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The Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) host the San Diego Chargers (4-5) this Sunday @ 4:15pm EST (CBS).  The series between these two AFC rivals began in 1971.  The Steelers lead the overall series by 19-6 & are 12-0 when the Boltz come to town from the west coast.  The Men of Steel are coming off a sickening loss vs the Colts, while the Bolts are flying high after last weeks victory vs the Chiefs.  In order to remain atop of the AFC North Division, the Steelers are in dire need of a win this sunday (currently in a 1st place tie w/ the Ravens).  You won't wanna miss this battle.....

Quick Hitz:

Fast Willie Parker (RB) & Ben Roethlisberger (QB) are expected to start after each having a full week of practice.  Also, the Steelers added Fernando Bryant (CB) to the roster.  Bryant is an Alabama graduate & a veteran of the sport w/ 10 years NFL experience.  Focus is to add depth to the Steelers secondary...

Boltz Offense:

OL - Well coached veterans mostly...

Lead by QB, Philip Rivers.  Rivers has played 5 years in the NFL & has matured well in such a short time span.  He stands tall @ 6'5" & has the athleticism to boot.  Not to mention, Rivers also defeated the Steelers in San Diego the last time these two teams went the distance. 

LaDainian Tomlinson (RB) - AKA "LT".  Is one of the best in the world @ rushing, throwing, catching, etc...  Yet, his numbers this season have not been what they were in previous years.  Something just seems to be out of sorts...  Make no mind Steelers' Nation, LT is "public enemy number 1" as far as the Steelers defence is concerned.  He must be shut down!

Antonio Gates (TE) - Is a premier veteran player that is highly gifted.  Gates loves to play against the Steelers.  He is versitile & lines up just about everywhere on the field except where LT is (as a split end, a flanker, even @ the half-back position). He is also Rivers' number 1 target...

WR's - Jackson & Floyd.  Big & tall men (might as well play in the NBA).  Are both very physical.  Great when it comes time to take action in the Red Zone...  Might pose a problem vs the Steelers shorter secondary.  A match-up worth the wait...

Boltz D:  Run mostly "Man-to-Man" coverage.  Absent of superstar LB, Shawne Merriman.  Yet, can still be considered very dangerous.  Keep an eye on: Williams (DT),  Philips (LB), Jammer (CB) & Cromartie (CB).  These boys can play.....

Boltz Special Teams:  Are the "X-Factor" as far as the Steelers are concerned.  Nothing but quality squads.  This element of Boltz' play MUST be stopped for the Men of Steel to achieve success...

Final Thought:  Emphasis for the Steelers this week in practice has been complete focus on reps & cohesion.  The Steelers MUST take special care of the rock this week.  The Men of Steel are ready.  The site of the Steel City is too much for the Boltz to handle.  STEEL V

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