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Roberts#1: What you know

My team:

First line:
LW: Henrik Zetterberg (2.65) C: Pavel Datsyuk (6.7) RW: Iginla (7)

Second line:
LW: Brenden Morrow (4.1) C: Paul Stastny (0.85) RW: Daniel Alfredsson (4.339)

Third line:
LW: Johan Franzen (0.942) C: Anze Kopitar (0.956) RW: Jason Pominville (1.033)

Fourth line:
LW: David Booth (0.7) C: David Krejci (0.883) RW: Guillaume Latendresse (0.85)


Niklas Lidstrom (7.45)
Mike Komisarek (1.7)

Dion Phaneuf (6.50)
Duncan Keith (1.475)

Zbynek Michalek (1.25)
Kris Letang (0.835)


Carey Price (2.2)
Tim Thomas (1.1)


Milan Lucic LW (0.85)
Tobias Enstrom D (0.9)
Mike Smith G (0.95)

Coach: Barry Trotz

Total: $56 213 000

FIRST LINE: ( Also known as AWESOME)

My First line wasn't too tough to make. I wanted effective two way players who can score. I accomplished that. In Zetterberg, you have one of the smartest and most skilled NHL players who is a proven performer, who has been nominated for a Selke and has won a Conn Smythe. Playoff performance is important too.

In Datsyuk, you have a player who is like Zetterberg, with more pure skill. He is an offensive genius and has the smarts to know where his linemates are, which is important when he's playing with two snipers. He also has a great rapport with Zetterberg. He is a Selke winner who is very disciplined and stays out of the penalty box.

In Iginla, you have a guy who is a great all-around player, who is worse defensively than Datsyuk and Zetterberg, but is a better goal scorer and more agressive. Iginla gives you at least 50 goals with this line and 100 points, he is also a great leader. He has won an Art Ross and a Lester B. Pearson, overall, he is just one of the best.

An interesting fact about this line: Each player has a leadership role on their team, Datsyuk and Zetterberg are assistant captains, while Iginla is a captain. Just another thing they bring to the table.

SECOND LINE: (Also known as AWESOME Jr.)

AT LW, you have the captain of the Dallas Stars, a player with a non-stop motor going at 100%, a talented offensive player and one of the NHL's best hitters, Brendeeeeeeeeeeen MORROW! Morrow is the type of player that you want on the ice in every situation. He contributes defensively and has plenty of heart.

At C, you have a young, dynamic playmaker for the Colorado Avalanche who also excels defensively, Paaaaaaauuuuullllll STASTNY! Stastny is the perfect complement for his wingers, as he is a great passer who gives it to where you're going, not where you are. Morrow recently broke out as an elite player and he's a talented goal scorer, so the fit is perfect. But the most important thing would be his rapport with Brad Boyes, his RW. Boyes is a very talented goal scorer and if he gets a center who will dish it to him consistently, look out. Stastny is that center.

At RW, you have a young, dynamic, disciplined, clutch, pure goal scorer for the St. Louis Blues, Braaaaaaaaaadddd BOYES! Boyes is a perfect fit on Stastny's wing. The more shots he gets the more goals he scores. But he's a sniper, so he will take advantage of those shots. Last season, Boyes scored 43 goals, tied for fifth in the league, but he did it on only 207 shots, which gave him a .208 shooting %, good for SECOND in the NHL. Which means had he had the same amount of shots as the league leader Ovechkin, he would've scored 93 goals, good for the record. Obviously he wouldn't continue his rampant pace, but there's no reason to believe his shooting percentage would drop too much.


It's the exact same as Redwing's. I'm not wasting my time on this one.


This line is all about energy. You have 3 players with talent who never stop moving and hitting. They are a line that can get the rest of the team fired up with their reckless abandon.

David Booth is the LW. He is a player who is much more focused on goal scoring than anything else. He is also a fast skater and sees the ice well for someone his age. He had 22 goals in 73 games last year, but with a real limited opportunity. Which is why I believe he's right for this line. The fourth line typically doesn't see much ice and Booth has proven he can still produce in those conditions.

David Krejci is the C. Ask BGM about this guy. He doesn't stop working. He's also a playmaker who will pass the puck often. He's young and will only continue to get better.

Guillaume Latendresse is the RW, and let me tell you, I think this is one of the best changes that I made from Redwing's team. He had Jordin Tootoo in this spot. Both are feisty and agressive, but Latendresse is more disciplined in that role and is also more offensively gifted, and is 4 years younger than Tootoo. He has 64 points in 167 games, compared to Tootoo, who has 48 points in 248 games. So he has 16 more points in 81 less games. Big edge to Latendresse.


This is just the perfect pair. You have 2 players who play different styles so they bring more to the table than Chara and Komisarek, who are similar, with Chara having a more offensive edge. Both are great defenders who shutdown in different ways. Lidstrom is just going to be in better position and know exactly what you're going to do, while Komisarek will hit you and block shots.

Lidstrom is simply the best defenseman in the NHL. He is the best defender and is the best offensive dman, getting nearly a point per game most seasons. There's a reason he's won the third most Norris Trophies of all time. I don't care that he's 38 years old, I'll still take him over any dman in the league to start a team, except for Dion Phaneuf, who I have. He is also a fantastic leader.

I am a big fan of Komisarek. He's a goalie's dream. He blocks every shot he can and somehow manages to block some that it seems he can't. He is also a big, physical presence on the blueline.


This defenive pair is a coach's dream. You have 2 young, physical, offensively gifted defensemen who can play in any situation.

In Phaneuf, you have the hardest hitter in the NHL and an offensive force. He scored an amazing 20 goals in his rookie season and has had 17 goal seasons the next 2 seasons. He's a great defender with a booming slapshot, once Lidstrom retires, Phaneuf will be the best defenseman in the NHL, and he's more than capable of filling Lidstrom's spot on this team.

In Keith you have a great young player who plays physically and smart. He's developped into the Blackhawks best dman and is a great shutdown guy.

THIRD DEFENSIVE PAIR: (Also known as "WHO?")

This pair is another pair with 2 dmen with different styles. You have the shutdown guy, Michalek and the offensive guy, Letang.

Michalek may be the most underrated player in the NHL. He logs major minutes for Phoenix in every game and rarely makes defensive mistakes. He is also young and his game has room to grow.

Letang is a youngster who gets talked about quite often. He is offensively gifted, but his scoring touch is still developping. He's been given an increased workload this season and responded well to it. He's only getting better.

GOALIES: (Also known as "Goalies")

This team has great goaltending. You have budding superstar Carey Price, who plays like an experienced veteran in his second season and who has jaw-dropping ability and is seen as the NHL's next elite goalie. I can't think of a better goalie to start a team with right now.

I also have Tim Thomas in more of a backup/tandem role. He is having a great start to the season and was great last year for a beaten-up Bruins team. He is renowned for his acrobatic saves and is a tireless worker. A minor leaguer for a long time, he takes nothing for granted.

Mike Smith is my third goalie. He is playing incredibly on a terrible defensive team in Tampa. He is young and full of potential, a great replacement for the aging Thomas.

The talent in my goalies outweighs the talent in Redwing's goalies.


I have Barry Trotz here. He is the best coach in the NHL at getting the most out of his players, and he somehow is able to get Nashville to the playoffs regularly. No one does more with less. He might be the most underappreciated coach in the NHL, and I honestly believe he is Jack Adams worthy every single year. He is a technically sound coach who is a great defensive mind. I want him guiding my team for every reason mentioned, and because he has staying power. He is the only coach in Nashville's history, despite all the disfunction there.

My team destroys Redwing's team.

Team name? How about "Better than Redwing's"? I like it, it has a good ring to it.  

And my blog comes in at about 8600 characters, I guess it's Trotz's influence on me, doing more with less! 



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