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Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Who's Hot and Who's Not from the FanNation NFL GameDay crew. This will be a weekly feature in which Me (PackersLP21), Pitt Panther, Agrippa, and Yoda (guest) will each pick one player or team that is HOT right now, and one player or team that is NOT. We will also pick a most surprising player of Week 10, and a most disappointing player of Week 10.

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 Now let's get started...



Who's Hot?


Pitt: Miami is on a 3 game winning streak, having beaten Buffalo, Denver, and Seattle the last 3 weeks. Ted Ginn Jr. has been a big reason why. He has 280 receiving yards during the streak.
Another big factor is the defense. Last year, the Dolphins gave up an average of over 27 points per game. In their last 3 games, they gave up an average of under 17 points per game.
Also making an impact is Chad Pennington. Last year, Dolphins QBs had a QB rating of 69.6. Chad Pennington's rating this season is 92.6. He is a big reason why the Dolphins are 5-4 after week 10, when last year they were 0-9.



LP: The Ravens are on a 4-game winning streak. They beat Miami, Oakland, Cleveland, and last week they beat Houston. Those 4 games, their closest game was decided by 10 points. They blew out the Texans last week, 41 to 13. Joe Flacco threw for 185 yards and 2 TDs while McGahee ran for 112 yards and 2 TDs. Baltimore had 36:00 TOP, and Houston had 23:00.




Agrippa: The Colts were down but they for surely now are not out. They grind out two very tough hard fought wins against the Pats and Steelers and now can boast a 2 game winning streak. They went from being under .500 but sit steady in the Wild card hunt at 5-4 now. Last week Peyton continued to come out of his slump throwing for 3 touchdowns adding to the 2 from the previous week. Against the Patriots he finished with a stellar 121.9 rating and 95.8 against the Steelers. There line is healthy for the first time this season and their run game can only improve. Don't count the Colts out yet...they are on fire!



Yoda: First, everyone said the Titans could only win because of their D. Then people started pointing to the run game. And NOW Collins has shown us the ability to throw the ball. Call him a game manager. Call him a system QB. Call him a product of his O-line. Call him whatever you ever you want. But the fact is, he is making good decisions time after time - and he IS one of the reasons that the Titans remain on top.



Who's Not?


LP: Deuce and the Saints were coming off a bye week, but they still lost to their division rival, the Atlanta Falcons. Deuce only had 18 yards, when he was averaging over 50 yards per game in the last 5 games. Against the Falcons, WR Devery Henderson led the Saints in rushing yards... that's when you know your running game is NOT. Deuce may get over 50 yards this week against Kansas City's 32nd ranked rush defense. But as of right now, Deuce McAllister is NOT.



Agrippa: I'm going with the Saints here. MVP candidate Drew Brees was forced to throw 58 times against Atlanta, 3 happened to go to the wrong team. Saints could not get the run game going and was playing catch up a lot of the game. Saints defense proved to be lack luster and incapable of stopping any aspect of an offensive attack. Saints did have a chance late in the game to score and come within one score but was stopped short by a Brees interception. One has to think, does this validate the Falcons as a team to be reckoned with or the Saints as overrated?



Yoda: He's been looking like a nervous rookie back there for 3 weeks in a row. Hesitant, twitchy, and very poor execution late in the game. In a year where QBs, young and old, are making news all over the NFL, it's looking like the Bills have a MAJOR problem.




Pitt: This team started out 5-1 and looked like they were going to win the division. Now, they're 5-4 after losing 3 straight and they're tied for last in the division with Miami Dolphins. Marshawn Lynch is also starting to look like a bust. After a promising rookie season, Lynch is on pace for less than 1,000 yards this season and is averaging just 3.5 yards per carry. What once looked to be their strength is now their weakness. The Bills were hot early on, but now, it's safe to say that they are definitely NOT.



Most surprising player of Week 10


Agrippa: Ryan played a stellar game against a Saints team a lot of people picked to win their division. New Orleans came to Atlanta with MVP contender in tow and Ryan did not blink once. He threw for 248 yards, 2 touchdowns with a 134 QB rating. He completed and outstanding 70% of his passes and let the game come to him in a pivotal win over a division foe. Tied for second in the south Matt Ryan and the Falcons are very much in the playoff picture!



Yoda: Yes, I know he was 'supposed' to be good. But I have to admit that I was a skeptic. With Matt Ryan already beating the odds this year, I just didn't think Brady Quinn would also step up so quickly. It's rare for someone to look so confident and poised until after at least a few more starts. Impressive debut.




Pitt: Keller had a breakout game against the Rams. Keller had career highs in receptions, with 6, receiving yards, with 107. He also had his third career NFL touchdown. Keller looks like he may be on his way to becoming the great pass catching TE the Jets were expecting when they drafted him with the 30th overall pick out of Purdue in last April's draft.



LP: New England's rookie RB gained a season-high, 105 yards and 1 TD against the Bills on Sunday. The Bills actually have a good run defense, ranked 15th in the league. The closest Green-Ellis has gotten to 100 yards this season, was 65 in Week 7 against the Denver Broncos. This was a surprising performance, since the Patriots have 2 other RBs, Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk.



Most disappointing player of Week 10


Yoda: So what if the Bears are good against the run. 14 carries for EIGHT total yards? Take away that 'huge' 7 yard run and we're talking 13 carries for ONE yard. Everybody's entitled to a bad game, but I was very disappointed not to see the Johnson vs. Forte show that I'd been anticipating. This poor showing nearly cost the Titans their streak. If there's a bright side to this, it's that it will hopefully get people to tone down comparing Johnson to LDT and ADP - at least for now.



Pitt: LDT had a very disappointing week. When you're going against the Chiefs, who have the worst run defense in the NFL, you're expected to have a big week, especially when you're name is LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson rushed for just 78 yards on 22 carries. A poor performance that almost cost his team a win, a win which San Diego needed. It appears this once-superstar running back has become mediocre.



LP: Both of St. Louis' QBs combined only got 135 yards passing, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs. They contributed to their 3-47 loss to the New York Jets. Marc Bulger has gotten at least 130 yards in all the 7 games he has played this season, but that didn't happen this week. He got shut down to only 65 yards passing. His backup, Trent Green only had 5 more yards passing this game. Green only played 2 games for the Rams this season. He played last week and as I said, he only got 70 yards passing... and he played in Week 4 and got 236 yards passing. This is a big decline for Trent Green.



Agrippa: He was my "Player to Disappoint" in our GameDay Show and much to Eagle faithfuls chagrin he did not "disappoint". He has been as some put it been a "Giant Killer" in recent history but come Sunday he did all but have David Blane physically make him disappear. He has been the X factor in the Eagles success and was a non factor in there crucial loss to NY. He had 13 rushes for 26 yards and 33 receiving yards. This was a great game....too bad Westbrook decided to sit it out.




Who is the MVP so far? 

  • Clinton Portis...... 38%
  • Kurt Warner........ 30%
  • OTHER................. 15%
  • Drew Brees........... 7%
  • Adrian Peterson.... 7%




FAST FACTS: Clinton Portis is questionable in Week 11 against the Dallas Cowboys... Drew Brees leads the league in passing yards, and Kurt Warner is second... Adrian Peterson leads the league in rushing yards and is the first RB to hit 1,000 rushing yards this year... Every MVP award since 1986 has been awarded to either a QB or a RB... Lawrence Taylor won the MVP in 1986.


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