rex Grossman starting.  I think the Titans will make Rex Grossman look like...well...Rex Grossman.  I'm expecting the Titans to shut down Forte and force Grossman into making bad throws which lead to interceptions.  I think the Titans win handily.

Question 6: Jacksonville at Detroit. Who wins?

Pitt: I'm taking the Jaguars in what will be a very close game.  The Jaguars are a mediocre team, but the Lions stink.  I think the Jaguars are able to eek out a victory against a weak opponent on the road.

Yoda: JAGS. As the analyst at our affiliate station WK-'T-FO' recently put it, "What is Culpepper going to do in the huddle? Perhaps 'Uh, you...big guy, kinda go long'.". I've seen Daunte at his best, and I'm a fan. But what can we realistically expect after such a long lay-off? And the QB spot is just one of the Lions woes.

Agrippa: The Jags lost to the lowly Bengals last week and have to be reeling from that tough loss. They will attack one of the worst defenses and offenses and rebound with an easy victory.

LP: Last week, the Jaguars became the only team to lose to Cincinnati this season. This week, the Jaguars will be the only team to lose to Detroit this season. I'm taking the upset here... Go Lions!

Question 7: Seattle at Miami. Who wins?

MIAMI. Miami at .500 half-way through the season? Who would have guessed? After laying the beating on the Pats early in the year, they have continued to play at a decent level. They are positive in net points (an incredible turnaround from last year!) while Seattle stands at a dismal -59. The Seahawks are proving inept on both offense and defense. With just one win in their last 5 games, this is the most disappointing team in the league by far.

Pitt: I'm taking the Dolphins to win big.  This looks like a blowout to me.  The Seahawks are usually much better at home, but this game's in Miami.  Their only strength offensively this year has been the run game, which happens to be Miami's strength defensively and to a greater extent.  I'm expecting big days for Chad Pennington and Ted Ginn Jr. as the Dolphins win BIG.

Agrippa: How about these Fins. If you had told me they could manage 4 wins this year last year I would have called you crazy. Pennington is playing great and has the Fins pass game ranked 6th in the league. Seattle cannot get any offense going and are last in pass yards. They go all the way to Miami to lose to a hot Dolphins team.

LP: Seattle is just pathetic this year and it is probably Mike Holmgren's last year. I got Miami.

Question 8: Green Bay at Minnesota. Who wins?

Yoda: VIKINGS. These teams perform well on home turf against each other. And while his detractors are constantly trying to sound the inconsistency-alarms, Peterson is quietly putting together another impressive season. I won't take anything away from Rodgers though; he looked good last week against the Titans and he's hushed his harshest critics. This game will come right down to the wire.

Agrippa: The Vikes take this one. Green Bay is yielding 146.4 yards per game on the ground and Peterson has been mildly consistent. I like the Vikes chances.

LP: Green Bay almost beat the undefeated Titans last week. They are getting healthy now... they have Atari Bigby back at Safety and Al Harris back at Cornerback. The Pack will get the win and tie the Bears at 5-4.

Pitt: I'm taking the Vikings.  These two teams are a wash talent-wise in my opinion.  I expect a very even game.  When the Packers have the ball, I expect them to pass a lot and have success doing so.  When the Vikings have the ball, I expect them to hand it to Adrian Peterson a lot and for him to be very successful.  Ultimately, I'm going with Minnesota because of home field advantage.

Question 9: Buffalo at New England. Who wins?

Agrippa: Who wins? Bills win this game. I don't buy what Bill Belichick is selling one bit. Cassel is not a great player (as of now) and will struggle down the stretch. This Bills defense is still playing well and they will break their 2 game losing streak on the road in New England.

Yoda: The PATS. In one way, the thrashing that Miami put on them early in the season was a much-needed wake-up call - "We need to prepare for EVERY team." And the Pats have at least half-way responded. The Bills can no longer be called a top 10 team and are simply outmatched on talent here.

Pitt: I'm going to pick the Bills in a close game against the Pats.  I think this is going to come down to QB play where I think the Bills have a slight advantage.  The Bills win a close road game.

This is a game between 2 AFC East foes... I think the Bills will pull this one off. It will be close, but Buffalo will take it.

Question 10: St. Louis at New York Jets. Who wins?

Pitt: I think the Jets win handily.  They have a very good run defense which should be able to keep Steven Jackson in check.  Offensively, they'll be able to have their way with the Rams.  I think the Jets win by double digits.

LP: Favre will have a bad day this week... going up against Atogwe and Fahkir Brown of the Rams. Favre will throw 2+ INTs while the Rams win this game.

Yoda: RAMS. Sorry Favre, I for one have long forgotten about that 6 TD showing against the Cards. The Jets 4-1 record in the last 5 is only partially masking the shortcomings of this mediocre team. Sure the Rams are brutal in every statistical team category. But it almost takes a team like this to call any win over the Jets an upset.

Agrippa: Jets win this easily. Rams have Jackson too lean on but the Jets are ranked 4th against the run and are playing some good offense. Rams are ranked at the bottom of the barrel in every aspect of both sides of the ball and I don't see them beating this playoff contending Jets team.

Question 11: Baltimore at Houston. Who wins?

Pitt: I think the Ravens will control this game and come out with a win.  They'll be able to keep the Texans' powerful offense in check with their great defense.  On offense, they'll use Ray Rice and Willis McGahee to matriculate the ball down the field and control the time of possession.  I think the Ravens lead pretty much the entire game and win thanks to defense and their rushing attack.

LP: When in doubt, go with the team whose defense is dominant. I've got Baltimore this week.

TEXANS. The Texans play well at home- and their pass offense has been outstanding. The Ravens on the other hand know how to stop the pass. I flipped a coin on this game since I didn't care enough to analyze it. Honestly, I didn't even care enough to flip an actual coin. When in doubt, go with the home team.

Ravens take this one. Defense will prevail and spoil Sage Rosenfels return to the starting lineup. The Ravens are running the ball well and controlling the tempo of their games. Look for Ray Rice to get worked into the game a lot more after last week's great game.

Question 12: Carolina at Oakland. Who wins?

Pitt: I'm taking the Panthers to win by double digits.  Their defense should be able to pretty much shut down Oakland's offense.  Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams will be able to run all over their weak run defense.  I expect a big win for the Panthers.

LP: Easiest pick of the week... the Panthers. No description needed.

Agrippa: This is an easy pick. Oakland has seemingly given up on this season. Carolina is playing stellar defense and Smith and Muhsin Muhammad have been nothing less that excellent. This team is scary when their running game gets going.

Yoda: PANTHERS. Is there really any doubt after last week? My God.

Question 13: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh. Who wins?

Yoda: INDY. Big Ben is banged up and Peyton is getting his rhythm back. People have written off the Colts too soon this year. Big mistake.

Indy just beat the Pats last week, and they will beat the Steelers this week. I've got the Colts.

Another tough pick I'm going with the Colts. With an ailing Roethlisberger and a thirsty Manning I have no choice. It will be close but I give the edge to the Colts in Pittsburgh.

Pitt: I'm taking the Colts in a close game.  The Steelers offense has not been good at all.  They can't run the ball and they can't keep Big Ben on his feet.  I think the Colts are able to score just enough to pull out a hard-fought victory.

Question 14: Kansas City at San Diego. Who wins?

LP: Well the way the San Diego's offense looked in London, they should be able to throw all over KC this week. Chargers over Chiefs.

CHARGERS. San Diego needs to really beat up on a team to get (back) off the shnide right now and salvage their season. The Chiefs are showing up at just the right time. Despite San Diego's losing record they are positive in net points at 25. That's exactly 122(!) better than the Chiefs. The Chiefs are allergic to scoring.

Agrippa: Bolts! Tomlinson looks to have regained his form and Rivers is still playing well. If the D can hold this horrid Kansas City offense, the Bolts should cruise to a V in this one.

Pitt: I think the Chargers get off the schnide with a win over the Chiefs.  I'm expecting a shootout in this game.  Neither team is good defensively, but both have shown the ability to pile up the points on offense from time to time.  I'm expecting big days for Tyler Thigpen, Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzalez, Philip Rivers, LDT, Antonio Gates, and Vincent Jackson.  There will be plenty of fantasy point to go around, but in the end, San Diego wins.

Question 15: New York Giants at Philadelphia. Who wins?

Yoda: EAGLES. And it's not really an upset. 3 straight convincing wins by the Eagles plus home-field. After this weekend, people will finally stop mocking SI for predicting the Eagles to go all the way this year.

Agrippa: Giants are the best team in the NFC and will show it against the Eagles. That defensive front has proved to be one of the best this year. These teams are evenly matched, but I give the edge to NY per that stellar running game.

LP: New York is hot right now, and they aren't getting any colder. Giants will win once again...

Pitt: I'm taking the Eagles here.  Brian Westbrook should change his name to David because he is a Giant-killer.  In his last 4 games against the G-men, he has 538 yards from scrimmage.  I expect him to have another big game here to lead Philadelphia to victory.

Question 16: San Francisco at Arizona. Who wins?

Agrippa: Arizona has the best pass attack in the league based on yards and points and their defense is playing decent ball as well. Arizona will take it too the air in a lopsided event.

Pitt: I'm taking the Cardinals to win by at least 20.  The 49ers are a below average team that is in turmoil after firing their coach and losing by 3 touchdowns to Seattle.  I think the Cardinals pile up the points here in a big win.  I'm expecting big days for Kurt Warner, Tim Hightower, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston.  BLOWOUT!

LP: Arizona is playing good, and San Francisco is playing bad. That's self-explanatory... I'm taking the Cards.

Yoda: ARIZONA. Big offense meets weak defense. Will the 49ers be the first team to beat the Cards at home this year? Uh, no.

Last week's upset alerts:
Pitt: Detroit over Chicago, Chicago won
Agrippa: Texans over Vikings, Vikings won
LP: Packers over Titans, Titans won
Dyhard: Washington over Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh won

Question 17: What team should be on upset alert?

JETS. Turnovers could make all the difference in this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers. They are hurting and the Colts are beaming with confidence after beating the Patriots. Manning should have a great game in this win.

Pitt: Although I still think they'll win, San Diego should be on upset alert.  They're pass defense is nothing short of atrocious and Tyler Thigpen has played well recently (Over the last two weeks, his rating is 102.1).  If they're not careful, they could fall into the trap of overlooking the Chiefs for their next week's game against at Pittsburgh.

LP: UPSET ALERT!!! Someone go warn Jacksonville for the 3rd week in a row! They are about to be upset by the Lions! Yes... the Lions.

Last week's players to watch:
Pitt: Donovan McNabb: 28/43, 349 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 96.0 rating
Agrippa: Peyton Manning: 21/29, 254 yards, 2 TD, 121.9 rating
LP: Lee Evans: 4 receptions, 41 yards
Dyhard: Kyle Orton: 8/14, 108 yards, 81.8 rating, 2 rushes, 7 yards, 1 TD

Question 18: Who is your player to watch?

Pitt: My player to watch is Chad Pennington, QB for the Miami Dolphins.  He should be able to shred Seattle's poor pass defense.  Opposing QBs have had a rating over 100 against the Seahawks for the season.  Look for Pennington to have a big game, along with Ted Ginn, Greg Camarillo, David Martin, and Anthony Fasano.

Yoda: CULPEPPER. All eyes will be on Quinn this weekend (and maybe a few on Grossman) but out of sheer (and perhaps morbid) curiosity, it's Daunte that I think is worth watching. Straight off the Barcalounger onto the field. I'm actually rooting for the guy.

LP: Watch out for big bad LaDainian Tomlinson. He has averaged close to 175 yards from scrimmage and scored seven touchdowns in his last four games against Kansas City. The Chiefs rank last in the league in run defense, so LT should rock-and-roll.

Agrippa: Adrian Peterson should have a stellar day against Packers 21st ranked run D.

Last week's players to disappoint:
Pitt: Greg Jennings: 3 receptions, 79 yards
Agrippa: Matt Cassel: 25/34, 204 yards, 1 INT, 76.1 rating, 5 rushes, 20 yards
LP: Jamal Lewis: 19 rushes, 49 yards, 1 reception, 13 yards
Dyhard: Kerry Collins: 18/37, 180 yards, 62.9 rating

Question 19: Who is your player to disappoint?

Pitt: My player to disappoint is Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans.  The Texans are going up against the Ravens this week, who have a great pass defense.  I think they'll be able to pretty much take Andre out of the game for the most part and limit his catches.

Peyton Manning will have a disappointing week. He is going up against the Steelers, who are ranked 1st in pass defense. They have 8 total interceptions as a team, and Peyton has 8 interceptions so far this year. In the Colts' last 2 losses (against GB and TEN); Peyton threw 2 INTs and 0 TDs in each of those games. Expect him to throw 2 INTs this week against Pittsburgh.

Agrippa: Brian Westbrook is key when the Eagles are winning. The flip side is he is key to them loosing when he struggles. He wasn't great against Seattle and I see that trend continuing.

Yoda: Trent Edwards. Rather than turn things around after his shaky performance against the Jets last week, look for Edwards to crumble under pressure again.



Pitt: That's it for us here with FanNation NFL GameDay.  On behalf of myself, Agrippa, LP, and Yoda, I'd like to thank you for reading.  We'll see you next time on GameDay.


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